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Berwick Saga changing character's weapon growth values

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Hey everyone,

although Aethin just released a new patch with more chapters to play, for my 3rd playthrough I would still like to change weapon growth values of certain characters. 
Has anyone done it/Does anyone have info or resources where I can find out how to do it myself? I only found eatrawmeat391's thread on this, which is very expansive, but I didn't find any info on changing growths, just character inventory and stats.

I want to try and use Adel + Leon in my 3rd playthrough, but Elbert was kinda hard to promote in my 2nd with the spear requirement and Adel seems to have an even harder time with the same growth, but a higher requirement... I want to improve Adel's spear growth to about 60/70 and maybe Leon's as well

I guess that this is the case where if I want to get this done, I'll have to do the work myself. Still, I would appreciate any input on this topic!

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Hello! There is an editor out there, though it's entirely in Japanese:


It also requires rebuilding the ISO after you're done editing it, which can be tricky and tedious. If you do it using regular ISO tools, generally the edited game doesn't even run. I've been using a tool called xPERT to do it, but I don't really get how it works, and all the sites that host it seem really sketchy... so be warned.

Basically all of the game's important data for gameplay can be found in the DATA3 and SLPS files. (Apparently, DATA0, 1, and 2 are just junk, while DATA4 contains filesystem info, IIRC.)

So... yeah. On the plus side, you can use these tools to change character/class/item stats, character/class growths & skills, character starting items, food effects & likes/dislikes, and max stats. Frustratingly, you can't seem to change bracketing or character classes, but I think eatrawmeat391's cheat codes can at least do the latter.

Edited by Aethin

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@Pathas: I doesn't know a thing about hacking game, but I've edited that growth rate using the editor Aethin posted above (I attach the file in case you need). My method is amateur and confuse, so you can try it only if you are desperate.

Few note thing:

- The editor is only in Japanese language.

- The Data1, 2, 3, 4 and SLPS file are in ISO rom file, you need winrar or a ISO reader to extract it. (I used UltraISO).

- The editor can open Data3 and SLPS of Japanese rom only. If you patched the english version and extract, the editor no longer can't open it.

- After edited Data3 file, you have to replace the old Data3 file with the new one and rebuild ISO file. The biggest problem is: JP Data3 file can't replace Eng Data3 file. After replaced and rebuild, the game won't run.

So, this is my method:

1. Edit the file. The editor can edit many things. I assume you only need to edit weapon growth rate.

- Use an ISO reader (like UltraISO) to open the original Japanese ISO file and extract the Data3.DAT from it.

- Use the editor to open the file we've just extracted. From left to right, the tab can edit growth rate is 3rd or 4th. Sorry I don't have the file right now so I can't check, but I can give few more info to specify which tab:

  + Each tab have the their own save button (usually in lower left). You need to save after every character edit, if not the change won't keep.

  + Character ID: with this you can figure out which tab are what. Compare their stat with the stat on Serenes wiki. A little confuse, but you'll get use to it. 053: Reese, 054: Ward, 055: Elbert, 07C: Christine, 057: Adel, 058: Leon,  059: Sherlock.

- After done editing, you save the file with the tab beside open tab. You'll have a new file with date add to it in same folder.

2. Now the difficult path:

- Use one hex editor software. I used HxD. You need to notice two things: the offset and the value. 

- Open the original Japanese Data3 and the edited one with HxD. Compare two files. When there's a difference, write down the offset and the old and new value. If you only edited Adel's and Leon's weapon growth rate, the different is very little.

- Patched the English patch to the original Japanese file.

- Use UltraISO to extract the Data3.Dat of the eng iso. 

- Use HxD to open Eng Data3. Now remember the offset and value difference we wrote down? Go to the exactly offset and change the old value to new one. Save after done.

- Use UltraISO to replace the old Eng Data3 by the new edited Eng Data3. Rebuild the new ISO file.

- Open and enjoy the game.

I know my method is confuse and complicate, and you'll need a lot of googling along the way, but I've done it and you can, too 😂. I would appreciate if anyone have easier method, like mod the editor to compatile with the eng version,...

@Aethin: The SLPS editor have the remove upper bracketing button, while keep the lower bracketing. The Eng iso can run with Japanese SLPS file too, so it saves a lot of effort. 





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