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Combination Classic Route Ideas

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Seeing as we can play Classic Mode with two players as of Smash for Wii U, I was thinking; what if in Ultimate, there were certain routes for specific combinations of any two characters? This thread is exactly the one for any ideas of the like. Here was the first idea I thought of:

Mario and Sonic: An Olympic Feat

Stage 1: Vs. Dr. Mario and Wii Fit Trainer on Wii Fit Studio (Training Menu - Wii Fit U)

Stage 2: Vs. Little Mac and Incineroar on Boxing Ring Ω (Jogging/Countdown)

Stage 3: Vs. Ice Climbers on Summit (Golden Forest)

Stage 4: Vs. Pit and Dark Pit on Pilotwings (Pedal Glider)

Stage 5: Vs. Marth and Roy on Coliseum (Douchuumen)

Stage 6: Vs. Bowser and R.O.B. on Wuhu Island (The Great Tower Showdown 2)

Boss: Vs. Master and Crazy Hand on Wuhu Island Ω (Seven Rings in Hand)

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Wario and Cloud: Here for the Money

Stage 1: Vs. Mario and Bowser on Golden Plains (Ground Theme - New Super Mario Bros. 2)

Stage 2: Vs. Kirby and King Dedede on Great Cave Offensive (The Great Cave Offensive)

Stage 3: Vs. Roy and Ike on Coliseum (Conquest (Ablaze))

Stage 4: Vs. Male and Female Pokemon Trainer on Saffron City (Battle! (Trainer Battle) - Pokémon X / Pokémon Y)

Stage 5: Vs. Villager and Isabelle on Tortimer Island (Tortimer Island Medley)

Boss: Vs. Giga Bowser on Dracula's Castle Ω (The Great Tower Showdown 2)

Stage 6: Vs. Toon Link and King K. Rool on Pirate Ship (The Great Sea / Menu Select)

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Terry and Chrom: Bad Dads

Stage 1: Pichu x3 (Ally: Lucina) on Saffron City (Gold/Silver Medley)

Stage 2: Young Link and Toon Link on Skyloft (Woodlands (Tri Force Heroes))

Stage 3: Villager x2 (Boy and Girl) on Smashville (Title Theme (Animal Crossing))

Stage 4: Ness and Lucas on Onett (Charge! - Wii Play)

Stage 5: Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings on Shadow Moses Island (Main Theme from Metal Slug)

Stage 6: Giant Kirby x3 (Ally: Robin) on Green Greens (Castle Lololo)

Boss: Marx

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Byleth and Robin: Student-Teacher Ratio (faces opponents based off recurring Fire Emblem gameplay mechanics)

Stage 1: Ike and Cloud (normal battles) on Castle Siege Ω (Attack - Fire Emblem)

Stage 2: Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard (Weapon Triangle) on Pokémon Stadium (Preparing to Advance)

Stage 3: Young Link first and Link second (Class Changes) on Palutena’s Temple Ω (Gear Up For…)

Stage 4: Inkling Girl and Boy (Durability) on Luigi’s Mansion (Coliseum Series Medley)

Stage 5: Roy (Ally; Recruitment) and Ganondorf on Coliseum (Story 5 Meeting)

Stage 6: Ridley with Death’s Scythe (Permadeath) on Dracula’s Castle (Lord of a Dead Empire)

Boss: Rathalos (Code Name F.E.)

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