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Which returning stages in Smash 3DS would you replace with new ones?

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I know Smash 4 has come and gone, but I think the 3DS version had some of the most unique stages in the whole series, and I only wish there were more unique stages. We all know the focus was handheld stages, so which returning stages would you replace with entirely new ones? This is for the 3DS version specifically. For me:

-Repalce Jungle Japes with a level from Donkey Kong 94 (Game Boy; not to be confused with Donkey Kong Land for the same system)

-Replace Brinstar with a level from Metroid II (Game Boy)

-Replace Corneria with a level from Star Fox 64 3D (They did the same with Gerudo Valley because of OoT 3D, but eh…I can’t change that)

-Replace Flat Zone 2 with a stage based on Game and Watch Gallery (Game Boy)

-Replace Green Hill Zone with Water Palace from Sonic Rush (DS)

-Replace Wily Castle with a stage based on Mega Man Battle Network (GBA)

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