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Limited Hero Battles!

Diovani Bressan

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Jeralt: Nifl, Múspell, Ymir, Merrybilis. Getting real tired of these maps that demand you initiate and facetank literally everything. Also, Jeralt can fuck right off with that guaranteed Panic just by existing. Decided to hit-and-run with Ymir and let Merrybilis dance her out of range.

L & D: Midori and Candycorn. Once again, fuck these forced-initiation-facetank maps. A Candycorn solo was attempted, but she really needed the healing from Finish to survive.

Ursula: Edgelord solo. Next.

Ullr: Looks like everything's on fire! I wonder how that happened?

I remembered Ullr being fairly hard, so I decided not to screw around and attempt to nuke the map with L!Lilina. Unfortunately, I forgot something very important about her weapon and did not realize it ever since Cuteria existed: her built-in Hardy Bearing turns off Harmo-Desperation for herself. So much for my Forblaze machinegun dreams. This resulted in this clear taking longer than it should've.

Micaiah: She's definitely the praying type.

I felt like taking Black Noel for a spin. The PoR/RD barracks selection also gave me an excuse to try out my Forma Rafiel. Good proof of concept, though I definitely need to hoard merges and flowers for him in the future. I'm... not sure why I randomly decided to let the herons hug Micaiah in the end.

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Jeralt - Duo Laegjarn is ridiculous.  Then again, so is most of the Heroes cast, so I didn't have too many problems with this one.
Luthier and Delthea - This was the Brave Camilla show.  She was able to pin things down while dealing decent damage.  Legendary Xander gave her a hand as well.  Like Heroes, the cast is pretty ridiculous, so I didn't have too many issues here.
Ullr - Not happening, my Binding Blade cast is a wreck.  Ascended Idunn is good, but I don't think she can carry everyone else.
Ursula - Summer Claude and Brave Edelgard did most of the work here.  Duo Lysithea got a hit in, and Shez did a lot of nothing.  BTW this is the description for Abyssal.
Micaiah - I don't know whose idea it was to let me use Duo Edelgard and Duo Azura.  This was rounded out with Ashera and Summer Elincia.  Thanks to Edelgard diving and retreating, I didn't have to worry as much about the northern rush.

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Took a while to get Micaiah done, but ended up getting a strategy down.



@GuiltyLove - Nice work with Rutger! He took a lot of rough hits but pulled it off! Impressive that Idunn lasted with 1 HP for most of the fight.

Even a low merged B!Edelgard can solo Ursula!

Yune is really great now with her refine! I almost thought I was gonna have to whip her out myself. I hope Naesala gets a revival for HoF, I didn't get a chance to get any good skills back then.

@Some Jerk - Lots of strong units there! And with Catria in the mix, there's not much they could do to stop you.

Wow, Winter Black Knight was crazy. He's super hard to kill. Leave it to Rafiel to be able to tank Micaiah's hits so well.

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@Landmaster I forgot that Sophia had that many alts. I may consider building the Halloween one. Nice clear. I hope Fir gets a refine! I specifically got her from Hall of Forms to help me with FE6 battles. Unfortunately, her prf doesn't give stats 😞 

It really was a Sothis emblem with Byleth not doing anything. I noticed that winter Sothis floats in her sprite despite being an armor 

Nice to see Micaiah destroy herself~ Too bad the dancer one won't get a refine because she's a dancer

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My clear teams for this month:

Jeralt: Seidr, FT Tana & Peony, NI Laegjarn & Fjorm, NY Reginn
Luthier & Delthea: Caeldori, NI Camilla, HW F!Corrin, Hans
Ullr: Gonzalez, BR Lilina, GR Roy & Eliwood, BR Larum
Ursula: just a Fallen Rhea with no merges, neutral IVs, +5 Dragonflowers and the Dragon DC seal
L!Micaiah: SM Edelgard & Altina, DS Azura & Leanne, Haar, SM Elincia

If nothing else, I had fun flexing on Ursula and her old-ass map. And yes, I used F!Rhea because F!Edelgard was too obvious of a choice (and I do kinda hate how much I've leaned on Edelgard in this game).

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The selection of limited battles this month were not bad. I remember Ullr's map being quite annoying when it released last year.

Not much to say about Ursula's clear... these Book 1 Abyssal maps are not in the same level as the others, that's for sure.

Then we have Micaiah's map, where Yune and Ashera work together with Edelgard and Altina to take her down.

@GuiltyLove Your videos were pretty nice!

In Ullr's video, Idunn had a close call there in surviving that combat with 1 HP. And I forgot how good Rutger is now. He got a pretty nice refinement.

Not much to say about Ursula's clear... Edelgard could do that with her eyes closes.

I really liked how you decided to deal with Micaiah as soon as possible, in turn one. Using Ruse to inflict Guard and stop her Miracle from charging, and then baiting her with Yune as a smart move. Yune is such a great unit, and an annoying foe for sure!

@Some Jerk Nice videos here!

 Lilina's AoEs are pretty strong, and combining them with Triangle Attack she becomes even more deadly.

Interesting use of Rafiel, no kinda of close the left side so foes would stay on him, while Black Noel dealt with the enemies on the right side... with even some close calls. It's always fine to see some Sanaki action. Funny how Micaiah couldn't do much against Rafiel. In my head, it's like she knows he is an ally so she doesn't want to hurt him... instead of the reality of her cannot beat his Res and not having enough Spd or a guaranteed follow-up to double him. Not having a damaging special also hurts her.

@Landmaster Nice videos with good music selections, as always!

The purple hair ladies did great against Ullr. Sophia is so tanky that the foes can barely damage her.

The Sothis clear as nice. Ursula didn't have any chance. Lets now hope Winter Sophis gets a good refinement.

And the Micaiahs against Micaiah... how fitting! A close call on Legendary Micaiah surviving with 1 HP, but luckily all those enemy mages couldn't do much against her high Res.

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Now much to say about this map, other that little Watermelon Dragon had fun.


Marth is my favorite Macedon unit. Maria showing that she is still very capable.

Eirika was like "what is WTD?" to Surtr was quite nice. Took me until the half of the video to realize that Amelia had a fish. lol

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Fáfnir is rolling in his grave. (Apologies again for the quiet video, I still haven't found better recording software.)

This was probably the hardest and the stupidest solo I've ever done. Several hours were spent figuring out how to meticulously dismantle the numerous counters to Olivia's kit (the Troubadour with Melancholy, the Steam Sword with Fatal Smoke, the Bow Cavalier with Rally Up Atk+ and a Def Ruse, all the passive Def debuffers...). One wrong move and Olivia would be a goner, but the ending where she ended up being literally invincible to Ótr made it all worth it.

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I remember I had some hard time doing Fae's map back in 2021. But now? It was quite easy.


Awakening is an easy limitation for you, since you have some pretty strong dragons for that.

Farina is not someone I am used to see that often... sometimes I even forget she is in the game. Summer Lyn got an incredible refinement, which makes her a very good unit.

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@Diovani Bressan Huh, it looks like Ayra is still strong enough to dent these units. I have one at +1 but didn't build her up yet. Beating Fae on turn 1 is smart. I hate that Miracle special that she has!


This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but it took me a while to figure out how to get Seliph to kill more units so that he could get more Mystic Boost heals. Too many Miracle battles over here! I still don't have that many FE4 or FE5 units. I hope Mareeta gets a good refine so I can use her again. Maybe I'll just try to pull for more Jugdral units after the Spring Whitewings return. All my orbs are going to them now that I got my Arcane lance for Catria...

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@GuiltyLove Nice clears! And nice Amelia! Amelia's Prf isn't really worth the dew, sadly, unless you were going to use a Slaying Axe anyway. Mine has been doing really well since she got her new scythe though. And while you may not have the dew to spend on her, I think she deserves some refining stones for her fish.

@Some JerkIncredible solo, you have a lot of patience for working this one out. I imagine it must have been really satisfying once it was finally done. Godlike Reflexes fits Olivia really well for some reason, it looks cool!

@Diovani Bressan Nice clear, and nice 3 unit flex on Ótr. The amount of buffs on that team is quite a sight, they power each other up a ton.


I was thinking of one turning the Abyssal maps this time but then Engage stole all the time. I did remember to record a Tana solo of the Surtr and Múspell BHB to test her new Arcane weapon though, it's definitely a very handy boost for her!


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Holst: Mininerva solo. Had to get creative by flying over a river to limit the enemies that could hit me. Managed to survive Holst's pre-charge with an Aether proc.

Surtr & Muspell: Young Lyon, Halloween L'Arachel, Halloween Myrrh. A Young Lyon solo was attempted, but there's just no way he can punch out Surtr.

Michalis: Halloween Nils solo. I am become heals.

L!Fae: Skipped! If IntSys wanted me to do this map, they should not have released it on the same day that Engage launched.

Edited by Some Jerk
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I realized I totally forgot to post the last round of Limiteds~



So I have some backed up comments to get through~

@Diovani Bressan - Nice match against Ullr~ Royliwood and Igrene really carried most of the map.

Ursula was pretty straightforward, almost solo'd by Holst. I don't see Male Shez enough so it was nice he got to join in~

Altina and Edelgard ran through most of the map, but Yune and Ashera still played their parts. I wonder what three Edeltinas could have done~

Nice Nah solo! I'm jealous how good yours is~ We got some similar skills from the HoF.

Oooh a one-turn against Fae, pretty good! Especially with Seliph and Leif on the team~ Ayra holds up pretty nicely, too~ 

@Some Jerk - I was wondering about the length of that video before I saw it was an Olivia solo~ It's insanely impressive that she was able to pull that off. That's a build I would slap on my Lene if I had the resources. 

@GuiltyLove - Nice almost Grima Emblem. I almost forgot we have three girl Grimas now. They're all incredible tanks so this one was pretty easy for the team. 

Michalis isn't too tough against these new units, especially with L!Eliwood's buffs.

Looks like Fae was still tricky to deal with, but Seliph being immortal comes in extremely handy in taking her down~ We used a pretty similar team!

@BoaFerox - Ayyye, so Tana got a nice new Arcane weapon! Can't wait to see her use it in the Abyssals since it's making her a lot more tanky (even though she'll clear it in a single turn anyway).


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@Landmaster Resplendent Lyn just stood back and watched her newer alts take the lead~

What a scary song in the FE13 battle... Maybe Cynthia and Garchomp should be a duo hero in this game. I appreciate seeing Nowi!

I never saw Hit and Run on Ares before. I want to update his skills but I don't have the fodder. I'll need to get other units in this game to make it easier for me.  

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I switched Lilith from Grima just for this map. Ryoma didn't do as much as before, but he did his job. If I ever get more merges on him, I'll give him Atk Spd Catch. I know he's on a banner now, but I need to save for Spring Michalis!

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New limited battles are here, and here are my videos on the Thorr & Eitri's and Byleth's maps.

Thorr & Eitri were against Fates unit. Halloween Female Corrin is a top tier tank unit, dealing with most of the foes, but Ophelia also did her job very well.

Meanwhile, Byleth had to deal with thre Three Houses/Hopes cast. I only really needed two offensive units and a dancer to deal with this map.


@GuiltyLove Nice clears so far. Looking forward for the remaining ones.

It's kinda funny how they units used for the Echoes limitation are all archanean characters. Catria also has her new refinement now, but too bad we didn't see it in action this time.

If the foe is ranged, that's not a problem to Ascended Fjorm (unless the ranged foe is named Chrom and has a red bow, then Fjorm is the one with problems).

I already expected the Lilith from you, but Ryoma was an interesting choice... I don't see him that often. He was nice in tanking Eitri, to lower her HP down so Lilith, the evil kind, could finish her.

Edited by Diovani Bressan
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