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Roster Game: Add a character from every Switch game you own

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Don't usually post here, since I don't really play Smash, but this caught my attention and it seems fun, so what the heck?

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Flayn
Super Neptunia RPG: Neptune
Atelier Rorona DX: Rorona/Sterkenburg
Atelier Totori DX: Totori/Mimi
Atelier Meruru DX: Meruru
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: the ZekeNATOR and Pandoria
Mary Skelter Nightmares: Alice
Fairy Fencer f Advent Dark Force: Tiara and Cui
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Agumon

still pending:
Mary Skelter 2

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Astral Chain: Akira

Okami: Amaterasu

also Okami because it's the best: Waka

Cave Story+: Quote, with Curly as an Echo Fighter

Kero Blaster: 🐸

Xenoblade 2: Lora and Jin. They'd definitely choose Rex & Pyra, but that seems a bit boring to me.

Ys VIII: Adol Christian. Honestly, I just want Ys music in Smash.

The World Ends With You: Neku

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All my Switch games huh? Okay, here goes;

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Ferdinand von Aegir


I planned on buying more games once replaying 3H started to get old, or when SSBU got a good discount, neither have happened yet.

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