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Spectral N

Valkyrie staff inheritance

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Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but the Fire Emblem wiki states under the inheritance page:


Inventory: Children will inherit all items held by their same-gender parent, that they can use in their starting class. They will also inherit any usable items that parent has in storage.

Also, under the exceptions:

Claud's Valkyrie staff may be passed down to units who cannot use it. For example: Arthur can inherit the Valkyrie Staff, but he will never be able to use it.

I would assume that this would include broken weapons as well since it would technically fall into the category of 'all items' and they can still be used (except staves). To answer your question, the Valkyrie staff should be able to pass onto the next generation, even if it's broken.

To be safe, I would either get it repaired or make an extra save before it was broken/before the timeskip.

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