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Dead or Evil? Let's talk Fire Emblem dads. (contains spoilers)

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Everyone always forgets Galzus, even though he's a playable(Alongside his daughter) dad and probably the dad who can kick the most ass in the series.

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On 2/3/2020 at 1:09 AM, Acacia Sgt said:

Personally, I'd rather have the dad as the main lord. The archetypal lord's dad character, to be specific. So not quite Sigurd or Chrom, who become fathers during the game but it never goes beyond their kids being babies (and in Sigurd's case, while still remaining as the main lord), or the likes of Corrin and Chrom again in that due to timey-wimey shenanigans they interact with their grown-up kids while still being in their late 10's or early 20's themselves.

So basically, the late thirties to early forties middle-aged parent with a kid in their late teens or early twenties as the main, not their kid, as it would usually be the case.

However, I'm aware this is unlikely to be a thing, since they're likely to keep FE main lords young.

Or how about... the dad as the Jagen archetype unit? I feel that if we were to have them in, better be there for the long haul, not as a late joiner.

I can see the main character adopting a child and rasing them. Let's say a 28 years lord has an adopted son/daughter in their 10's and their relationship is one of the driving forces of the plot. With the romance mechanics, it's hard having a lord with family, unless their spouse die in the first chapter with the kid being the only survivor, making them free to bang other characters. 

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