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Here I’ll be saying stats of certain units in fe heroes and talking about how good they are.

Azura: Vallite songstress

Introduction: Daughter of Arete and the former king of Valla. Gripped by an unkind fate, she strives to lead both Hoshido and Nohr to the truth. Appears in Fire emblem fates.

Azura: Vallite songstress is a mounted flying unit that uses Blue tomes. When you get her she comes with prayer wheel- Mt 14 rng 2 grants speed +3. If a skill like sing or dance is used, grants bonus to targets Ark/Spd/Def/Res= highest bonus on target ally for 1 turn. Sing- rng 1 grants another action to targeted ally( can’t use on units that have sing or dance)Water blessing.

Skill availability;

Gray waves: Same affect as Sing, if targeted ally is a infantry or flying ally, target can move 1 extra space.

B duel flying: Grants hp +3. If unit is 5 stars and level 40 and units stats total less than 160. Treats units stats as 160 in modes like arena.

Aerobatics: if units hp is 100% unit can move to a space adjacent to an infantry, Armored, Cavalry ally within two spaces.

Atk tactic: At the start of the turn, grants Atk +2 to allies within two spaces for 1 turn. Granted only if number of that allies movement on current team is greater than or equal to 2.

Thoughts: I say Azura: Vallite songstress is a good unit for support, especially on an all mounted team( due to all of the skills and weapons she can gain) 

Recommend teams:

Camilla: light of Nohr- can help Camilla get around to heal allies

Aversa or Palla( depends if you want a magical or physical unit) can help them deal more damage to the enemy.

An axe or lance unit that are mounted-  For more damage and I mostly recommend Camilla( basic) it sully for extra damage.

( these are only recommended units, you decide who you want on the team)





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You've got an interesting start here. I would recommend looking at Skills any Units you bring up would benefit from having - your recommended team, for example, would probably rather have Azura use Flier Formation instead of Aerobatics, since she can't use Aerobatics to jump around as much in an all-Flier team. Another option all Dancers can have for budget purposes is Wings of Mercy, allowing them to jump in close to Units that are on their last legs and give them a chance to escape. If you went that route, you would then want your Red and Green Units to run Reposition, so that they could use their extra action to go to the other side of Azura and then Repo her out of attack range as well.
You also have ATK Tactic wrong - it's if the number of allies is LESS than or equal to two, not GREATER than or equal to two. Because of this, I'd recommend giving her a Flier Supporting Skill(Hone/Fortify/Goad/Ward Fliers) to allow for better support to her all-Flier team.

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