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What are some TH predictions that aged poorly, that you could think of?

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Not sure if this counts, but I think I read somewhere that Rhea was a re-incarnation of Seiros.

I didn't really buy it myself even when I first started playing. They just look far too similar to me that I figured it was more likely that they were one and the same.

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I remember when the first trailer came up and people complained that Edelgard was gonna be a clone of Lucina and the white church lady would be the next Emmeryn/Mikoto. Even back then I assumed that those people were full of shit. Lucina didn't spend the first trailer of Awakening ranting about how the Awakening ritual was actually evil, and Emmeryn and Mikoto would never be so nonchalant about people dying all around them.

One of my predictions after the February Direct that I'm sad didn't come to pass was that Kostas would be recruitable (what other reason would there be for a beginner bandit boss to appear in two different chapters, and there was a Brigand class in the game so obviously there would have to be a recruitable Brigand).

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I still have a soft spot for my speculation on Fodlan's politics that I posted after Thani's reddit leaks, even though it's 98% wrong:

  • I don't think it's been confirmed, but I take it that the entirety of Fodlan was once united as one nation (The Adrestrian Empire).
  • The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus may have been the first to split. As we know, the area prides itself on its knights. I'd speculate that the north-west is historically a victim of raids from Sreng and so had a history of building tall castles and maintaining more of a war footing than the rest of the Empire. It may have also been the power centre for Nemesis' faction, pre-unification. Either way, the Imperial family would require a strong, trusted hand to lead it, and so a family member would have been given regional control. Over generations their power solidified and the area's military might allowed them to shift into being semi-autonomous, before officially breaking away. They name themselves a Holy Kingdom to add legitimacy, as their royal family is, just like the Adrestrians, descended from Seiros.
  • The Leicester Alliance is based in the area that was formally an economic hub, where traders from overland to the east would come to buy and sell. From here, goods would flow into and out from the rest of the Empire and the Holy Kingdom. As such, the area became disproportionately wealthy to the rest of the continent, and ties with the eastern neighbour of Almyra grew. I'd also venture that Aegir, to the south, is also a reasonably prominent trading town. Much like the real world, where the wealthy Catalonia region is trying to secede from Spain, the eastern lords likely felt that their taxes going to the rest of the country was an unwarranted drain on them. This eventually led to the prominent personages deciding that the Empire had grown weak, and that a split might be possible. To tip the scales, the von Riegans then sealed a deal with Almyra for military support via marriage, and that support led to them being voted the head of the Leicester Alliance. This would have happened only a generation ago, and while it is nominally a more democratic nation they have yet to actually have a change of power from the von Riegans. Many see Claude as a natural successor, but their is a lot of tension as many others expect a new vote.
  • The von Aegir's may have had a chance to break away as part of the fledgling Leicester Alliance, but instead used that fact as leverage to force the Emperor to give them, or create the position of, Prime Minister. As we know that Brigid pays homage to Adrestria (rather than having been absorbed) and that Petra is attending the Officer's Academy as a show of fealty and to engender positive relations, I think this arrangement might be recent. As such, I speculate that after the Church of Seiros organised a peace with Leicester, Ferdinand's father organised a show of the Empire's strength, and attacked Brigid. The victory would have brought him much renown, and internally he would have a huge power block over the Emperor (who lost the Leicester region, and is seen as weak).
  • After the success of the Leicester Alliance's breakaway, most Almyrans would have gone home, but many would have stayed. They likely faced racism and xenophobia in most of Fodlan, and a large number spread throughout the continent similar to the Romani people in Europe. While some no-doubt turned to banditry, many are likely just trying to live. We know that Dimitri "has a great shadow" and that Dedue "owes Dimitri a great debt". Thani said that Dedue's people were bandits that killed the royal family, with Dimitri the only survivor, and that Dedue's people were killed in response. Only Dedue was spared, at the wishes of the young Dimitri. So I'd say Dedue is one of the Almyran diaspora, and also that while Prince Dimitri is the rightful ruler of Faerghus he has a regent or council of regents actually ruling until such time as he reaches his majority. My main speculation here is that Dedue's family did not murder Dimitri's, but were framed in order for the regents to take over. I'd also suggest that some of the villainous members of the Church of Seiros are the ones acting as regent, and the ones who acted out the murders.


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