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In Fe builder, every single time I try to change the opening of the game, the same error occurs: I open up/create a save file, start the game, at which point the opening blurb about the sacred stones defeating the deamon king happens as usual. Instead of loading my events lined up for the opening cutscene, it just loads my lord unit on the world map with nowhere to go. Since this happens every time, I'm assuming it's a simple problem.


The only time this didn't happen is when it loaded both the world map and chapter map onto each other, but I think it's because I put the chapter start event in the world map events by accident. 


Any help/suggestions? I've been working to fix this problem a LOT of times.

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If you skip the opening by press start, did the game also freeze or not ?

 also, one advice. you should conserv several version of functionnal progression in order to go back and redo your changement again. Sometimes the bug is tricky to’find and revert, like forexample you erase or write in memory space you must avoid. If you have a restauration point, use it and redo your custom opening scene to see if you have the same pb

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