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My idea for a new Smash Run

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I just thought of a brilliant idea: what if WoL never existed, and Smash Run came back?

Here’s a slightly altered take of mine on Smash Run; firstly, the most noticeable change would be that the whole thing takes place in Dracula’s Castle (the Castlevania one) so naturally, it’s big in size.

The idea is the same as in Smash for 3DS. Except instead of special items to equip before each Smash Run session, you equip Spirits before. And instead of collecting stat boosts from City Trial, you earn normal gameplay items by either defeating enemies or hitting candles.

Whenever you see a red door (taken straight from Subspace Emissary), you’ll enter a random challenge. When you succeed in that challenge, you’ll earn a Spirit that’s rarer than others. When you fail, you get booted right back onto the main map.

When you see a red door covered in dark mist, a mini-boss (some of them Assist Trophy characters) awaits beyond it for a chance to earn more Spirits and other goodies. When you see a purple door (taken from the Subspace levels) in that same mist, a normal boss awaits for a chance to earn an extremely rare Spirit. All of the normal bosses found in Classic Mode are here, plus Queen Sectonia and Grima.

Before any door, you get a preview above said door of what the challenges are going to be or which boss or mini-boss you’re going to face. There are also stars next to the title of each challenge, determining the difficulty.

1 star=Easy

2 star=Normal

3 star=Hard

When the timer runs out (5:00 again, just like the 3DS game), the fighters are presented with one final challenge that either has all of them at once or in separate screens. Unlike the 3DS version, up to 8 players (human or CPU) can participate.

Here is where the main meat of this hypothetical mode lies:



Subspace Emissary









Super Mario

-Goomba/Paragoomba/Giant Goomba

-Koopa Troopa/Paratroopa

-Bullet Bill

-Hammer Bro



-Bill Blaster

-Shy Guy/Fly Guy

-Flame Chomp





Donkey Kong





-Tiki Buzz



The Legend of Zelda



-Like Like












-FG II-Graham






-Grim Leecher



-Waddle/Parasol Dee



-Bronto Burt

-Knuckle Joe

-Waddle Doo















-Alolan Rattata




-Ramblin’ Evil Mushroom



Fire Emblem




-Revenant (Awakening)


Game & Watch



Kid Icarus




-Bumpety Bomb




Metal Gear

-Dwarf Gekko



-Egg Pawn

-Buzz Bomber

-Egg Robo


-Egg Flapper



-Red Bulborb


-Swooping Snitchbug


Mega Man


-Sniper Joe


-Big Eye



-Ghost (PAC-MAN World 2)





Xenoblade Chronicles

-Mechon M64


NES Retro

-Polar Bear (Ice Climber)

-Gunman (Wild Gunman)


Final Fantasy













-Bone Towers

-Eagles and Flea Men



-Medusa Heads



-Jack Frost


Dragon Quest


-Liquid Metal Slime







-Ghost (Find Mii)

-Armored Demon (Find Mii)

-Sneaky Spirit (Rhythm Heaven)

-Grock (Dillon’s Rolling Western)

-Licker (Resident Evil)

-Gold Beat (Kingdom Hearts)

-Enemy Balloon Fighter (Balloon Fight)


-Matta Ray (Ring Fit Adventure)

-Eggplant Man (Wrecking Crew)



Subspace Army

-Armank (Boss Battle (Brawl))

-Greap (Boss Battle (Brawl))

-Gamyga (Boss Battle (Brawl))

-Shaydas (Boss Battle (Brawl))


Super Mario

-Thwomp (Fortress Boss - Super Mario Bros. 3)

-Chargin’ Chuck (Fortress Boss - Super Mario World)

-Boom Boom (Castle Theme/Fortress Boss)


Donkey Kong

-Master Necky (Boss 2 - DK: Jungle Climber)

-Dumb Drum (Gear Getaway)



-Guardian (Molgera)

-Yiga Assassin (Yuga Battle (Hyrule Castle))



-Crocomire (Boss Battle 4 - Samus Returns)



-Roger the Potted Ghost (Yoshi’s Story (Melee))



-Bonkers (Boss Theme Medley)

-Chef Kawasaki (Gourmet Race (64))

-Sphere Doomers (A Battle of Friends and Bonds 2)

-Mr. Frosty (Boss Theme Medley)


Star Fox

-Aparoid (Break: Through the Ice)



-Scizor (Gold/Silver Medley)

-Garchomp (Battle! Team Galactic)

-Chandelure (Battle! Team Flare)

-Nihilego (Battle! Gladion)



-Devil Car (Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise)

-Ultimate Chimera (Porky’s Theme)


Fire Emblem

-Wyvern Rider (Lords-Showdown)

-Stoneborn (Crimean Army Sortie)


Kid Icarus

-Clubberskull (Overworld- Kid Icarus)

-Boom Stomper (Boss Fight 1 - Kid Icarus: Uprising)


Metal Gear Solid

-Gekko (Yell “Dead Cell”)



-Flame Craft (Angel Island Zone)

-Egg Hammer (Sunset Heights)



-Burrowing Snagret (Environmental Noises)

-Peckish Aristocrab (Fragment of Hope)


Mega Man

-Guts Man (Guts Man Stage)

-Yellow Devil (X vs. Zero)



-Mechon M71 (An Obstacle in Our Path)


Final Fantasy

-Malboro (Fight On!)

-Iron Giant (Fight On!)



-Inspired (Riders of the Light)



-Octostomp (Octoweaponry)



-Medusa (Starker/Wicked Child)

-Mummy (Starker/Wicked Child)

-The Creature & Flea Man (Cross Your Heart)

-Death (Dwelling of Doom)

-Werewolf (Slash)


Dragon Quest

-Golem (War Cry)



-Large Body (Kingdom Hearts; Boss Battle (Brawl))

-T-Rex (Fossil Fighters; Battle Start - Fossil Fighters: Frontier)

-Rabbid Kong (Boss 2 - DK: Jungle Climber)

-Boss Galaga (Boss Battle (Brawl))

-Fish (Balloon Fighter; Boss Battle (Brawl))

-Nemesis (Resident Evil; Nemesis Ridley)



Target Smash

Break as many targets as you can within the time limit

-Easy: 40 sec.

-Medium: 30 sec.

-Hard: 25 sec.


Crystal Smash

Destroy the crystal within 30 sec.


Defeat Them All!

Defeat every single enemy

-Easy: 10 weak enemies

-Medium: 8 okay enemies

-Hard: 3 strong enemies



Survive a swarm of endless enemies for a certain time

-Easy: Weak enemies for 30 sec.

-Medium: Okay enemies for 20 sec.

-Hard: Strong enemies (possibly even a miniboss) for 15 sec.


Doppelgänger Smash

Fight off an endless swarm off enemies against a dark copy of yourself; the challenge ends when one of you gets K.O.’d


Metal Climb

Climb upwards underwater from a giant vacuum for a certain amount of time

-Easy: 10 sec.

-Medium: 20 sec.

-Hard: 30 sec.


Board the Platforms

Jump across a series of platforms that vanish in a second


Home-Run Contest

Home-run the Sandbag a random distance


Last Challenges

Battle Dracula (2-player only)

Both players fight Dracula against each other; whoever beats him first wins the Smash Run session


Super Sudden Death (2-player only)

Both players fight on Final Destination with the camera zooming in


Assisted Mob Smash (2-player only)

Fight an endless amount of Mii Fighters with random Asisst Trophies helping either player


Miniboss Smash (2-player only)

Fight three minibosses and count your hits; the player with the most hits wins


Stock Stamina (2-player)

Fight against your opponent on Suzaku Castle Ω with 2 lives and 120HP in 99 sec.


Big Century Smash (4-player only)

Fight 100 Mii’s on Big Battlefield; last man standing wins if not every Mii is defeated when everyone gets K.O.’d


Vs. Enemy Team (4-player only)

Fight a swarm of endless enemies for a minute on Big Battlefield


Race to the Finish (8-player only)

Race on a bigger version of Classic Mode’s Bonus Round and try to get 1st place


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