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A Challenge Run of Pokemon Black: No Catching Allowed

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As the name suggests, I'm doing a special run of Pokemon Black/White (sure, I'm doing it on Black, but the version doesn't really matter), inspired by a similar run a youtuber did for Pokemon Platinum
Anyways, let's get onto the rules!

  1. This one should be obvious: I CANNOT USE POKEBALLS OF ANY KIND IN WILD BATTLE.......except the Legendary battle, due to the nature of the battle. I just won't use it in the N fight and switch it out ASAP
  2. Cheat codes will not be used, except for obtaining Zorua because it's counted as a gift pokemon in game
  3. Anything mystery gift wise is obviously banned
  4. Any wild pokemon encounter will be killed, legendary or not
  5. I will be doing everything in the main game and post game, ending with the Alder battle

With my research, I have access to a total of 12 pokemon, 4 in the main story, 8 in the post game:

  1. The starters (Have decided on Samurott)
  2. The elemental monkeys (This will be Pansage)
  3. Archen/Tirtouga (Likely going to be Archen)
  4. Larvesta
  5. Magikarp
  6. All 7 of the pre-gen 5 fossils


And now then, onto the prologue!



Might as well go with his canon name since I'm going with Oshawott, which is his canon starter (According to PM)


Some tutorial stuff later, and we finally get to pick our Oshawott


Now then, time for the starting rival battles!

Funny you say that, and yet you only used tackle once, spamming tail whip instead


Okay but did we need to battle in my room and mess it up? I liked having a computer.....


He said it, not me


So I've just started wondering this, but do these guys just have a fuck ton of potions on hand to restore my mons so easily?


If you call doing the same thing as Bianca a pokemon battle, but leering at me instead of whipping your tail at me, then sure, go ahead


I hate how self aware this feels, considering what he did in the battle


Oh cool, something useless!


Anyways, we move over to the lab, watching Bianca talk with over protective daddy

I'm just happy I somehow spelled this right 


After we nickname our beloved Oshawott, we obtain both the town map and the pokedex and take our first steps onto route 1 even if it was supposed to be a single step smh game



Yay, free money!




And to end this prologue off, here is a quick team summary aka only one pokemon right now:




Stay tuned for part 1, where we see what is going on in Accumula Town, and even get our 2nd team member!

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What happens if you trigger the title legendary battle with zero pokeballs in bag?

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4 hours ago, Poimagic said:

This one should be obvious: I CANNOT USE POKEBALLS OF ANY KIND IN WILD BATTLE.......except the Legendary battle, due to the nature of the battle. I just won't use it in the N fight and switch it out ASAP

I'm pretty sure you can box it after that fight. I remember doing that.

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Onto Part 1, where we take it all the way to the first gym!


From where we left off, we go onto the first route, only running into one wild pokemon which pushes our dear Zacharaias onto lv7, giving him Water Gun, our best water type option for him for now

Were it not for the rules of this run, I'd probably have more maybe


After that, we get our tutorial on the Pokemon Center, and then sell our Pokeballs for cash, leaving only 1 for Zorua

We go outside and watch the heavy handed speech.....that's in a kids game!
Really? Cause some of the abilities the pokemon have sounds like it'd tip the scales in their favor img%5D

We then get approached by a creepy guy after the speech

If by many, you mean 14, then yes, I guess I am


After a quick battle with the guy (named N) and his Purrloin, we win, allowing Zach to grow to lv8  


After that quick battle, we head over to the next route, where we run into our mom

Yay, I'm not super slow anymore! 


Wait....so you found these shoes stashed away in my room, or did you clean the whole house when you only needed to clean my room? Either way, we take those 


After a quick romp through the route, picking up all the items, and beating all the trainers, Zach is put to lv 11, where he learns the totally useful WATER SPORT!

Oh no, it's the annoying one.....


I think I'm a little overleveled


After that quick and easy battle where Oshawott failed to oneshot a 4 levels under Tepig, we take some of her money


We then move onto Striaton City, but it's a quick stay because we mainly want the Dreamyard for our next team member

We go through the Dreamyard, battling the 2 trainers there and getting Zach up to lv 13, reaching our next team member 

60LQhyc.pngoJimDHk.pngHeck yeah!

We add Yuri the Pansear to our team



He will help out a lot, especially during the first gym, bug gym, and ice gym

Anyways, after obtaining Yuri, we head back into the City to fight Cheren at the trainers school, healing Zach up on the way

Dang, we narrowly missed meeting the gym leader. Except....we should've bumped into him, since it's implied he just left, so we would've met/seen him. What, can gym leaders just teleport?


Yet you didn't have this same caution in my HOUSE. Sure, my room was already destroyed, but still


Anyways, Yuri performs well in his first battle, beating both of his pokemon with relative ease 


For winning the battle, Cheren gives us some Oran Berries, held items that are decently useful in the early game 


After a quick romp through the gym, Pansear grows to lv 11, just in time for the gym leader
Because I choose the water type starter, I'll have to fight Cilan and his grass type mon. We got Yuri tho, so it should be fine

Pathetic Oshawott dealt with Lilipup offscreen but who cares about that


And now we won, hooray!


For our victory, we got the Trio Badge and Work Up


But once I leave to heal up my mons, I get coerced into doing a scientists dirty work. At least she gives me the only required hm in game



In the next part, we'll go over to the Dreamyard and do just that.
And to end it off, here is a team recap:






16 hours ago, eclipse said:

What happens if you trigger the title legendary battle with zero pokeballs in bag?

I checked, and the only way to skip it is having my party and boxes full, both of which are impossible for this run

12 hours ago, Dayni said:

I'm pretty sure you can box it after that fight. I remember doing that.

That is what I intend to do. 


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1 hour ago, Poimagic said:

Oh no, it's the annoying one.....


Bianca > Cheren personally.

2 hours ago, Poimagic said:

I think I'm a little overleveled

Which is really hard to do with Gen 5.

Grinding was funnnnnnn.

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Time for part 2, where we deal with the normal type gym in the end I can't wait to be put to sleep a ton


To start off from the ending of last part, we were tasked with going to the Dreamyard, the place where we obtained our Pansear

To do that, we gotta teach the HM cut to Pansear, which is a lot better than his base scratch


6jNnRDS.png and like that, we remove the tree blocking our path into the Dreamyard



Anyways, after we enter and hear some weird noises from the other side of the wall, we enter to see a Munna

And we see Team Plasma ruin their own image REALLY quickly


Anyways, we interfere and engage in battle with one of the grunts

Yuri almost deals with his Patrat but a miscalculation causes this: img%5D 

Anyways, we send in Zach and have him mop up the Patrat and the next grunt's Purrloin

mMbHlSP.png sRRoI85.png 

After that, something causes the Grunts to trip balls and see their leader

It is not


Man, they really ruin the image of Team Plasma REALLY quickly


Anyways, Musharna appears (the evolved form of Munna for those who don't know) and reveals herself to be the reason the Grunts tripped balls

Fennel then appears, thinks she is important, steals some of Musharna's mist to use 

We then get forced back to her lab where she and her assistant give us some useless stuff!

2BeOV6O.png  CltBcO7.png

Anyways, after that small detour, we move back onto our journey, where we move onto route 3

We also get reality questioned by what I assume to be a 4 year old


After clearing out the trainers and getting a few levels on our two members, we run into Cheren with a quick battle
Yuri handles his Snivy, Zach handles his Purrloin, both with relative ease

Tbh, I don't know why you keep losing so easily either


After the battle, we run into Bianca with a little girl, who's pokemon was stolen by Team Plasma 



And like that, we've been coerced into helping a little girl get her pet back from what is essentially this universes version of Peta


We then go to the nearby Wellspring Cave, and proceed to beat up the grunts



After those battles, we leave the cave.....or I would if I didn't die to a lv10 Woobat because of confusion
I'm good at Pokemon, I swear


A-anyways, moving on, we return to Bianca and the little girl, having gotten her pokemon back



The girl rewards us with something USELESS! YAY! 


Next, we clear the underbelly of route 3, learn about dark grass, and finally arrive at the location of our next gym, Nacrene City

As we enter the city, Cheren shows us to the Pokemon Center & hands us some Chesto Berries, which clear sleep and as you'll see, will be useful in our gym battle


I then go onto to the outskirts of a place called Pinwheel Forest, doing some grinding, and when I go to the nurse trainer archtype to heal, I, uh...

I'm good at Pokemon I swear


Ignoring that failure, I clear out all the stuff in this small side area, also obtaining the tm rock smash for the gym

This also allows our beloved Zacharais to evolve, and this will help ALOT


Before we enter the gym, we get blocked by N, and he spouts his nonsense yet again


We easily clear his team with our newly obtained Dewott

I mean, you have a Tympole, Timburr, and Pidove. You should really find better friends


After a quick romp through Lenora's gym, where we obtained more K N O W L E D G E, we arrive at the Gym Leader and start the battle!  


For those curious, she is rocking this team 


Dewott was able to handle Herdier, but her attack drops with Intimidate made using rock smash a challenge, so I resorted to using Water Gun. After a bit of time, Herdier fell. I swapped to try and get Yawn off on Watchog, but her Retaliate one shot Pansear. Unfortunately, Watchog didn't take a lot of damage from Dewott, making this a failed run once she did over half to Dewott

On run two, things went EVEN WORSE. Herdier kept spamming take down, leading to a double ko. And Pansear stood no chance against Watchog. It went as well as one would expect

Like the saying goes, the third time was the charm. Not only did Dewott make it past Herdier with minimal damage, but Pansear was able to get off both yawn and two leer's on Watchog before swapping to give Dewott the ability to drop Watchog to red hp. I also probably would've lost had I not had give Dewott one of the Chesto berries, because Watchog got Hypnosis off on a turn when Dewott would've won

So after a grueling battle, I emerge victorious!  e7EvwIm.png

For our victory, Lenora gives us the tm for retaliate (decent normal type that is stronger if used the turn after an ally fainted) as well as the Normal Badge!


Before we can celebrate, we're interrupted by Lenora's husband, who says someone is trying to steal her bones (since her gym is also a museum)

Which is where we will pick up on the next episode, where it's Yuri's time to shine!
And finally, a team recap:




Yes I didn't heal, don't judge



Sorry for the late upload this time, got caught up in some other stuff and kept forgetting to get the screenshots for this

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Moving on to part 3, where we see more dumb Team Plasma grunts!


Continuing on from last part, we go upstairs back into the main museum to see Team Plasma in front of the skeleton display

So, uh, you gonna do anything Lenora, or......


So uh, anyone gonna explain how the effortlessly stole the skull which is high up mind you, in only a few seconds?



This new guy who entered the scene after we exit is Burgh, our next gym leader


Sigh hey Bianca.....


Cheren conveniently enters the scene here as well, which is funny because he was apparently here all along yet never went to the gym before this


Lenora tasks us with going into the main part of Pinwheel Forest with Burgh to find the skull while our rivals stay back to guard the gym

And we finally get a useful item from someone! 

LeXDyit.png The dowsing machine allows us to find hidden items in the over world, which is very nice

After that, we move onto Pinwheel Forest, where Burgh goes the short way, while we take the longer path to find the grunts

Conveniently, the path we take has the only Team Plasma grunts

And we obviously take them out





I also make sure to pick up the Grass Knot tm. It won't be used.....yet


Finally, we arrive at the end of the path and beat the final Team Plasma grunt and get the Dragon Skull back


So uh, how are you able to easily hand that over when it's a giant freaking skull


I mean, I kind already did and got away with it



7sXTk4f.png  I mean, he does have a unique sprite and-Oh, that isn't what you meant. Never mind

They then leave with Lenora arriving on the scene. Burgh challenges us and leaves 


We exchange the Dragon Skull for a Moon Stone, an item that will obviously be sold for money



Moving on from that, we go onto the Skyline Bridge, where we obtain the Quick Claw, a decent item, but I don't know how useful it'll be here since all my pokemon are going to be relatively fast


Won't lie, this sight was always impressive, especially looking back


Finally, we arrive in Castelia City and obtain the item to evolve our Pansear


And now we got to challenge the-OH SON OF A GOAT CHEREN


R-really? I guess you have a Pidove, but I don't know how well it'd have done versus Whirlpede


After Cheren leaves, Burgh exits the gym and says he is busy with the idiot goons, aka Team Plasma

Oh son of a goat Bianca


But we can't find any leads on where to find the Team Plasma grunts who took her Munna. What're we-

Oh. Well fuck me. I thought that was gonna be tough. Anyways, he came back because Bianca was easy pickings. He decided to reveal himself tho even when me and Burgh were here for some reason


We then follow the grunt to the building right across the gym

Mhm, surrreeeeee.....


We beat up the grunts and they flee inside when Iris and Bianca arrive

Wha-how?! The city isn't that big! Unless this is a case where the game area doesn't fit the story.....


We go inside and see Team Plasma and Ghetsis

This is also the dumbest flex ever, making your secret base right across from the pokemon gym


After a long speech from Ghetsis about Pokemon and bonds and all that stuff, we finally move on to the gym

Our romp through his honey based gym puzzle was rather easy because of Yuri's newly obtained Flame Burst, allowing me to one shot all the non-Dwebble pokemon

In fact, we hit the level I want and evolve Yuri into Simisear


Finally, we arrive at Burgh, where we start the battle!



It is a cake walk because I oneshot all his mons




After a rather quick battle, we beat the gym leader, getting his badge and the tm for stuggle bug (we won't be using)



To end of this episode, here is our team recap




Note: I didn't get Zorua even though it's a gift pokemon because you technically throw a pokeball to catch it


Tune in for the next episode where I finally receive my next team member!

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Sorry for delay, here is part 4!


After leaving the gym from last episode, we get a call from Bianca


Might as well indulge her, since it is on our path 
However, I decide to do a quick sidequest in Castelia, where we talk to some dancers to get them to join a team. Nothing super tough

I make sure to grab the flash tm as well as the Amulet coin, the item related to this quest



After that, we move onto the gate to Route 4 to meet Bianca

Wait, I was actually able to talk?







Anyways, it's battle time! 


We clear out her team rather easily

Y9yuddP.png  ri1hrFQ.png   BfY2RV7.png  8k5olbK.png

Zach also gets Water Pulse, a MUCH better option compared to Water Gun


The power of overleveled pokemon was stronger then your meager training




Lets leave before the other one arr-

sigh Gosh dang it


And yes, as one can see, Route 4 is a desert route. I skim over it a ton mainly because I'm rather overleveled for this point in the game

Anyways, as one can assume, he challenges us to a battle

djpcj2m.png 78ekYdQ.png

My two mons do very well versus team

oxP7nuT.png AdJEP9r.pngJdexvVS.png He 

He had a Panpour, but I forgot to take a screenshot of it being beaten by Dewott


Having the level advantage helps 


Before we can move on however, Juniper launches a surprise call on us


She tells us to meet her on the gate to Nimbasa City, the place where our next badge is
I then go through route 4 and the Desert Resort, picking up a few miscellaneous items along the way



But the main reason I'm here is for our 3rd member. 
To obtain it, I enter the Relic Castle, which is rather small as of this point in the game
In the Relic Caslte, there is a hiker
She gives us a choice between two fossils, but the one we want is the plume fossil


I want this one in particular because it gives a fly bot and doesn't clash types with Zach
After that, I backtrack all the way to Nacrene City, where I get the fossil revived into an Archen!
Archen will be a good mon, even if its ability, Defeatist: KZFeMVQ.pngcan be a big hindrance

I then rebacktrack to the Nimbasa City gate to meet Juniper
Hooray, what a very cool reward...... 


Hehehe ahhhh......sweats nervously


JuCKPi7.png You can start be leaving me alone



I mean, I guess that works too

Anyways, I leave the gate and see....
Team Plasma grunts bullying an old man. Seriously, with all the rumors I assume are going around about them, how does Ghetsis think he's gonna win?
Basically, they want to bully the old man because he takes care of Pokemon at the Day Cafe which is right next to an actual daycare

He said it, not me  mPl4Zcc.png

Anyways, we get into a fight with the grunts


We easily beat him



Before we can give chase, the Old Man gives us a Bike, what is essentially the fastest move speed in pokemon 


He leaves, which opens up the Day Care service. I won't be using it, since breeding isn't really necessary here
Then Bianca shows up, talks about the stuff to do in Nimbasa city, and then leaves



She leaves, allowing me to finally pursue the grunts, into to what appears to be an amusement park area
There, we meet up with N, who decides to help us look for the grunts



After a quick look, we decide to get on the Ferris Wheel. And N decides the perfect thing to start up the convo is to drop this bombshell:


Yeah, totally trustworthy guy, that Ghetsis 


luSZHkU.png 896 pokemon in all.....yes I looked that up.....

After we get off, he proceeds to play decoy, giving time for the Team Plasma grunts that we chased to escape.
Won't lie, I love the new battle intro N gets from this point onwards 


Our battle is a little annoying, since some of his pokemon could inflict confusion, but I win in the end

He then tells us his goal. Beat the champion, become the champion himself, and make everyone release their pokemon 



I like how this means that N canonically gets all 8 badges, since he'd likely have to complete his goal. Which raises the question, what did he do for the Striaton Gym? Cause I can safely assume he doesn't have starter pokemon for them to evaluate

Anyways, with that challenge thrown to our face, we try to do just that: stop him. And to do that, we move onto the Nimbasa City Gym.
The Gym Puzzle is easy, but I'm worried. Mainly because 2 out of my 3 pokemon are weak to electric, which is what the Nimbasa gym focuses on. But I pray that Yuri carries. 
I make it to Elesa and start the battle!


The battle is.....not as bad as I expected. Yuri two shots and outspeeds the Emolgas. He does of course, take a few hits. Zebstrika on the other hand is a doozy. First of all, its Spark 3 shots Yuri, meaning I need to constantly heal. Second of all, it has a chance to paralyze, which is VERY annoying. I lost on a few resets for that reason alone. It doesn't help that I needed roughly 9 flame bursts from Yuri to kill, since she would still have her 2 hyper potions by that time. 
But, I finally manage to beat the toughest gym leader in BW  


We receive her gym badge and the tm for volt switch
mJxoAWX.png M7GLXs8.png

And that'll be the end of this chapter. Tune in next time on where I beat the 5th gym leader!

Team Recap: 


7KwRYFK.png FWnO0IA.pngMoij697.png

Be prepared to see more of these three mugs, cause we won't be evolving or obtaining new members until at least episode 6



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