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Dr. C

Falcon Knight or Wyvern Knight?

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I’m playing Sacred Stones with an average growth patch and I’m wondering how I should promote Vanessa and Tana?

Vanessa has had some rather awkward run ins with axe users that make me wonder if the Falcon Knight promotion might be a better fit and seeing how with this patch there’s no chance of her capping strength anyways, that it might be a good option for her rather than pierce which, while nifty, is luck based. Falcon Knight also leaves room for triangle attack shenanigans. 

(Worth noting I have A Moulder and B Lute stacked on her as well)

Tana on the other hand, will cap strength and speed so it’s a question of whether swords or pierce and +1 Strength and Speed would be better for her long term? 

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Wyvern Knight is a much better class.

It's also better than Wyvern Lord for Cormag, btw.

Caps don't really matter, what matter is their stats after the promotion.

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