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Vestaria Saga chapter 20 help

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Hello. New member here. Although I have been on this site for quite a while now.


Chapter 20 is kicking my ass so hard. I was wondering if anyone who has finished the game can give me tips or information so I wouldn't have to do a few more trial and error runs. Engrish is hard so I guess I'll format this post as a bunch of questions.


1. Can you somehow stop assassins from spawning? It seems ones with a Cerberus(3x atk dagger) will spawn from a gate, and another with throwing knives +1 will spawn somewhere on the streets. I can never tell where exactly, though since they start invisible.

2. I'm almost sure that the trio villagers (Jean, Ash, Dune) can climb the ladder by the tree. Can anyone else?

3. What triggers the infinite darklings respawn that starts on the upper left of the map? Is round based? Is it event based like when you open the main gate?

4. Not really a question abut I assume there is a way to let your units out of the main gate lever room? I got some of my best units stuck there..



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1. I'm not really sure if there is a way to stop the assassins from spawning you just have to deal with them as they come but I could be wrong.

2. Only Jean, Ash and Sheela can climb the tree, Dune cannot.

3. No real clue to be honest can't help you there but I assume it would be turn based rather than event based.

4. One of the levers above the main gate opens up the room to the main gate lever room.

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1. The Throwing Knife +1 Assassins spawn from the leftmost tile right below the river. If you block that tile, you can block them from spawning.

The Cerberus Assassins are a bit more complicated; they spawn from the Crenellations (the blue banner) in the middle of the map, make their way to the stairs on the bottom left, which climbs them down to the Porcullis.

2. As Krios said only Jean, Ash and Sheela can climb the ladder on the bottom left.

3. AFAIK this is turn-based.

4. Activate the bottom right lever, near the main gate.

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