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MAKE A FUN CHAPTER IV (Submissions DUE April 4th, 2020

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So this idea was inspired by Alusq when we both frequented The Emblem Brigade many moons ago...
And thus, Make a Fun Chapter was born!


MAFC #1 Playlist
MAFC #2 Playlist
MAFC #3 Playlist


Submission Guidelines:

1. Only 1 chapter per entrant.

2. This isn't a Ragefest contest submission. You don't need to make the chapter insanely hard. You're encouraged to make a chapter with unique and well thought out goals, mechanics and map design that you think is just fun to play on.

3. Whatever you think makes a chapter more fun, you can throw in. You have no limits. You can make a reskin of a chapter, rebalance a chapter for a better experience or go full out with custom events, portraits, gimmicks and everything else.

4. Message me on Serenes, FEU or in Discord with your patch when you submit. Its your responsibility to include a readme and letting me if there are any easter eggs to check out.

What happens after?
Your Chapter will be played on my YouTube channel for all to see! After all entries are finished, voting will begin. 

Voting Guidelines:
After me or someone else (this competition can have more than 1 LPer) plays through all the submissions. Voting opens up, and the winner is decided through that.

The Submission deadline for MAFC IV is...
APRIL 4TH, 2020 

Don't procrastinate!

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