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Another Feh Channel!


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1 minute ago, Dayni said:

I suppose.

Just, I kind of think they'd also really want to hold back on adding her as there are other characters they could have used now.

Banner spoilers.

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Also as a note, Midori has some form of CC and Forrest's stats and skills are floating around too.

Banner spoilers


Rinkah also has a Distant Counter effect. It can be on her weapon, DC or even Close Ward, because Close Ward would work against Archers.


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Hmm...all in all it was a decent Feh channel. 

Baby Marth and Baby Caeda isn't as interesting as Baby Azura but hey, more power to those that want a baby army or something. 

Free orbs is nice as always. 

The restricted maps are...eh. I'm sure they'll tone down the difficulty to make up for the restrictions so I'm not too thrilled about that. 

Demotions went as expected. I'd like to say that now Norne is a viable candidate for my first +10 archer, but I don't think that's gonna happen when colorless is still full of trash healers. 

The 40 summon guaranteed 5* is the best part. It is a more lenient version of GBF or Pokemon Master's spark system. Guess the minimum orb count before pulling will be 200 orbs. But wait, it is only for new banners so RIP my chances of getting Hilda/Tsubasa merges. 

The Fates banner is a skip for me, but I'm glad for those that waited for Rinkah for who knows how long. 

I think that's about it? The other stuff is either too minor or doesn't affect me at all so meh.

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41 minutes ago, SatsumaFSoysoy said:

@LordFrigid What are your plans regarding Caeda?

Right now, I’d like to pull at least one. I’m still thinking about it. Lilith really throws a wrench in the works, if I’m being honest. Plus the art makes it look like she’s going to share a color with Marth (not that I’d mind Marth, I like him well enough too, he’s just not Caeda). Though if that silver border they had around her portrait means she’s going to be 4*/5*, I will be a happy summoner. I’m not really expecting that to be the case, though.

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14 minutes ago, LucinaRobin said:

Yep. What's your target?


Not a notion. I'm waiting to see if it's all the one. No way in hell I can get Byleth for sure so I'm likely avoiding Red, Colourless doesn't really have anything I could say Yes for. Probably a Blue or Green in the end. Also, not adding the Three Houses lords is really stupid now that I think about it.

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As for my thoughts on the channel itself it was about what I expected. Standard demotions in April and a bunch of maps that hands out goodies to celebrate the series anniversary. Norne is looking like a good merge project now (and will help in providing Reposition) and maybe I can finally summon Mercedes without worrying about her being a pitybreaker.

I was surprised they already announced what the banner for the latter half of April will be. I wonder who else will show up on the banner with Marth and Caeda. I assume other iconic characters from Archanea will be units for the banner so i guess we could see Tiki, Navarre, Minerva, turban Hardin, maybe even Nyna?

The guaranteed five star after forty summon is a nice new feature.

I was correct in assuming Fates was the next New Heroes banner. Nobody I'm interested in is on it but I know some people have been waiting for Rinkah, Lilith and Forrest to be added to Heroes for quite some time now. Oh well, now I have more time to save orbs for when Awakening get its New Heroes banner which could happen next month (if Tellius isn't getting the New Heroes banner in May).

So yeah, I think we had a good Feh Channel this time around. At least I no longer have to listen to Feh sounding like she is talking to a bunch of preschoolers anymore.

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2 minutes ago, LordFrigid said:

Right now, I’d like to pull at least one. I’m still thinking about it. Lilith really throws a wrench in the works, if I’m being honest. Plus the art makes it look like she’s going to share a color with Marth (not that I’d mind Marth, I like him well enough too, he’s just not Caeda). Though if that silver border they had around her portrait means she’s going to be 4*/5*, I will be a happy summoner. I’m not really expecting that to be the case, though.

Yeah, I wouldn't expect her to be 4*, unless the other two units on the banner are hard-hitters. There is hope, though. Good luck!

So you like Lilith? Didn't know that.

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Oh my god, look at Marth and Caeda! They're so cute! I'll be saving all my orbs from now on, and...I might be willing to whale for them. If this is going to be a full SD banner...oh god, this is going to kill me. What if we get a young Minerva hefting a bigass axe over her shoulder? WITH HER PEGASUS? Oh man, I'm so excited, I haven't been this excited for a banner since...I can't even remember.

Rinkah and Midori are finally here! Lilith is cute too. I never really liked Forrest. I'm going to have to pass on this banner, which is a shame, but I have to save up for Marth and Caeda.

I really like the "summon 40 get one free" they have going on. I have terrible luck on New Heroes banners, so this is really nice.

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So my thoughts:

GHB revival:
If they give out additional free copies, then damn, Oliver, Garon, and Aversa are really cheap (to the players who haven't tried to merge/build them yet).

Special maps:
More free orbs are always welcome!

Fire Emblem Leads:
Based on the layout, we could be getting 2 banners (1 for males, 1 for females). Green > Blue > Red > Colorless

(Fire Emblem Anniversary Special Heroes banner):
Cute banner -- would love to pull for Caeda though I have no idea if I would have the orbs to get her since I want to get Lyn from her weekly revival banner, especially since I can't spark on either banner.

Limited Hero Battles:
Honestly not looking forward to this because of how tough Infernal difficulty can be when stuck with non-invested units.

Hero Filter:
A welcome addition since we can only really currently sort rather than filter.

Lost Lore Spoils:
Upon closer inspection, there's no major change from what I can tell aside from requiring less than half as many Lore Lines to get all the main rewards. (From 550 in the regular Lost Lore events to 250 in Lost Lore Spoils.)

AR-O Fortress balancing:
Nice for the players new to AR.

Poor Altena -- she will be the sole remaining regular 4-5* unit if the information presented stands.

Journey Begins banner:
Forrest fans are going to be very happy that Forrest is the 4-5* Focus unit and therefore the 3-4* demote. Yay, Lilith is in the game but she's another blue dragon. I know there are some Rinkah fans out there are happy and she seems to have DC or a DC Prf, a Breath passive, and possibly Wrath or Slaying Prf. Midori appears to have CC or a CC Prf. Looks like an interesting banner though I'm more looking forward to the attached Forging Bonds event.

Very nice if there's a one-off pull you want from a New Heroes banner (especially since New Heroes banners are typically paired with a Forging Bonds event, so a player gets 5 summons out of the 40 needed without using orbs and therefore can spark for as few as 135 orbs if the player doesn't snipe at all). Otherwise, it's not a major gamechanger (can only be done once per summoning event and can only be done on New Heroes banners -- sparking is unavailable on monthly banners, Special Heroes banners, and reruns). At least you can use it on a brand-new CYL banner like CYL4. Otherwise, it's clearly an attempt by IS to get more players to pull on New Heroes banners rather than hoard for Special Heroes or monthly banners..

Once I got out of the initial hype phase and looked over all the stuff more carefully, it's not an overly gamechanging Feh Channel. It seems like IS is trying to play it safe for the 30th anniversary and not rock the boat too much after the controversial Feh Pass subscription service.

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Kind of funny how the list leads has more women than men on it. They're really stretching it with some of those. Ryoma would make a lot of sense tbh, not sure why he isn't there but Julia and Ninian are. And of course, the Three Houses leads.

A new Fates banner and still no Mozu...I cry.

But finally we get an actually really good summoning update with the free 5* choice. When I first saw that counter I figured it would be for a guaranteed 5*, but wasn't expecting you'd actually get to just choose.

That filter is very nice.

Unsurprisingly, this FEH Channel was much better received than the previous one.

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Blaze it 🙂

First off, the new Feh voice... I don't wanna defend the old VA, TBH I did actually like her as Feh, but it was a VERY noticable chance and I can't say it was easy to watch the Feh Channel without expecting that high-pitched voice to happen and then it just not happening. But now that I know it's Sothis' VA... huh. Feh is a Progenitor God I guess.

~The free main char summon looks plain bad for Red... Blue is alright, Green is alright, and Colorless is literally just Sothe and Nanna, two 4* summons. I'll be going for Blue since there's a small chance for Tsubasa.
~We finally gets pantsless Marth... and they give him long underwear tights... betrayed...

~I don't know how to feel about the free unit thing. On the one hand it's awesome if you're like me and you just want the unit to say you have them, but 40 summons, assuming you do nothing but full summons, is a total of 8 full summons, aka 160 orbs total. While it does get lowered to 135 thanks to free summons, that's still too many orbs for a free player to get together without hording before the banner ends, and without clairvoyance of future banners it just becomes a game of waiting.
...thinking about it, this feature will be added to the Brave banner, so assuming we still get the free Brave hero we can get 2 free Brave heroes if we just save the orbs up.

Overall... eh. Some good news, some news I'm not that excited about, and some news I'm eh about. Pretty standard for a Feh Channel these days, thinking about it...

1 hour ago, Anacybele said:

I like Shiro because he's cool, he's Ryoma's kid, and he looks a bit like Ike.

I legit bred Ryoma with Oboro and made Shiro into a Vanguard because Ike 🙂

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2 minutes ago, Xenomata said:

We finally gets pantsless Marth... and they give him long underwear tights... betrayed...

Eh, they had to give him the Warriors treatment since actual pantsless Marth would be too powerful for FEH.

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17 minutes ago, Florete said:

Kind of funny how the list leads has more women than men on it. They're really stretching it with some of those. Ryoma would make a lot of sense tbh, not sure why he isn't there but Julia and Ninian are. And of course, the Three Houses leads.

Probably to balance out how undesirable some units are since they are already in the 3*/4* pool to make it overall more appealing. Slightly over half the guys are in the 3*/4* pool, while about a third of the girls are in the 3*/4* pool. Not all 5* units are great either. 

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One of the better channels. The 30 year celebration is nice, I will go in green for free DC, or a Julia merge, or her mother. Out of the Ghbs Julius excites me the most as he will be +6 now. And generally free stuff is appreciated. 

The Summoning changes are really good, obvious demotions and a free focus after 40 summons 135 orbs in new hero banners, so 160 in seasonals I think. It really is a nice change (guaranteed +1 Brave Edelgard was my first thought). 

The new banner is nice as the last fates banner was the beast one (and I hated that one). Lilith is going to be my focus because Dragon. Also will close counter finally be in the pool with midori? Young Marth and Caeda are nice but I don't care that much. 

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So... this channel eh?

- Don't care much for the revivals, I've beaten all of these and I don't particularly merge GHB units or care to but it's good to have them as fodder in some situations so that's cool. Or if I want to do clears or something of that caliber.

- Special Heroes banner doesn't really interest me, pantsless kid Marth is neat but I doubt I'll have a need for him. It's one of the better special heroes banners though to be sure. We'll see what the full banner looks like.

- New Heroes banner doesn't interest me BUT I SEE SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR @Stroud GET IN HERE AND WATCH THE FEH CHANNEL. This banner for me however looks like a solid pass. Midori having CC and Rinkah having DC (either in her weapon or as an A skill) adds appeal to them from a fodder perspective.

- Free *5 is hit or miss sadly. Blue has some nice units and Tsubasa is the clear prize but you could be that unlucky guy and get an M!Robin or F!Corrin. Red has winners like Lyn (I WANT), Chrom (merge/free Aether), Ike, Elincia, Leif (new unit at least), Celica and the Byleths. But there's too much trash that you have an equal chance of getting. Green is the clear winner but you know more than half of players aren't even going to get a green stone in their summoning pool and colorless... just kill me now. Hoping for green, if that's not a thing I'm going to pull a red and hope for the best. (God don't let me be one of those cursed 1% that has a full colorless circle...)

- Limited hero battles are cool and unique and something that definitely freshens things up. Doesn't effect me so much though seeing as themed clears was a thing that I'd already been doing for the longest and... I'm just going to laugh at the FE7 maps for obvious reasons. Fun stuff though and more Divine Codes are always nice.

- GOD YES DEMOTIONS. NO MORE TRASH PITYBREAKER PYTHONS AND THEAS. Altena was left out but she's a *5 I wouldn't mind pitybreaking me I guess so she'll wait until next year which is alright. The best part about this though is that due to the nature of the new system we'll never have any more trash pitybreakers on the new hero banners since the *4 focus will immediately enter the *3-4 pool. I wonder if this means they'll never do any more mass demotions... which means Altena could potentially never become a *3-4 unit.... I don't know how excited I am about the prospect of that. But I'm thinking too much, overall a great change. Plus Drive ATK is finally in the *3 pool.

- Lost Lore Spoils just looks like a shorter version of LL with no strike.  So... kinda pointless but fine I guess.

- Finally the guaranteed *5. It's pretty fantastic though the orb count is kinda steep. It's kind of just a reward for those who have already committed to pulling on a banner. But for those pursuing a unit on a new banner the deal couldn't be sweeter. This effectively means you have a 100% chance of getting that unit you want on a new banner if you have the orbs for it. This makes me personally excited because it means I'm guaranteed to get Edward when he drops if I have the stash for it. Still... I can't help but wonder just how amazing it would have been if this had been applied to all banners (except weekly revivals). I guess it would have been too busted for Legendaries/Mythics if you could get the focus unit so quickly.

Overall this was a decent FEH. Nothing groundbreaking but nothing bad either which is a step in the right direction. So, 6/10.

EDIT: OH YEAH! How could I forget the best part of the channel?! Feh's voice is everything. It feels so natural and not forced or annoying. Sothis' VA is absolutely perfect for her. 

Edited by Zeo
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3 hours ago, NSSKG151 said:

But watch it be Scarlet as yet another generic lance flier instead.

she wouldn't be, she's a girl after all

only men get that treatment


anyway, i actually liked this Direct, but as always, IntSys takes 2 steps forward and 1 step back: why the hell do i get to """choose""" a random 5* hero, when some are clearly better than others? also, what was that "too many swords" argument Feh said at some point? is that supposed to be a hint to FEW2?

anyway, the new demotes are great, and... the new heroes banner is... well...... but HEY did Feh say that Pantsless Marth and Loli Shiida are special heroes? does this mean that april's special heroes banner will feature different lords' alternate versions?

Edited by Yexin
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Frankly, if the only thing this FEH Channel announced was the filter, it'd already be a great one. Everything else is just gravy as far as I'm concerned. There have been a couple threads on most desired features for FEH over the last year or two and this was my number one wish with nothing else coming close.

As for the other stuff...

- Guaranteed focus 5* is nice, makes the overall 5* rate competitive with 8% banners I imagine, perhaps better, though with the downside of the pitybreaker pool remaining unchanged. Disappointed that no further units have been removed from the general 5* pool but at least Thea is out of there I guess. If it doesn't work on Special Heroes banners though, those suddenly become really uncompetitive and I'd struggle to ever pull on them, especially given they come with no tickets.

- Altena remaining at 4-5* is really disappointing as she was a likely +10 project for me had she demoted (mostly because I lucked out on a few early copies). As it though, I'm statistically unlikely to get enough copies to do so at 4* only before she gets powercrept by another unit with next-gen BST, and who will likely debut directly in the 3-4* pool. So that's that idea gone.

- All the other stuff is whatever really, including the free 5*. Setting my expectations low of course - five reds in the circle most likely, and then I'll pull Eliwood, the one unit there I've already maxed out at +10. 😛

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Wooo! Best boy Forrest is finally here! Our lord and savior pantsless Marth is also here though a bit younger then expected. 

With Lilith its also the first time a gameplay mechanic got into the game instead of an actual character. 

The guaranteed freebie of your choice if you pull enough is a very welcome change. I can imagine a lot less people will be getting snubbed now. 

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