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Topaz Light

[GBAFE] Status screen icon pointers

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I am aware that Affinity icons in the GBAFE games start from the "Fire" affinity icon, and each Affinity progressively uses the next icon down (or "up", I suppose, number-wise) in the internal order. The problem, of course, is that the Horse, Wyvern, and Pegasus icons immediately follow the Affinity icons internally, which would normally mean you'd need to have three needlessly-blank slots for affinities to add more that can actually use custom icons.

There are two solutions to this problem, and either one will do for my purposes.

Is it known how to either...

  1. Change the pointer to where affinity icons start reading from the icon list, or
  2. Change the pointers used to get movement type icons for the status screen?

Basically, I just want to split up the Affinity and Aid Type icons so I can add new Affinities without the three wasteful empty slots smack in the middle of things.

I'm able and willing to use a hex editor for this if necessary!

EDIT: Found out that FEBuilderGBA makes it extremely easy to implement the latter solution via the "Patches" section. Assistance is no longer required.

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