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Week Five: Who Is Your Favorite Golden Deer Character?


Week Five: Who Is Your Favorite Golden Deer Character?  

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  1. 1. Week Five: Who Is Your Favorite Golden Deer Character?

    • Claude
    • Marianne

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About This "Series" (I already did Black Eagles, where Dorothea won, and Blue Lions, where Dimitri won.) : After a long time to digest all the characters, who is your favorite Golden Deer character? It can be based on design, battle capabilities, character arc, etc. Please feel free to comment why you chose the character. To make this fun, I have decided to morph this into a competition. Each week, for about eight weeks, there will be a poll asking what your favorite Golden Deer character is. The character who receives the lowest number of votes will not be on the following week's poll. It will be interesting to see how the votes will change when a character is voted off the poll. Hopefully, the character of your choice makes it to the top! 

Week One Results: Unfortunately, Leonie has been eliminated! 

Week Two Results: Unfortunately, Ignatz and Raphael have been eliminated!

Week Three Results: Unfortunately, Lorenz and Lysithea (😭) have been eliminated! 

Week Four Results: Unfortunately, Hilda has been eliminated!

This week (WEEK FIVE) we will be eliminating ONE character to determine the WINNER! 

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I gotta go with my thicc gentle giant, Raphael. I like ignatz too though, so I'll change my vote to him if he doesn't get any votes.

Also wow, Claude and Raphael have the same amount of votes.

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I'm giving all my votes to Marianne since she's the character that stands out the most of the Golden Deer crew for me, though I also have a soft spot for Hilda as well.

Everyone else are all irrelevant...even though I still like some of them.

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I'm voting for Ignatz. Technically I like Claude and Hilda a little better but he really needs the help. The poor thing likely won't get many votes. So take pity and vote for Ignatz!

And he's one of the better Deers. Consistently very, very nice, a true crit machine, has a pretty nuance depiction of social anxiety and a good set of supports. 

So vote Ignatz and make a difference in the world! Team Ignatz needs YOU! 

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Depression girl that talks to animals is the one I most identify with, so her.

I'm honestly surprised that Lysithea or Claude aren't topping this poll.  I was expecting Raphael and Ignatz to be the bottom choices, maybe Leonie as well mostly due to her... off-putting interactions with Byleth, but I wasn't expecting Claude to only barely be more popular than those three and to be tied with Lorenz (Lorenz does have a good character arc, I just didn't think he'd be tied with the house leader).  Lysithea's still high, but all the memes and art of her had me believing she was the most popular.  Also kinda surprised about Hilda's popularity.  I guess all the Hilda x Marianne shipping and artwork had something to do with that.

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Hmm its really hard to decide, but I'll give a pity vote to Ignatz. The dude gets a ton of crap from the community, but I've got a soft-spot for him. On my first play-though of the game, I didn't even try recruiting him, but he joined my party on chapter 12, which was really awesome & made me think he was getting past his insecurities (based on what little I knew about the character).After fully getting to know him in the Golden Deer Route, I was somewhat disappointed that a few of his arcs, like the whole business with Lorenz's father and Raphael, were never resolved. Still, love his endings, especially the one with Rapheal. Also, why doesn't this dude have a support with Bernadetta? The two are really similar, with both being archers, liking painting, and being insecure. 

His design is pretty good. I really love his timeskip outfit, where he looks like Harry Potter.

Like Ingrid, he's a fun unit to build thanks to his balanced growths, and varied proficiencies. His strength in Authority is really useful since it lets him fix stat deficits quicker & he can make a good Rally Bot. I've had success making him a Mortal Savant (Forged Levin Sword is a discount Thoron), Wyvern Lord, Sniper, and Assassin. He's one of these units that doesn't need much thought when building since one you choose a path, he can become specialized for that role pretty easily.


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Tough call here, honestly.

I could've probably picked Lorenz, because I find his personality amusing... or Lysithea, due to her incredible skills in magic.

Ultimately though, I have to go with Marianne. Her whole personality kinda resonates with my own, and she can be pretty strong if used wisely.

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