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Creating Child Units for Three Houses Characters

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I thought this would be fun...

So, let's say there was a 10+ years later DLC for Three Houses, featuring a child unit system. What are your ideas for this system? What would the child of each character be like? How would the system function? (Basically, describe a child unit system including how it would work: passing on "traits", crests, etc., and some ideas for child units.) 

You can post your artwork if you would like.

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okay I will try: 


Crest: Sothis (Flame) (major),

father: Beyalth

Mother: Flyan

proficiencies: Swords, faith, autority

budding talent: Lances

can turn into a divine beast (panther like) 

(all off Rhea's Seteh's and Flyan's children can transform, due their naebatan blood, but only Rhea's and Seteh's have New Crests) while Bealth always have 2 children, one with his ad one with their spouse's or Seiros' if the spouse does not have a crest)

Sylvain's child will never have a crest, as stated by all the endings he has children, the are all crestless

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Crest: Daphnel (minor)

Father: Dedue

Mother: Ingrid

Strengths: Heavy Armor, Cavalry, Lances

Weaknesses: Flying, Reason

Hidden Talent: Authority

Personal Skill: Bunker; Justinian passively boosts adjacent units defence.

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I’ll try:


Crest: Riegan (minor)

Father: Claude

Mother: Marianne

Strengths: Bow, Faith, Reason, Riding

Weaknesses: Swords, Authority, Lances

Budding Talent: Flying

Personal Skill: Archer’s Luck; Each time Phoebe initiates combat, grants dexterity +20.

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