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SF users except that they are Fates characters..because I'm all out of ideas ladies and gents

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Why? I don't know. I thought it would be neat to do. I'm basing this of your pfp or what my mind thinks you look like. If this looks nothing like you I..don't really care.


Me (Obviously)                                                              @AnonymousSpeed                                                @eclipse                                                                    @Integrity 

458585750_download(4).png.b10e4db4eed9c9b83ce00e4d3e3c11e7.png709355135_download(5).png.ba2507a676c62de9fb038b4a734039af.png                 God I'm out of ideas..enjoy i guess? I'll add more soon maybe. Impressions?

     @VincentASM                                                           @Espurrhoodie

Edited by Brovett

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Okay but not only is that what I look like IRL (except I have short hair and glasses) but that's actually what my avatars in one of my (long since deleted) Fates playthroughs looked like.

Have you been looking through my window?

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Well shit, I'm pretty good at this then! Luck be a lady!


People in order (because the @'s and stuff randomly moved around): Brovett, AnonymousSpeed, eclipse, Integrity, VincentASM, Espurrhoodie

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