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Carmine Sword

[FE14] Revelations Lunatic Draft: Fateslandia Stimulus Package Edition

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Inspired by the Awakening Lunatic Draft with access to all of the bonus box items to make the difficulty more tolerable, I wanted to see what it would be like if we applied a similar ruleset to Fates. Revelations was chosen because Birthright is already done on Lunatic difficulty for drafts normally, and Conquest drafts are a sin that no one should be forced to suffer through ever again. Revelations is pretty dumb so having access to a bunch of dumb broken shit sounds like a perfect match. 


1. This draft is for 4 players.

2. Corrin, Azura, Felicia/Jakob, Gunter, and Scarlet are free for all.

3. The game will played on Lunatic Classic mode.

4. Children units come with their fathers, aside from Kana, Shigure, and Dwyer, who are draftable.

5. After ten rounds of drafting, any leftover units are free for all.



1. Only the servant that joins you in chapter 2 is a free unit. The other is a draftable unit that joins in Chapter 16. 

2. If Benny or Charlotte are drafted, Elise may be used solely for the purpose of recruiting them in Chapter 14.

3. Kaze, Rinkah, and Sakura are free for Chapters 4 and 5.



1. Undrafted units may: pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be in range of a drafted unit when battling).

2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, entering combat, meatshielding, healing and supporting with drafted units, or using Dragon Veins.

3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty.

4. Paralogues and Invasions excluding Mozu's Paralogue are optional and are free up to 20 turns.

5. Challenge battles are banned.

6. All players have access to the following bonus box items: All Battle Point and Visitor Point items, 2 Dread Scrolls(Dread Fighter), 2 Dark Falcon Wings(Dark Flier), 1 Sighting Lens/Witch's Mark(Ballistician/Witch), 1 Paragon Scroll, 1 Boots, 2 Dragon Herbs.

7. Forging and cooking are unrestricted. Go full ham.

8. Reclassing of Jakob/Felicia is unrestricted. Do whatever meme reclass you want.

9. Corrin cannot reclass to Wyvern Rider or use a Dread Scroll, Dark Falcon Wing, or Witch's Mark. Every other class is allowed, including Sky Knight and Ballistician. You can still pick Wyvern as Corrin's talent to pass on to their spouse or child however.


My Castle Rules:

1. You may not trigger any conversations in my castle.

2. You can go to other castles to obtain items for forging and cooking, but cannot buy items or skills from their shops.



1. Use of an undrafted unit is a 10 turn penalty per unit per chapter.


Undrafted Losers:






Final Insanity: Exodia, Hayato, Kaze, Kagero, Shigure, Hinata, Fuga, Silas, Selena, Arthur

Sharpy: Sakura, Camilla, Rinkah, Elise, Saizo, Oboro, Charlotte, Beruka, Azama, Effie

Carmine Sword: Takumi, Xander, Hana, Hinoka, Kaden, Keaton, Flora, Subaki, Peri, Niles

Gradivus: Reina, Ryoma, Leo, Orochi, Shura, Kana, Chapter 16 Jakob/Felicia, Dwyer, Setsuna, Odin

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+Magic/-Luck Male Corrin with Samurai talent since I need LaD and Swordfaire for Anankos.

Prologue: 2/2 Turns

Chapter 1: 5/7 Turns

Chapter 2: 4/11 Turns

Chapter 3: 5/16 Turns

Chapter 4: 8/24 Turns

Chapter 5: 7/31 Turns


Chapter 6: 3/34 Turns

The wyvern rider boss gets replaced by a cavalier on Lunatic which costs an extra turn.

Chapter 7: 11/45 Turns

Reclassed Felicia to Witch

Couldn't figure out a way to get 10 turns even with warp. If Corrin could ORKO the boss I could have Felicia warp over with pocket Azura to dance him to seize but he can't so RIP.

Chapter 8: 5/50 Turns

Reclassed Gunter to Wyvern Lord.

Witch ended up being super clutch here not because of Warp but because the huge magic pair-up bonus lets Corrin OHKO everything with the Dragonstone. Basically everyone walked up. Felicia baited Orochi and Saizo down on Turn 4 enemy phase, and then Corrin OHKOed Saizo and got danced to attack Yukimura. Yukimura died on enemy phase.

Mozu's Paralogue: 7/57 Turns

Corrin, Gunter, and Azura went left, everyone else went down. Corrin left all of the Faceless on 2 HP with the dragonstone and Felicia left them on 1 HP so Hana and Subaki could actually get kills even though they only deal 2 damage.

Chapter 9: 2/59 Turns

Subaki mattered! Forged a +1 Thunder, gave Felicia a Dragon Herb, and got +1 magic on Felicia from cooking.

Subaki moves up and chips the Spear Fighter for a whopping 1 damage in order to level, then Gunter moves up and switches to Azura, who gives Gunter to Subaki and dances him. Subaki moves into the right wind stream and drops Gunter a tile in front of him. Felicia carries Corrin to the Dragon Vein.

Turn 2, Subaki ORKOs Hayato, and then Felicia warps over next to him and ORKOs Fuga exactly with the Thunder forge. The hit is only at 62% sadly because Fates thrones are the worst.

Chapter 10: 6/65 Turns

Yeah. Got the Arms Scroll. Killed Zola with 2 Thunders from Felicia (with a Dual Guard from Hana to prevent him from healing with Nosferatu) followed by Corrin finishing him off with the Yato + Felicia dual strike. Gunter learned Lunge.

Invasion 1: Free/65 Turns

Reclassed Takumi to Dread Fighter and gave him the Paragon Scroll.

Fed exp mostly to Subaki and Hana cause everyone else is so overleveled they get basically nothing from killing these enemies. Got Takumi and Hana to C support.

Chapter 11: 10/75 Turns

Yeah this is awful because none of my units can deal with the Master Ninjas effectively. So I just have to basically wait until Takumi finishes killing everything on the left side and then have Felicia Warp him over to the other side of the map to deal with the Master Ninjas on that side. Got Subaki to level 10.

Chapter 12: 1/76 Turns

Slightly more complicated than the usual ORKO Flora with Reina strats. Nobody could ORKO Flora, but Takumi with Subaki pair-up could double her and apply a debuff with the Iron Shuriken, allowing Felicia to Warp Corrin over to finish Flora off.

Chapter 13: 2/78 Turns

Promoted Subaki to Falcon Knight and gave Gunter a Dracoshield. Forged the Thunder tome to +2 and had Felicia get +1 magic from cooking.

Turn 1, Kaden takes a Heart Seal from Felicia and reclasses to Diviner. Corrin take the brick blocking the path and then Subaki + Keaton moves up. Felicia warps next to Subaki and kills the thwomp to reach C Tomes for the extra 1 damage. Azura gives Gunter to Subaki and takes Keaton so she doesn't get killed by a Spear Fighter dual strike. Subaki moves up and drops Gunter to his right. Takumi + Hana just move up. On enemy phase Gunter barely manages to survive the General + Cavalier dual strike thanks to tonics and the Dracoshield.

Turn 2, Gunter pairs-up with Subaki who full moves up and drops Gunter a tile above him. Takumi 3HKOs a Merc with Azura's help to build support with Hana. Kaden pairs-up with Corrin who gives him to Felicia. Felicia then warps next to Gunter and exactly 2HKOs the boss with the +2 Thunder forge.

Edited by Carmine Sword

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