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Name the 

Class name

Base, Promoted, Tier 3, or unique class?

Weapon types

Growth bonuses

Promo bonuses (if there is a class below)

Horse, Pegasus, or infantry?


(Optional) Class line 

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Uhh...  I'll do an example

Weapons Specialist 

Unique class

B Axes, Lances, and Swords

+10% STR, SKL, SPD +5% DEF, LCK -5% MAG

(No unpromo as this is a unique class)


Mov: 6

Class line

Weapons Specialist -> Weapons Master (Bows, S rank in all weapons, +1 mov and better growths)

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I'm thinking of a unique class for Flayn in Three Houses

Wyvern Sage


+3 Growth in Reason, Faith, and Flying

+25% HP, +5% MAG, +10% RES, +10% CHA

Blacktome Faire, White Magic Uses x2, Canto

Flier. 7 Mov

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this would be a pre-awakening class, so no growth bonuses

Class: Stargazer (M/F)
Tier: Promoted
Weapons: Light magic, Dance command
Promotion Bonuses: +3 HP, +0 Str, +2 Mag, +2 Skl, +2 Spd, +1 Def, +1 Res
Movement Type: Infantry (6 Mov)
Class Line: FE6/7/8 Monk/FE9 Priest/FE10 Light Mage -> Stargazer; FE6/7/8 Dancer/Bard -> Stargazer (in FE6/7/8, Guiding Ring is required; in RD no 3rd tier class is available, thus Stargazers can reach Level 35)


these too would be pre-awakening classes, and even though their concept is very similar to that of already existing classes in FE3H, i'll consider these as different classes, since this is how i'd have created them

Class: Hermit (M/F)
Tier: Base
Class Bonuses: +5 Accuracy, Avoid and Critical (when unarmed, additional +5 Acc/Avo/Crt is granted)
Weapons: Bare Fists (if no weapon is equipped)/Gauntlets
Movement Type:  Infantry (6 Mov)
Class Line: Hermit -> Ascetic (Promotional Items don't work with Hermits, they automatically promote to Ascetic class immediately after Level 20 is reached)

Class: Ascetic (M/F)
Tier: Promoted
Class Bonuses: +10 Accuracy, Avoid and Critical (when unarmed, additional +5 Acc/Avo/Crt is granted)
Weapons: Bare Fists/Gauntlets
Promotion Bonuses: +3 HP, +3 Str, +0 Mag, +2 Skl, +2 Spd, +2 Def, +1 Res (M); +3 HP, +3 Str, +0 Mag, +2 Skl, +2 Spd, +1 Def, +2 Res (F)
Movement Type: Infantry (7 Mov)


don't know if these classes would be balanced, trash or OP, i just wanted to share some of my ideas, i think they'd be fun to use

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...'Class 5.0', you're on (my list of new and old classes that I use just to mess around) (don't mind the '5.0' part, it's just because the other 4 had some visual issues).

Quin'din Warrior (Basically a Samurai, I guess)  (Ignore the Quin'din part, I don't know what it means since it's a simply a joke about a candy called Quindim) (By the way, really good candy)

Promoted?  (Whatever it needs to be)

Skill Growth Bonuses or whatever it's called: (+2 Growth on Swords, +1 on Lances and Hvy.Armor) 

Growths Bonuses: +25% HP,  +10% STR, +20% DEX/SKL, +5% DEF, -5% SPD, -15% MAG, -10% RES

Class Bonuses: +10 Critical, +10 Hit, Initiator Bonus ('Blow' Skills gain a bonus equal to half of their effect)

Promotion Bonuses: Hell if I know.

Movement: 6 or 5, Armored Unit

Mastered Skill: Wary Fighter


Now I'll just stick around and see the new ideas everyone has to offer. 

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I've got two.

The first is Master Knight. This isn't a new class, I just wanna see it again.

My actual idea: Brawlvalier (that name could use some work). It's exactly what you would expect it to be; A brawler on a horse.

It's a Tier 3 class with it's main weapon being the gauntlets, but instead of the rider fighting, it's the horse that fights. The horse would be wearing special hooves designed for kicking (although if you dismount, then the gauntlets would transition to the rider, so durability is shared between the two). Truly horse and rider as one. Lances can be the secondary weapon as per typical cavalier classes.

Stat Stuff that I have no idea how to balance:

  • Growth Bonuses: +20% HP, +20% STR, 0% MAG, +5% SKL, +15% DEF, 0% RES +5% SPD, +5% LCK, +3 Points in Brawling, +1 in Lances.
  • Promotion Bonuses: +2-3 HP, STR, DEF, +1-2 SKL, LCK
  • I'd give it 7 to 8 MV.

EDIT: I think Charger could work for the class name.

Edited by indigoasis

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Most of these are Three Houses based, but some should work in other games as well.

Crusader (Master Class) (Armored Unit): 

  • Requirements: Faith A, Armor C+
  • Abilities: Ward (Res% chance to take a magical attack for an adjacent ally if their Res is lower than yours), Faith use 1.5x, Weight -5; Mastered: White Tomefaire (Honestly can't think of anything here, but optional aggression with spells like Aura and Abraxas might be useful, plus more healing from Nosferatu.)
  • Skill Bonus: Faith +3, Armor +3, Axe +2; Stat Bonus: HP +4, Str +2, Mag +2, Spd -3, Def +3, Res +3, Move +1 (5 total)
  • Growth Boost: HP +20%, Str +5%, Mag +5%, Spd -10%, Def +10%, Res +10%

New, but the name isn't: Valkyrie (Master Class, Female Only) (Swaps between Flying, Mounted and Infantry):

  • Requirements: Sword or Lance B, Flying B, Riding B
  • Abilities: Remount (Can choose to take a flying mount, a grounded mount or no mount, each with it's own abilties and stat scores); Mastered: Valkyrie's Strike (Combat Art): Mt +4, Hit +10, Avoid +10, Crit +10, Use 4, Drags back when mounted, swaps when flying, moves past when infantry.
    • Grounded: Stat Bonus: Str +1, Dex +1, Spd -1, Def +2, Res +1, Mov +4 (8 Move); Canto, Sturdy Blow (Str/Def +3 when initiating combat)
    • Flying: Stat Bonus Dex +2, Spd +2, Res +2, Move +4 (8 Move); Canto, Mirror Strike (Str/Res +3 when initiating combat)
    • Infantry: Str +2, Dex +2, Spd +2, Def +1, Res +1, Move +2 (6 Move); Vanguard Aura (Allies within 3 Spaces take -2 damage), Steady Posture (Def/Spd +3 when foe initiates combat)
  • Skill Bonus: Sword +3, Lance +3, Flying +3, Riding +3; Stat Bonus (Flat Boost to every version): HP +2, Dex + 1, Def +1, Res +1
  • Growth Boost: HP 10%, Str 10%, Spd 10%, Def 5%, Res 5%, Cha 10%

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Class name: Piercer

Promoted class

Weapon types: Bow and Lance

No growth bonuses (pre awakening)

Promo bonuses: 

From archer: +3 HP, +2 STR, DEF, +1 SKL, SPD, +4 LCK

From soldier: +2 HP, +1 STR, +2 DEF, SKL, +3 SPD, +4 LCK


Mov: 6 (7 in PoR)

Class line: Archer/Soldier -> Piercer 


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Master of Legs

  • Promoted Infantry Unit
  • Wields Tomes, Bows, and Hidden Weapons
  • Skills:
    • At Arms Length- Through dabbling in the forbidden art of arms, the Master of Legs gains additional hit against a foe who cannot counter-attack
    • Seal Movement- Using their mastery of legs, the Master of Legs can prevent an opponent from using their legs after combat
  • Boosts strength, magic, and luck growths
  • Penalizes the HP, defense, and resistance growths
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