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Collaborative FE Builder Project

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Does anyone want to make a collaborative mod/hack based on fire emblem 6, 7 or 8?

I'd like to have brainstormings with interested people/players in order to make a good mod or hack, and my knowledge goes as far as a non-hacker can, I don't know how to insert new sprites (like halberdier to give soldier a promoted class) or even make them, but I know how to create a magic weapon out of a normal weapon/empty item number (with working animations and damage numbers, I created an inferno Reginleif and a C-level light animation Rapier which displayed without bugs with the animation), and basic things like character/class modifying, class paths, promotion item modifying (can't make a Fates-style second seal yet, maybe someone can, I could only make an Awakening second seal but I don't think the stats would adapt to the 2nd class bases, maybe the patch could work), unit placement and modification (but if you change story-related units it tends to bug if I remember correctly), well, anything most people can do with FEBuilderGBA.

Should we use the skill patch or modify the stat caps? Should we make another "No HP Emblem" or have better HP for everyone (including magic based units and female only classes like pegasi?)? Should we create/re-create classes like halberdier, 3rd tier classes? Should we delete gender lock (knowing it would need sprite creation for opposite gender for mercenary, fighter, pirate, bandit, berserker, warrior, rogue/assassin, troubadour, walkyrie, monk, maybe a real female wyvern animation because I can't differentiate male/female in their existing animations, re-use femal thiefe and hero from FE6)? Should we change weapon distribution per class (it would need new animations for classes with different weapons)?

Should we change the story? Completely or only parts of it (like what one would like to re-write better, say some antagonists who could use some deeper writing and why not even join the player's army after they changed their mind, like Selena or Caellach, Orson or Glenn who would be deeply wounded and found by Eirika then healed by The Stache or NaStacha, and so on)? Should we change some characters' class if we keep the story or parts of it? Promoted some late joining units (see you L'Arachel) or buff some units who need some love (Dozla, Syrene, Garcia, trainees, Tana, Knoll, Natacha, Eirika, Forde's jack of all trades state, Kyle's def to fit the tanky cavalier archetype, and so on)?

Should we target Conquest or Radiant Dawn's level design/gameplay, or simpler games? Should we make Fates growth style with extreme specialties or more balanced stats/growths? Should we try to remove flying effectiveness from wyverns like in FE10 or let them weak to arrows so they're nerfed simply by not being safe around any designed ranged weapon (1-2 axes, lances and swords aren't part of a weapon type designed to hit from range while bows and magic are)? Should we make pegasi invincible against magic like their description tells it?

Should we make shapeshifters and if yes, how should we make them? How to manadge range on a unit who has bonus stats? If Myrrh had 1-2 range, she would solo the game as long as her stone lasts, it would break the game.

Weapon durability, for or against it? Personally I like indestructible weapons, but many seem to be against them. I think it forces you to choose which weapons you buy since they cost much more, and silvers would be much rarer than what they are for free in the OG (2 free silver swords in 5x and 7 are too many for that part of the game, where you don't even have that many sword users reaching A rank anyway and cavaliers who tend to use lances more due to lance-heavy levels and javelins barely affecting their speed while they take 6 points of speed from pegasi and 5 from falcons, which is pretty unbalanced and heavy pony favoritism, which comes with the question of the importance of constitution as a stat, should we remove its effect on weapon wielding and transfer it to strength? should we suppress completely weapon weight and give stat penalties in the stat bonus category to affect everyone the same like in Fates? I find it much more fair personally).

There are many things we could use brainstorming for and it could lead to something completely different from what we would individually think of, which is the reason for me to suggest a collaborative work.

If you're interested, answer in this topic and tell me/us what you would like (from what I wrote or from things I didn't think about while writing this, or from things other people write in their own answers).

See you soon in this topic!

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I'm new in the hacking fire emblem things (I just begging three day ago) and you seems a begginer too.

I think a collaboration at this stage it's a pretty bad idea. A hack is a very long and tiring journey, you need to be solidely prepare for that, and if you want some companion, they should be prepared as well, and share the same taste, ideas, etc...

Many promising hack have a lot of difficulty to finish their developpement, and because you're new, you can't really be aware what is the difficulty, or is it really a good idea, for all the changement you want to do, in a fe game.

So I suggest you to do like me. Just do a very simple hack, to learn, test your idea and see if it work properly, if it creates the gameplay you like, if it's really a good idea or is create a poor strategy or way to play.

And for this part, which you can see like a preparation for the big journey to do a collaborative hack (all big hack should be collaborative, so it's not a bad idea), I can discuss with you of all the stuff if you want. I want to test my proper idea which correspond to the way I like to play fire emblem or what fire emblem should be for me, in order that I enjoy a lot more. But I can't test every thing, or find all the idea I would like. So for that, to have over hacking modder that test their own thing is really great. We could see what they obtain with their idea, share ressources, pick some idea you like in other hack, have suggestion, etc.

Beccause, if you discuss of thing like, "should you do that, or is it better to do this", and you don't know anything, you're just a noob who dream about a game, but if this game really exist, in reality, you would find it pretty tedious to play, it will lead nowhere.

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