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What's your favorite chapter from every FE game?

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i'll start


FE1: havent played

FE2: havent played

FE3: Chapter 15: Return of the Prince

FE4: Chapter 10: Light and Dark

FE5: Chapter 14: Open Fire

FE6: Chapter 21: The Sword of Seals

FE7: Endgame: Light

FE8: Endgame: Sacred Stone

FE9: Chapter 17: Day Breaks

FE10: Part 3-Endgame: From Pain, Awakening

FE11: Endgame: Chosen by Fate

FE12: Chapter 15: Return of the Prince

FE13: don't have one

FE14: Chapter 10 Conquest: Unhappy Reunion

FE15: don't have one they're all bad

FE16: Chapter 17 Crimson Flower: Field of Revenge

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FE7: don't have one, map design in FE7 sucks (hot take!!)

FE8: don't have one, but they are generally good

FE13: don't have one, the map design is pretty hit or miss

FE14: Chapter 10 of Conquest, obviously!

FE15: The one where you fight Duma

FE16: don't have one, they all suck (HOT TAKE!!!1!)

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  • FE6: Chapter 21 is the easy answer. Both epic and interesting to navigate if you want to avoid too many reinforcements. But I think I'll still say Chapter 11L - that one is really tough and one of the few FE6 maps that keep up the pressure. Usually, I find the difficulty very front-heavy, but this one's tough right until you have Echidna recruited.
  • FE7: Battle Before Dawn, which incidently is also my least favourite map of the game.
  • FE8: Victims of War. It made me feel really smart when I finally figured out that you can just go north, ignore the village and not try to use the fort. That aside, I really think this is a well designed Fog of War map - you have the tools to navigate it (Colm, torches and torch staffs) and it even gives a warning when the cavaliers spawn near the starting location. The anti-dawdling incentive is nice, too, and I also felt very smart when I finally figured out that you can just kill the boss instead of having Vanessa rescuing the civilians.
  • FE9: The one with the priests, Solo. I like the puzzle of shoving them and positioning yourself so that you don't accidentally kill any bishop. In general, I like FE9's map design.
  • FE10: 2-E. I never Haar-skip it because I find playing it "legit" and slowly pressing the fontline southwards too much fun.
  • FE11: Too long since I've played it.
  • FE12: Chapter 3 is a nice little walk around the mountain. [/s] The Bridge map is cool. Haven't played this one in a while, too, so I might not think of some other masterpiece.

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1 hour ago, This boi uses Nino said:

FE7: don't have one, map design in FE7 sucks (hot take!!)

FE16: don't have one, they all suck (HOT TAKE!!!1!)

hah I agree w both these takes. That being said FE7's endgame was a very challenging and good chapter, and Crimson Flower 17 was a unique map with a difficult boss, so I did find at least some positive... but yeah, fe7 is overall pretty boring and 3h past timeskip is an absolute snoozefest.

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Path of Radiance: Chapter 18

Radiant Dawn: 4-4

Shadow Dragon: I only made it to Chapter 7 before I ragequit, but they were all utter garbage, so none of them, I guess...

Awakening: Chapter 17

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  • FE4: chapter 2
  • FE5: chapter 14
  • FE6: chapter 22
  • FE7: final chapter (part before Neargal)
  • FE8: chapter 14 in Ephraim's route
  • FE9: chapter 27
  • FE10: 4-4
  • FE13: Tiki's paralogue
  • Echoes: none
  • Conquest: chapter 10
  • Three Houses: final chapter in Crimson Flower
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FE4: Chapter 3 (I like the map theme and it's one of the maps that I found pretty chill to play, although I really liked Chapter 2 as well).
FE5: Still currently playing the game but so far I say Chapter 5 and 13 were pretty cool.
FE6: Chapter 13 (Idk what it is that makes me like this one specifically, but I just really do and there's no other map I'd call my favorite. Also one-rounding the boss with any bow user is always fun.)
FE7: Dread Isle (It's pretty fun. Also you recruit Fiora which is a bonus.), that or Battle Before Dawn.
FE8: Eirika!Chapter 13.
FE9: Chapter 11. Probably my favorite chapter in the series as well.
FE11: I guess that chapter in Gra, or whatever the country's called.
FE12: I don't really like this game all that much but Chapter 8 was cool.

And I have not played a whole lot of 3H so I can't say anything here.

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FE1: 22, the battle with Michalis, due to how hilariously fun it is to cheese this map with warp staves after enduring this terrible, terrible game.

FE2: It's hard to even answer this, thanks to the weird story structure of the game and not really having "chapters" in a conventional sense, and also due to map design in that game being... extremely questionable. But my favorite map is probably the last one.

FE3: Book 2 Chapter 15, Return of the Prince, due to it being the first map where one of my favorite FE songs starts playing, and also because it was fun working out how to rescue Est an Abel.

FE4: Chapter 7. Having the map simultaneously be a continuous, unbeatable defense chapter means you can keep the map fun no matter how tedious the main map gets.

FE5: Chapter 21x, the prison break. It's basically a heist movie using sorcery and warp staves. Insanely satisfying, especially if you mute the game and play "In Search of Victory: Leif" instead of the inexplicably low-stakes default music it uses. Cemented my opinion that the fun you can have with warp staves is easily the best thing about this game.

FE6: Now that I know how it works... probably Chapter 11A. On replays, once you know all the rules and time limits the game's hiding from you (which are infuriating to figure out), it becomes an extremely satisfyingly challenging race against time to do everything you need to do and then get the fuck out of there.

FE7: From my memories as a kid? Battle Before Dawn. But I'm replaying the game recently, so who knows?

FE8: Chapter 19, Last Hope. I love just the general mood of this chapter. Defense maps inside of large castles are always fun, and this one has the coolest story stakes behind it of any in the series. I love it. Not exactly challenging, but good cinematic fun.

FE9: Chapter 17. It annoyed the hell out of me as a kid, since I felt like it was needlessly prolonging the wait to get Ike's badass promotion (which is still my favorite-looking lord class in the whole series), but I remembered finding the unique nature of it rather fun on my more recent ironman replay.

FE10: Rebirth 5, the final boss. Probably my favorite execution of an actual boss fight itself in the whole series.

FE11: It's been ages since I've played this, I've never touched it again since I played it as a teenager and hated it.

FE12: This game stands as the only Fire Emblem game I've never beaten once, so apart from assuming it would be Chapter 15 again, I can't say.

FE13: Probably the final battle with Walhart, with the awesome music and the setting. Map design in FE13 isn't exactly fantastic.

FE14B: Chapter 11, To the Sea. I find it fun to have my fliers basically go on their own separate mission while my landlocked units fend off most of the horde with those dragon veins.

FE14C: A very tough battle between Chapter 10, Unhappy Reunion, Chapter 17, Den of Betrayal, and Chapter 20, Winds of Change. I love all of them, but I think I'm gonna have to go with 17.

FE14R: I struggle to think of a single map I do not despise.

FE15: Final map again. Same reasons, but this time with absolutely amazing music to boot.

FE16: Was there a time I was having fun playing this game? I can't remember. Fuck it, let's just say Blood of the Eagle and Lion from Golden Deer route.

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Fe1/2/3/9/10: Have not played. 

Fe 4: Prologue, it's the only Fe4 map I never got bored while playing. 

Fe 5: Chapter 10, a good fun map with some cool stuff in it. 

Fe 6: Never finished Fe6 actually, but I really enjoyed chapter 6 (especially stealing Cath's lockpick)

Fe 7: Chapter 17x, gets you some fun things, as well as giving an interesting map gimmick in the form of the “safe route"

Fe 8: Chapter 10, it has an interesting map flow. 

Fe 11: Chapter 3, fun side objective, but I like it mostly due to its name. 

Fe 12: Chapter 15, because I just like Abel. 

Fe 13: Chapter 10, great music, fun map, and the best Camus in all of Fire Emblem. 

Fe 14: N/A, none too great. 

Fe 15: Nuibaba's abode, because I hate myself Grieth's Citadel

Fe 16: Hilda/Cyril's Paralogue, because it's the only map that I played, that felt like it was more than just “rout the enemy"

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