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Hmmmmmmmmmmm okay, I've narrowed it down to Alfonse and Bruno or Ena and Nasir. And I think...Ena and Nasir are better. Bruno hasn't achieved what he's trying to find yet, and Alfonse can't even keep up with him. Meanwhile, Ena goes into deep cover in an investigation that is entirely her own, and is so good at putting things together and reading people that she becomes Daein's tactician. Nasir, meanwhile, is under a different cover and gathers a bunch of valuable intel. They're a fantastic investigations team.


The guy wearing the stone mask in Majora's Mask. Seriously. I thought about giving that person you're talking about the Stone Mask, wondering what would happen. Would both disappear from existence entirely? Would Kellam suddenly be noticeable? Would the mask absorb him and become yet more powerful? But a good person to work with him would probably be either Fredrick (who is very meticulous and may actually notice him occasionally) or Cordelia, who eventually gets to the point where she can detect him. Or Janaff/Ulki. One sees everything, one hears everything.

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14 minutes ago, Xenomata said:

Actually ya know what? Kellam actually makes a great detective cause Kellam would literally be at the scene of the crime as it plays out!

So Kellam gets my vote! But hm... who does Kellam work best with...

You forget the part where he sends an innocent man to jail by mentally breaking them to the point they confess to crime they didn't commit. The actual criminal was Kellam himself.  But, once he commits so many illegal actions, he develops a giant ego that people start to remotely believe Kellam could've done the crimes, the breadcrumbs gradually led up to the point where the real detectives catch him gloating about doing evil and his powers of being unnoticeable come to a crashing halt forever.


And as the TMS fan here, Tsubasa acted once in the role of a detective.


That counts, right? It's close enough to the real thing.

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This is a bizzare one. Voted for Etzel and Est. Etzel because he has a monocle and Est because she managed to steal Mercurius and that's eh... well it probably required investigation even though it's more a crime than detective work.

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12 minutes ago, eclipse said:


I'm gonna go with Marth and Jagen, because they made it through Mystery of the Emblem.  That counts, right?

I did think about how that game has "Mystery" in it. 😄 Though, uh... Jagen didn't quite survive my file... Not sure how the baddies mistook him for Marth...and I forgot to use the staff at the end to revive him,or I would've had a no-deaths run. Whoops.

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6 minutes ago, Icelerate said:

What about M!Kris and F!Kris? 

That's the NEW Mystery.  So I see them as the fanfiction add-on that somehow became canon.   😛

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I voted for Itsuki and Mamori. My profile picture should tell you that I LOVE detectives, and I think these two would be a pretty cute duo together.

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2 minutes ago, Icelerate said:

New>old am I right? 

No, ban!  😛

I'd rather Marth say his own lines, as opposed to be the sidekick in his own game, so Old all the way!

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1 hour ago, Dylan Corona said:

Catherine and Shamir! Not really detectives, but they do stop crimes.....agaisnt the church.


They'd be a great buddy cop pick.

Series spoilers (BB, SoV, MoTE, RD)


I kinda want to argue Roy and Elphin because of the Western Isles and Guinevire coming running to Roy.... but she knows the mystery and doesn't turn on him so that only kind of works.

Ena and Nasir's a good one. But I think Ranulf is a good pick too. Considering he's the one to get BK's identity down. Even if it's not the hardest thing to determine. Ena's a great spy for sure.

Screw it, if Conrad can inspire Zeke to be invisible enough for nobody to figure out he's Camus, I'm counting him as master of disguise. Screw it, Conrad and Ranulf.

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7 minutes ago, Diovani Bressan said:

I may vote Kaden and Selkie, because of that "Missing orbs" case in that Forging Bonds of last year.

A yes, the scenario that had the absolutely beautiful line "How could years of being abandoned and isolated have led  my daughter into a life of crime: hilariously acknowledging how bullshit the entire conceit of the Fates kid's existence is.

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Voted for Flavia and Basilio.

I just imagine trying to figure everything out while Basilio keeps pestering her with jokes or ale, but he's actually three steps ahead and he figured everything out already. He's just letting her solve it because otherwise, she would be very mad.

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There's so many good options for this one it was hard to choose. I ended up going with Caspar & Linhardt for a brawn and brainy duo. Caspar eagerly dragging the reluctant Linhardt around to help him solve mysteries and deliver justice to crafty criminals.

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Man, I want more of these polls! There are some good categories they could look into. I thought of "best twins" earlier (there are a surprising number of twins in the series: Jeorge and Daniel, Lethe and Lyre, Flora and Felicia, Kaze and Saizo, Eirika and Ephraim, Julia and Julius, and several 2nd gen FE4 kids, I think. Honestly, I would LOVE to see a Julius/Julia duo unit, or a Julius/Seliph duo unit. Those would make for really interesting ones, I think) which made me think of the more general "most devoted siblings."

For this latter category, the major ones I could think of were (FE9/10 spoilers ahead; jump to the next pair of names to skip it) Rajaion and Almedha (at least in terms of what Rajaion did for Almedha), Ninian and Nils (these two do all sorts of things for one another, instead of the usual one taking care of the other while the other just kind of watches all horrified), and Tehtys and Ewan. Eirika and Ephraim may fit into this category, too, but the aforementioned siblings REALLY go through some hard stuff, and the main driving force was entirely for the sake of his/her sibling. I suppose Bruno/Veronica fits into this, too.

Following on the family theme, it could be cool to have one focused on cousins. Cousins don't usually get the spotlight. Main one I can think of is Seliph/Leif, but there's also Alm/Berkut and Corrin/Azura. Or maybe a siblings-in-law focus? Ethlyn/Diedra, Nailah/Leanne, Naesala/Reyson, Abel/Palla, (FE9/10 spoilers again for the next duo) Ashnard/Rajaion... Man, it's kind of hard to come up with these.

Edit: Ah, I just remembered another category! Most tragic couple, or most tragic hero. Tragic couples I can think of are Greil/Elena, Sigurd/Diedre, Ena/Rajaion, Matthew/Leila, and Berkut/Rinea. And then there's tragic heroes, which can include any of these guys and people like Lif, Lyon, Emmeryn, and Fin.

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I find it funny that they are treating the share and tweet event as a success and are giving us the maximum rewards even though we were nowhere close to passing the intended goal. Though I guess it doesn't help that were probably people like me who didn't even care enough to participate in the event but I will still happily take the 5 orbs and 150 Divine Codes.

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