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What if someone made a Serenes Forest fighting game, how would you react?

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On 2/14/2020 at 12:23 PM, Azure loves his Half Elves said:

I’d probably be a background character. If not, I dunno. What would you guys see me as?

An absolute legend.

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16 hours ago, Oz O: said:

Soul would be the last unlockable character hinted and rumoured at multiple video game magazines, driving gamers nuts as to whether it's real or just a hoax.

But are you real or just a hoax?

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More characters!

Purple Mage would be the "dorky" looking character who uses magic for distance attacks but has a giant keyboard and mouse for close range combat.

AnonymousSpeed would be the Johnny Cage of the game.

Karimlan would basically be Eddie Riggs.

Hawkwing, pretty much Citan Uzuki.

Xray would be a Taylor Lautner lookalike who can transform into a Khajit looking creature with an emphasis on greater speed.

WeAreNewcastle1053 would be his sadistic counter version more emphasized on attack.

Also, for me?  I'd basically be Andy Bogard because I have best girl as my girl.

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