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Request for help/collaboration on Radiant Dawn Hack

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on hacking Radiant Dawn to make it more in line with PoR's mechanics.

Here are some of the things that I have been able to accomplish:

  • Characters have higher base stats similar to what they would if they were that level in PoR. For example, a Level 5 promoted Marcia in PoR would (on average) have 2 more points of Str, Skl, and Spd.

  • Similarly, any character growths that were lowered in RD have been restored to their PoR growths. For example, Nephenee's Str growth is now 40%, just like it was in FE9.

  • Gave the same stat caps to tier 1 and 2 classes as they have in PoR. (For tier 1 units, it's mostly the Res stat) For example, Soren now has the same stat caps that he had in FE9 (as a Sage)

  • Renamed classes for consistency. (Lance Armor ---> Knight) (Wind/Thunder/Fire Sage ---> Sage) (Lance General ---> General) (Dragonmaster ---> Wyvern Lord)

  • Made Jill and Ilyana pre-promotes, making every playable PoR character promoted.

  • Brom is now a Lance General.

  • All Thunder tomes are more powerful and accurate. Their stats are a mix of FE9 and 10's. Bolting has the same weight as in PoR.

  • Light has 1 more might. (Like in the GBA games)

  • Certain characters have different stats in their initial chapters. For example, Nephenee now has a Steel Lance in 2-1, which doesn't weigh her down.

  • Meg is now a Lance Knight and comes with an iron and steel lance in her joining inventory.

I have attached some screencaps to exemplify.

What I need help on is:

  • Modifying Ilyana and Jill's levels in their joining chapters (1-3 and 1-6, respectively, as they now join as pre-promotes)

  • Giving Lance Generals Swords instead of Axes (like in PoR)

  • Modifying the starting gauge of several laguz. For example, I want Lethe and Jannaff to start every chapter with full gague like PoR.

  • Modify gauge decrements so it decreases slower for cats, hawks and ravens.

  • Fitting some names properly. (Dracoknight ---> Wyvern Rider) I changed Dracoknight to WyvernRider (without the space) because otherwise that would add bytes to the file and crash the game.

  • Give Paladins access to a second weapon. (Geoffrey Bows, Titania Lances)

  • (Possibly) Making Tormod an Archsage in 4-4

  • (Possibly) Make every enemy Armor and General a Lance Armor/General. Basically tier 1 uses Lances and tier 2 uses Lances + Swords.

If anyone is interested in collaborating with me on this project, please let me know. I appreciate any help.

Class Rename 1.PNG

Class Rename 2.PNG


Stat Cap T1.PNG

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