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Unexpected Class Choices that work?

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3 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

I never thought I’d see “Holy Knight” and “beast” in the same sentence... especially when talking about a unit who only gets the heavy and weak Nosferatu to take advantage of White Tomefaire with.

I think she did most of her ass-whooping with the Arrow of Indra.

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Swordmaster Marianne was so much fun for me. Swordmaster bases + her crest let her do significant amounts of physical damage at base, while still letting her abuse soulblade/levin sword/Blutgang magical damage. I turned her into mortal savant at endgame for spell utility for fun. 

I really, really want to try her as a trickster now that Cindered Shadows is out. I think it'd be really fun, and would be more viable than Mortal Savant. My current Maddening SS run has Marianne as a Valkyrie, gonna see how that goes. 

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Ferdinand as literally any sword focused class after winning the white heron cup is beautiful.   Sword avoid+20, sword prowess, evasion ring, an avoid granting battalion, axe breaker, and heck if you really wanna go the extra mile add alert stance and he's finally achieved his dreams of surpassing Edelgard  

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20 hours ago, Serenesforestlies said:

I made Lysithea a Fortress Knight to make her more able to take hits with Pavise and to raise her base defense. Here to report she is a terribad fortress knight, her low hp and defense means the enemy can cut through her like butter and her low strength means she can barley dent anything (on hard).

Thats why it was unexpected for me, that she was so broken. I rarely saw so far any physical Lysithea that worked, except the one of Chaz Aria LLC. Her strength cap (35) is still enough to work in maddening with the rapier, if she has reached rank S+, which is an affordable task, thanks to her mastermind skill. You can reach with Cichols wyvern co. (+7atk&20% crit) and swordfaire (+5atk), the rapier (+9atk) and the strength (+35 atk) as a falcon knight (+1) 57 atk. As a Swordmaster 62 (class +2 and second swordfaire +5). Her low strength growth rate is not useful and only her high dexterity and solid speed made her useful as a critical hitting dodge tank, was funny to use, but quite useless a the beginning.
In a class like fortress knight is it even harder to use Lysithea.

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