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What kind of unique gimmick would you give your most wanted?

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Just as the title says. Personally, I like that the recent characters have their own kind of gimmick pertaining to their home game (Arsene, Hero's MP Gauge, etc.). What kind of gimmicks of this nature would you give your most wanted character, in this case? I'm gonna start with...

Crash Bandicoot

Aku Aku: If Crash takes too many hits simultaneously, Aku Aku appears and reduces the damage taken to .7x, appearing for a while before going away.

Crate Bounce (part of his Up Būüėě One of these crates will appear during the selection;

>Arrow Crate (which is purely metal), a Crate that takes Crash a fair distance up despite briefly preventing horizontal movement.

>Bounce Crate, which has five uses before it breaks and gradually increases height with each use (you can press the jump button to jump higher, but it uses up two uses).

>TNT Crate, which explodes 3 seconds after being summoned. Crash can either use it as a platform before it explodes-whether he jumps away from it time or takes the hit to get a tremendous boost in height (20%, medium knockback)-or let it drop by pressing a dodge button. It can be picked by other fighters before it explodes.

Sometimes a Nitro Crate appears and explodes the second it makes contact with something (35%, far knockback), namely if Crash presses most buttons. However, he can still air dodge to use it as a trap for unwary opponents.

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So the thing is I can't actually think of any unique gimmick I'd give to my actual most wanted characters so I'll just do my Most Wanted Who I Can Actually Come Up With a Gimmick For, which is...

(I am not calling him "Cless Alvein")

Swap Weapons - Cress can switch his currently-equipped weapon from between the Excalibur (speed-focused sword), Bahamut's Tear (power-focused axe), and Gungnir (range-focused spear). His currently-equipped weapon will affect the hitboxes and sweetspots of weapon strikes, and maybe even change which Artes are available as specials.

I think it's really cool that Cress actually has multiple weapon types available to him in Tales of Phantasia, even if it doesn't actually change his moveset as much as hit slash-to-thrust power ratio. It's something I'd like to see reflected in a Smash portrayal of him should he make it in! I know in my heart that Lloyd Irving is an infinitely more likely Tales rep... but let me dream.

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Sora: Keyblade Transformations - Grand Magic:

In KH3, Sora can charge a sort of gauge which allows him to trigger a special effect, depending on which type of attacks he mainly utilized to charge it
If Sora focuses on magic attacks, he'll be able to unleash a Grand Magic, an upgraded and much more powerful magic based on the type of magic he used the most (Firaga -> Firaja, Thundaga -> Thundaja and so on)
If Sora focuses on physical attacks, he can trigger a Keyblade Transformation, which is different depending on the Keyblad he's using: this grants Sora a completely different moveset which allows for longer and more powerful combos, different properties and different magic effects

To name just a few Keyblade Transformations, we have:

Blizzard Blades: Sora's arms and feet are covered with ice blades, allowing Sora to skate instead of normally running and attacking with mostly slash-based attacks
Double Arrowguns: Sora wields two guns which can shoot magic projectiles repeatedly, just like a machine gun, and Sora can't shield attacks during this form, he can only dodge, but he automatically shoots some projectiles while dodging; this can then evole into Magic Launcher, a big cannon which shoots slow magic bombs, but it can also be used for melee combos
Counter Shield: Sora's Keyblade transforms intp a shield which allows him to perform mid-range combos as well as parrying enemy attacks and then immediately retaliate with a powerful counterattack
Hyper Hammer: Sora's attacks are much more powerful and cover a wider area, thanks to this huge hammer's range; this can evolve into Drill Punch, that causes the hammer to transform into a big drill-arm that covers Sora's right hand, and allows his combos to be quicker, but not less powerful

Now of course this would take a shit load of work to be implemented, and i don't expect them to, but honestly even just 1 or 2 transformation, maybe the least time-consuming ones, would make me so happy (i'm prioritizing Keyblade Transformations because magic would make Sora seem too similar to the Hero and Robin)

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Shantae can transform by belly dancing, so I'd start with that. It would probably work like in HGH, where you select one of several possible options, but if they could give her different dance moves like in Shantae 1 that you can string together, that'd be neat. Even a simple A+B system with eight poses (one each for UDLRABXY) could have 28 different combinations, or up to 56 if the order matters. That said, maybe it would be better to keep it to the original six UDLRAB poses with 30 possible combinations. The first pose determines the dance category, the second pose determines which specific dance in that category Shantae uses.

Shantae starts in a neutral dance pose, the one she uses in HGH. When you press in one of four directions or press one of four buttons, she will switch to a new dance pose and a star meter will begin to fill. Hold the pose until the meter fills (it only takes about a second) and you can then select a second, different pose (or keep the current one if you just want to watch Shantae shimmy and shake). Once you fill two meters in a row, Shantae will perform the appropriate effect.

You can switch poses early, but they will not have any effect unless you fill the meters. You can cancel her current Dance at any time by using Shield (or X or Y if one decides not to use them for additional poses).

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