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The current reveal trailer formula

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The current reveal trailer formula of a character being invited to Smash somehow, and having gameplay to accompany them…but most importantly, the taglines for each character, the most recent of which being “Byleth Recruits…Byleth!”

All thanks to E3 2013, where we not only first saw Smash 4, but also had these 3 taglines:

Villager Comes to Town!”

Mega Man Joins the Battle!”

Wii Fit Trainer Weighs In!”

What’s your opinion on the formula for giving each newcomer their own trailer? Personally, I like it because it makes every newcomer reveal feel special in their own way.

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I absolutely love the newcomer trailers and slogans for smash characters! Like you said it makes the reveals special. Smash Bros character reveals are a huge deal now and these trailers "hype-up" the audience in a way. You not only enjoy the trailer when you watch it, but you look forward to more trailers and characters in the future. 

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I'm in favor of it. I've even tried thinking of some myself:

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro's trailers can feature other platformer characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic, and Banjo & Kazooie. Spyro's trailer would be a sequel to Crash's, much as B&K was a sequel to K. Rool's.

Speaking which, Yooka & Laylee could get a trailer that is a sequel to B&K's, once again featuring the DK hut. I imagine they build up another silhouette fake out; this time DK and Diddy aren't fooled, they've seen the trick twice already. But it gets subverted when the silhouette performs a Camo Cloak, and they get to surprise DK and Diddy all the same.

Miriam from Bloodstained could get a sequel trailer to Simon and Richter's, with Bayonetta and Ganondorf joining in to represent the theme of demons.

Shantae's trailer could be animated in a style similar to cutscenes from Seven Sirens, and show her goofing around with Link, Pit, Samus, and some other adventure heroes.

Krystal's trailer could have her save Fox from King K. Rool possessed by General Scales' spirit, and play up their romantic relationship a bit.

Crash Bandicoot Is Ready to Smash!

Spyro the Dragon Brings It On!

Yooka & Laylee Are Ready to Play!

Miriam Arises!

Shantae Dances Through the Danger!

Krystal Answers the Call!

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i love them

probably my favorite trailers so far are simon and richter's, the hero's and terry's

byleth's trailer was underwhelming because it gave you no time to wonder who the character might've been, killing every sense of suspense (although one could argue that the suspense was built during the whole period of silence which preceded the trailer, but that wouldn't be due to the trailer's merit)

i hope they continue with these trailers

what i'd love to see is:

everything is dark, you can't see anything but you can hear some steps; the silhouette of a door appears, as the character starts to be SLIGHTLY recognizable; Simple and Clean (Orchestral) starts playing, and the character's arm points a key-like weapon which shoots a light beam towards the door; the door starts opening and engulfing everything in light, and as the music reaches the first refrain, sora comes out of the other side (Battlefield) of the door and the line "Sora unlocks the battle!" appears

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I got some more:

  • Garland Will Knock You All Down!
  • Mega Man X Charges Up!
  • Zero Enters the Battle!
  • MegaMan.EXE Advances!
  • Crash Bandicoot Takes You For A Spin!
  • Dr. Neo Cortex Strikes Back!
  • Spyro the Dragon Turns Up The Heat!
  • Ripto Rages On!
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