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Classic Mode Creation Thread 2.0

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The old one I created hasn’t been active in over a year, so I’ve decided to make a 2.0 one like I did some others. This is for creating Classic Modes in general, not special combination ones or revising existing ones. Just any Classic Mode you can think of for your most wanted or just any character just because. I’ll start:

Anna: Thank You for Your Patronage! (Fights against Smash 4’s DLC characters)

Stage 1: Mewtwo on Kalos League (Victory Road (Ruby/Sapphire))

Stage 2: Lucas on Magicant (Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise)

Stage 3: Roy on Coliseum (Winning Road - Roy’s Hope)

Stage 4: Ryu on Suzaku Castle (Ryu Stage (Remix))

Stage 5: Cloud on Midgar (Let the Battles Begin!)

Stage 6: Corrin (Male & Female) on Arena Ferox (Lost in Thoughts All Alone (for 3DS/Wii U))

Boss: Bayonetta on Umbra Clock Tower (Let’s Hit the Climax!)

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Neku Sakuraba: “Fail, and face erasure.” (Fights characters who are on a time constraint in their home games; the time limit is 2:30)

Stage 1: Mario and Luigi on Mushroom Kingdom 64 (Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. (Original))

Stage 2: Young Link on Great Bay (Termina Field (Remix))

Stage 3: Donkey Kong (team battle w/Peach) on 75m Ω (Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr. Medley)

Stage 4: Ryu (Stamina Battle, 100HP) on Suzaku Castle Ω (Ken Stage Type B)

Stage 5: Little Mac (Stamina Battle, 100HP) on Boxing Ring (World Circuit)

Stage 6: Samus, Dark Samus and Ridley (free-for-all) on Brinstar (Escape - Metroid)

Boss: Galleom (Twister (Remix))

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