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9 hours ago, Diovani Bressan said:

I got curious... why did you change difficulty in the middle of the video?

You started by playing Infernal, but you gave up and ended beating Lunatic instead.

You asked for it:

If you want the multitude of swearing be my fucking guest.  I am done with this map.

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The quartet finished Infernal again as usual. I ended up leaving Edelgard for last and just kiting her around the map with Reposition and Future Vision shenanigans while Julia plinked away at her. Not the most climactic ending, but it got the job done.

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I expected this one to be a little harder. It was more annoying with the spawns than hard.


Half of S!Elise’s Skills are only there to scare off the first Cav from attacking her. Warping and Spurs were basically the key here. Also Chill Spd, F that thief.

@LordFrigid - I knew we’d see Baby Caeda today. Her voice lines are great. Adult Caeda straight nuking Edelgard was unexpected though, she definitely said no little kid was going to make her look bad. Seeing Palla was, fun, too.

@Alexmender - That was a super fun clear to watch with all the warping and Galeforcing. Edelgard is thick as hell but Eirika’s chip damage was pretty clutch. Nice job from the Officer-Spy-Eirika team.

@Some Jerk - RIP, I was hoping for some Silvia action but I’ll take Marth existing since this was basically the Nino show. Nice play getting the troubadour to cockblock Edelgard. Nino handily look down most of this map with ease.

Interesting Midori build. Looks like it’s working well for you, though, I never thought to make her so offensive, but I know just how powerful she can be with L!Eliwood since I’m using them both in AR this week, though with B!Lucina instead of Nils. I didn’t consider him as a partner for her but they have some nice teamwork. Minerva was also pretty cool here. Her defense is really crazy.

@Nowi's Husband - I am incredibly impressed with how well you handled that theif. He was super obnoxious for me yet couldn’t even double you. Excellent show from the Nowis, as always. 

@Sasori - Noice to see Sharena and frens again. Warping is pretty common with the clears today, works wonders getting around all these walls. Sharena and frens always scare me with how much damage they take but that’s what Wrys is for. I’d say we was pretty clutch for the clear to get done. Edelgard made you work for this one but she finally went down in the end. Nicer that it was to Sharena’s Bonfire. Great work, hope you get Abyssal soon!

@Diovani Bressan - Did someone say Baby Mar-Mar? Ah, you used the SUPERIOR track for the map~ Marth did a great job. I just wish he also had Dragon Eff, then he would have been unstoppable. Nowi also walled off all those enemies really well.  Marth’s Ruse was so useful.

@GuiltyLove - Catria is so brave running off all on her own to facetank a dragon. Or maybe the others just abandoned her. But she did her job so it doesn’t really matter. Cherche and Elincia taking on the bottom half of the map was good teamwork. I was worried when everyone got trapped in the corner but their foes were the only ones actually in danger. Great job!

@Maakar - ReLEASE BUNNY FIR FROM THE DUNGEON. Can’t wait to see +10 Bunny Dad even tohugh he had no problem one shotting your waifu~

@ChickenBits - You get my seal of approval by using best boy Yarne.

@DLNarshen - I know you must be excited for the Narcian refine. Hope it’s really good. Speaking of refines, can’t really go wrong with Seliph and his insane refine. Bun Bun Narcian looks awesome though, he is really working that Form Skill. Julia is perfect with how many Dragons Edelgard kidnapped and threw on this map. I was scared Vantage was going to bite Seliph in the ass, but it came through after Raging Storm. Awesome clear!

@daisy jane - BLESS UP BABY MARTH

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It took a couple of tries, but my team of Thrasir, +10 Female Corrin, Valentian Catria, and Summer Lilina worked out. Me not trying to take the enemies head on from the start was a big deal, having Edelgard get slowed down by her friends was key.

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@LordFrigid New toys going to work so soon, huh? Powerful girls! Baby Caeda and Caeda could've swapped targets, right? You just wanted the boss kill to go to Caeda?

@Alexmender Very entertaining clear. Eirika got stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it was up to Officer Hilda to bail her out. Even though she's so lazy all the time, she works hard when her friends are in trouble. She risked her life by getting hit down to 1 HP too. Then once only Edelgard was left, she refused to back down even as she kept getting pelted by magic. Everyone is in character here.

@Some Jerk RIP Silvia. This team did pretty well though, bouncing around killing things. I still haven't pulled a LMarth, but he looks like a really good asset to have. Also RIP you didn't turn off boss music so Edelgard didn't die to Apex of the World

Midori is ridiculous, wtf. She really just did 73x2 to that Thief. And then 68x2 to Edelgard. All that at +1 too. That shit ain't fair lol.

@Sasori Sharena is always a welcome sight. It's impressive to see you drag this bunch through the fight, even with 4* Wrys, too.

@Diovani Bressan Nice +10 YMarth. He's really strong, and his Rapier made quick work of Edelgard's armor. But then getting backed into the top by all those dragons was scary. Ruse is really handy, though.

@Maaka Bartre ate straight through that really tank blue Manakete, very impressive. Florina is also a rare sight, so good on that!

@DLNarshen Seliph goes against a Flame Emperor, huh? I guess this is what he's up to while Julius and Ishtar are off doing other things. Julia was doubling so consistently, one wonders if she didn't steal LMarth's Binding Shield. Seliph being stuck at 1 HP for so long was scary, and Narcian joined that group too. Nanna's Gravity was the MVP here for sure, though, then her healing let Seliph deal with Edelgard properly. Nanna is a good girl. Narcian refine soon, though. Hope it's something decent.

@Landmaster Carrots beat axes, huh. That weapon was made to kill Edelgard. Miracle on Elise was clutch, and Nowi buys a lot of time as usual.

3H spoiler:


I wonder if Edelgard had a little sister like Elise among the siblings she lost.


@Zeo @mcsilas

Here's mine. Kagerou couldn't do jack shit on this map because everyone was so thicc, but I really wanted to use Brave Celica and not Cordy or Hilda. Ended up resorting to LCelica. The song is Honoo no Tobira (Door of Flames). Keeping with the theme.


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3 hours ago, TheSilentChloey said:

You asked for it:

If you want the multitude of swearing be my fucking guest.  I am done with this map.

Well, I only asked why you changed difficulty in the middle of the video... I didn't ask you to do Infernal again.

Anyway, this was a pretty funny video to watch.  Thanks for that.

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Leon and three dancers did it again on Infernal.  Special props to Olivia's Chill Spd, which made it possible.

Had to swap out Death Blow for Swift Sparrow, so Leon would be able to quad the initial manakete.  After that, it was a matter of careful positioning and making Edelgard run all over the place.

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14 hours ago, GuiltyLove said:

@Some Jerk I clicked on your video because it had young Minerva there. I've got to say, I'm really impressed with how tanky Midori is! I was nervous for her during many of the fights! 

@XRay @mampfoid @Landmaster Here's my clear:


I really didn't want to use a dancer, but the map was a bit annoying to navigate otherwise. There were some parts where I had to separate units, so units with triangle attack couldn't work. So sad! It was fun finally unleashing Cherche after getting her to +10 recently.

I find it slightly humorous towards the end when you put Zofia's Call Catria next to the blue manakete, and the blue manakete is like "nope" and ran towards Cherche instead.

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Manged to beat Infernal actually with the Empress herself.  Used a team of dancer Micaiah, Sothis, Brave Veronica and  Legend Edelgard. Edelgard can solo the left hand of the map by herself and Sothis does a lot of work on the right hand side.   Actually got Edelgard to get the finishing blow on herself lol after Micaiah weakend her.

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@Some Jerk

Midori getting thrown at everything and not dying? Are we playing Fates? I was focused on the enemies in the lower right on T3, so when she walked up and obliterated Edelgard instead I was quite surprised. Nice job!

@Diovani Bressan

Marth dropping that OHKO on Edelgard was great. Nowi, putting in tons of work, as usual. Straight-up ignoring the Sword Dragon was pretty hilarious. Nice work!


Seeing Bartre double fast foes never gets old. Even after noticing the Armorsmasher, I was still a little surprised that Bartre was able to OHKO Edelgard. +Style points for the attackers finishing all in a row. Great work!


Crazy warp shenanigans screwing with the AI, I approve. Nice use of the terrain to keep the foes at a safe distance, as well. Pegasus Carrot invalidating Aymr & Wary Fighter is always fun. Nice job!


Ooh, double Celica! Legendary Celica made very short work of her enemies, as expected. I was surprised when Veronica was left in front of the manakete, and even more surprised when she survived with 1 HP. Nice work!

So when are we getting a triple Celica clear?

4 hours ago, SatsumaFSoysoy said:

Baby Caeda and Caeda could've swapped targets, right? You just wanted the boss kill to go to Caeda?

Actually, I was originally going to do it the other way around...then the Sword Fighter had to go and have a Def stat. I could maybe have stacked enough Atk to Brave Sword through it, probably ditching Leif for my 2nd Caeda to get another Goad stack up after WoM-ing to take out the Sword Cav on the other side. But effective damage was just easier.


Celica’s refresher friends had to do some actual fighting this time, but they pulled through in the end.



Thrasir didn’t need or want her refreshers’ battle assistance, and managed to power through it. The general lack of reds definitely helped.



This battle’s theme team was “Sword Lords”, banding together to show Edelgard why axes are inferior...and also because I haven’t used Eirika in way too long. Come to think of it, only Celica sees consistent use, of that bunch.


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17 minutes ago, LordFrigid said:

Ooh, double Celica! Legendary Celica made very short work of her enemies, as expected. I was surprised when Veronica was left in front of the manakete, and even more surprised when she survived with 1 HP. Nice work!

So when are we getting a triple Celica clear?

In hindsight, Veronica could've just gone under BCelica and be safe lol. I did something different that was slower in my test runs, and came up with the faster Guidance move on the spot, but somehow didn't think to move Vero to safety because I already knew for a fact she would survive. Sorry, Veronica...

Two red one green is gonna be a tough time. Maybe if Fallen Celica's refine is really good, but that'd mean BCelica would have to take a backseat since she'd have to either rely on Renewal to recover or run a healing Special and have no Galeforce.

Effective damage is indeed easier. Caeda is Caeda anyway, so it's the same.

Thrasir blasting straight through dragons with her tome definitely makes it easier for her than Celica.

Wow, Close Call Eirika... That's really nice. Alexmender should be happy. I'm still sitting on my spare Mareeta... Very nice Celica too. Marth did a very good job of cleaning up dragons too. Roy kinda took a backseat lol, as he does in FE6. Fire Emblem pairs perfectly with Celica, and it's really nice to have it for a map that forces you to spread out like this one.

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@Landmaster Wow, Elise is super powerful! I'm surprised the healer one does so much damage! 


Why Wings of Mercy 2 instead of 3 on Nowi? I love seeing Summer Elise. I managed to get her a long time ago and always enjoyed her lines.

@XRay Her aura scares off everyone. He saw what Catria did to the last manakete, so he had to run away.

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This map was kind of tricky with all the narrow hallways and ranged units hiding in the corners of the map. Eventually managed to clear it by making good use out of swap and galeforce.

Music is Get Over the Barrier (Roaring Version) from Zero no Kiseki.

@Maaka Nice one turn clear video! Surprised to see Bartre wipe out Edelgard in one shot.

@Diovani Bressan Nice clear with Marth and Nowi! Edelgard's plan for conquest was thwarted by a bunch a children.

@Landmaster Nice Elise team clear! I am always amused by armored units getting knocked out by a carrot.

@SatsumaFSoysoy Nice clear using Celica! L!Celica sure looks like a powerful unit.


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Done~ Those mook 99hp Wary Fighter Armours are still the worst.
I did hope to take out Edel earlier with the help of Chill Def and Savage Blow, but Edel was still too buff and the healer turned up ;^; 



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Woot managed to beat abysal with almost the same team as I beat infernal. Just swapped Brave Veronica to Brave Camilla and gave her guidance and it worked. Camilla guidance allowed Legendary Edelgard to kill the thief and the blue dragon in the first couple of turns and then get her to where I needed here with to bait some mages. Micaiah handled all the armored foes including edelgard. Sothis tanked and killed a couple key enemies on the right hand side.

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@Diovani Bressan Ow thats a neat mini Marth and also a pretty cool big Marth. I don't see him around too much, but thats a nice support kit he has. For a gen 1 unit Nowi also has seemed to help up pretty well.

And thanks. It took some puzzling, but they eventually got it.

@Maaka: Even without the father daughter team up those are still very fun one turns to see. Not often that Bartre is rocking the galeforce set.

@DLNarshen: Raigh subverting expectations is probably why I like using him. Putting the most disliked unit in the game to good use was part of the appeal of the team. Back then Matthew was no better.

Also cool new team. Seliph was actually my first +10 so its always nice to see him. What really surprised me was Julia though. I always thought she was a bit slow, but she reaches impressive speeds.

@SatsumaFSoysoy  Ow wow. Legendary Celica really can blow up everything with (non prf) Brave Celica doing pretty well too.
Thanks and yeah Sharena isn't seen that much. Much like most of the trio actually. And I can see why you'd think Wrys is a 4 star with those stats, but he's actually a 5 star as well.

@Landmaster: I was wondering how the Elise squad would do against all those annoying Manakets and their lightning breaths/adaptive damage, but Nowi did a good job shielding them from those jerks.

And yeah the Sharena group isn't the best at dealing damage so they have to take some blows on enemy phase to get the ball rolling. Wrys is there to help although his staff is kinda showing its age too.

I think i'll give this Abyssal a pass. Most of my go to's are having a bit of a hard time. I did  however have some time to give Mini Marth a bit of a test run.


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@Landmaster Hmm.. I didn't know Elise could turn into a dragon... All joking aside, it was neat to see Nowi join the squad for a clear. OG Elise never fails to impress me. Nice job!

@SatsumaFSoysoy Ooo a double Celica clear! Nothing stood a chance against legendary Celica there and that double lion armoursmasher put in some work. Great clear!

@NSSKG151 Wow quadding Anna and a fallen Delthea. The glacies hits on Edelgard... poor girl. Delthea is such a monster, I really want to build her one of these days. Also need to build a Raven at some point, he put in some crazy work there. Awesome job!

@Sasori Wow I don't see NY!Lethe in clears too often. She's pretty amazing. Seliph is so good with his refine as well, I'm surprised so few people use him. Excellent clear!

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Not the greatest sound quality it is literally my first time recording from my phone. But here is me beating Abysal with the new Legendary Edelgard, Brave Camilla, Hoshidan Summer Micaiah, and Sothis. Mostly with there base kits too with sacred seals only gave summer Micaiah Drive attack and Edelgard Galeforce. Galeforce procing is how she attacks the thief again turn 2 despite being next to Camilla which goes against raging storm. Mainly needed galeforce to move her after killing that thief and to get out of the range of the red sword dude who I found Sothis also can't tank at full hp in other failed runs with different teams. Mvp ability goes to Guidence though as it made it possible for me once I remembered it existed lol.


Edit: also fun fact Enemy Edelgard went after Sothis over everyone else. My orignal clear I didn't do as smooth and Edelgard was in a spot that I couldn't attack safely with Micaiah so I had to run around with Sothis leading her to where I wanted lol.

Edited by vikingsfan92
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@Alexmender Ooooh, lovely GF action there!  I'm sure @mampfoid would be proud. Good to know that Gleipnir refine helped out after all. Gotta take any stats you can for Abyssal I suppose, some nice warping action in the clear as well!

@Diovani Bressan Phew, Kid Marth is a monster, especially doing ju L!Celica shows t enough damage on Edelgard!

@Maaka Wow, Armourslaying S!Bartre  sure was satisfying! QuadFlorina makes a return!

@Landmaster Dagger Elise showing Edie she has the better Leia buns in Feh! Well-timed Miracles save OG Elise yet again and blue Elise sure did a fair share of work there!

@SatsumaFSoysoy Ahh, good to see armorsmashing B!Celica in action. L!Celica shows why she's a great unit to be with Edie's banner. Veronica support is always great to swing the stats to your team's favour.

@DLNarshen Wow, what a masterful Seliph play! Taking 0 damage even with 1 health was breathtaking, and of course the Vantage play against Edelgard was perfect. Julia is no slouch either and there are plenty of dragons for her to slay. A fabulous debut for Spring Narcian as well, channeling his inner-Seliph to spring a miracle near the end against the dragon very unforgettable! Perfect Nanna accessory there (hiding the feather behind her hair that always annoyed me lol).

@Zeo @daisy jane @Ginko

Now here are my videos, complete with new thumbnails since i had a neat idea for these (and was dissatisfied when Youtube shows me generic enemies for those).

Firstly is an obligatory Flame Emperors vs. L!Edelgard clear!

Team is neutral Flame Emperor, neutral Arvis, +Res/-Spd Surtr and +Def/-Res Legendary Edelgard

Music is Between Heaven and Earth from Fire Emblem Three Houses

-Now that L!Edelgard is here, the rulers of flame from all the realms have assembled! That said, this map wasn't going to be easy with 3 axe armours and one annoying Armoursmasher sword cav, so Edelgard herself had to equip Svalinn Shield straight away. Even then, she needed the help of her Def boon, Surtr's Close Guard and FE's Ward Armour to preserve as much health, and the Brazen Atk/Def seal to survive close combat fights. It was thanks to that swordie's Fury recoil that Edelgard could even exactly KO that horsie!

-Besides Edelgard's Armored Stride GF conquest, Arvis was the other key MVP in this map. The key was Escape Route (which worked well with his Fury) and Poison Strike to help whittle down some of the speedy/bulky units like the dragons. Of course Surtr also helped with Surtr's Menace, but Arvis's warping fire magic was the fastest way to deal with Edelgard's defenses. Normally I don't usually use Escape Route shenanigans until it was a last resort but boy did the map layout and Edelgard's movement kept things at a timer.

-The real final boss however is the darn NFU red dragon, which breaks through Wary Fighter. Past attempts show that if FE's Ignis cooldown is 1 or less (and if the red dragon had Arvis's chip damage) then FE can KO back with Bignis, but I forgot how to exactly recreate the final stage of the map with those last 3 enemies so I had to improvise multiple times. Not easy not having a blue unit against those red enemies!


And for the second video, have a more traditional Three Houses clear with Byleth (with Sothis) and his Blue Lions students!

Team is +Spd/-Res Male Byleth, +Atk/-Res Sothis, +Spd/-Def Annette and +Spd +1 Mercedes

Music is Chasing Daybreak from Fire Emblem Three Houses

- So I don't have Dimitri Somehow Byleth and his Blue Lions travel to the future to fight against L!Edelgard. Sothis powers I guess, because now she joins them in their excursion in time.

- Can I just say I love how Mercedes's base skills worked really well here. Gravity was the perfect staff to slow down Edelgard's Stride powers (and boy did she need to slow down since I had a dragon and some frail Blue Lions girls). Odd Res Wave helped Sothis survived the first turn encounter on the right side (Mirror Stance because she would leave swordie with 1 HP). On the other side, Byleth's Odd Spd Wave helped give Annette enough speed to double the blue manakete in the first turn.

- That said, Mercedes's weakness was she wasn't on a horse, so she had to rely on Escape Route for an alternate WoM Mercie build. Also with her best friend Annette's Rally Atk/Spd+ and Drive Atk support she dealt with the blue mage/brave sword easily. Then she would be in warping heal/Gravity mode for the (unfortunately long) last half of the map. In fact, the only way she could damage Edelgard was with Annette's Rally + Ruse, so Blue Lions BFF power go!

- Sothis's Sirius allowed her to solo most of the right side early on, then she became bait for Edelgard running around in circles. Boyleth provided some nice cornered attacks at the start, then proceeded to charge his special for the perfect finish against Edelgard (although just enough!)

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@Landmaster I am indeed excited for the Narcian refine!  Lord knows I've waited long enough for it.  I worry it's going to be something gimmicky that'll make me go back to armor smashers before long, but hey more options.

Damn, that carrot dagger is better than I thought it was.  I knew it had an armor slaying effect, but also one that ignores potential Wary Fighter skills these maps love to throw at us.  Normally your clears are the Elises stomping everything in sight, but if it's one thing they struggle with it's tanking.  Ithink Nowi deserves a lot of the credit for this one for keeping things from going out of control too fast. 

@SatsumaFSoysoy Narcian will need something really powerful to even stand out among the other Gen I axe fliers, let alone anything newer.  I believe, but as he is a grail unit I have keep my expectations tempered.

Thicc or not, the enemies crumble all the same to L!Celica's true damage.  Her power with hardly any investment is unbelievable lol.  It is also nice to be reminded now and again that B!Celica can be super threatening and doesn't always have to be overshadowed by her fellow CYL2 winners.  I personally doubt they will give refines to the CYL2 winners like they did for CYL1 this year, but when they do I suspect she will be given new life similar to B!Ike or B!Roy. 

@Sasori Congrats on clearing Abyssal!  NY!Lethe has power to spare for sure, even during the times she couldn't take advantage of her solo skill.  Nice use of Reciprocal Aid to keep Seliph topped off and keep his refine effect going!

@mcsilas First off, nice vid thumbnails!  I never liked the generic ones YT suggests either, even if they feature one of my own characters.  Aside from the clever Escape Route maneuvers with Arvis, I like how this is basically Intermediate Tactic Drills showing off L!Edelgard's power lol.

And oof, it looks like Mercedes could really use some extra attack power.  Thankfully Annie provides quite a bit, and even then it's a long battle of attrition.  Thankfully teach is able to move in and finish the job.

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@NSSKG151 LCelica is a powerful nuke indeed. But so is Anna, as I can see here. Almost seems like she can do anything.

@Sasori Very nice team of boys. Young Marth is strong even without merges. Nice Abyssal clear, too. Clutch use of Reciprocal Aid. Overall a very slow and steady approach to the map. I never really seem to be able to use such strats for Abyssals. Maybe the stuff I've built doesn't lend towards it much, or maybe I just have a mind for Player Phase offense over defense.

@mcsilas I guess in this particular clear, Nanna instead of Veronica would've been fine too.

Flame Emperor clear was cool. Spawn camping reinforcements with Surtr is so cheap lol. I didn't manage to get an Edelgard in 100 orbs, sadly, but she looks really fun to use.

Wow, Mercie put in some work here. Her statline isn't the greatest, but she can still do quite a bit of damage. She was instrumental in chipping out Edel too. I guess you couldn't run Windsweep on Byleth since the Vantage was needed. Maybe L!Dimitri will arrive in the coming months.

@DLNarshen Yeah, I doubt he will get anything gamebreaking either, looking at what Tobin got. But I'm sure it'll be something that could work in Hero Battles at least.

I'm hoping Celica does get a refine. But in the same vein, it'd have to be pretty broken for me to not just use Armorsmasher regularly lol. Like, Blazing Durandal levels of broken. Luckily Celica has a better chance of getting something good than Narcian, I suppose...

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A bit late to the game here, but managed abyssal with the redhead siblings and new S!Fir and Lilith. They definitely make for fun support partners!

I'm glad the siblings continue to be nice in these, I really need to figure out a c skill for Ewan one of these days.


@Sasori nice to see someone else use Raigh some! I've got a +10 one I'm hoping to use in one of these clears someday, preferably with his brother or mother who are both +10 as well. I do need to fix up his build some though. Also cool to see another Gordin, got mine at +8 currently with db4 and lull atk/def. Just can't seem to get the last copies I need of him, Thea and Klein.

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@Unknown Gamer11: Nice use of the redheads. They put in a lot of good work even if the stars where the two shiny new units.

And cool a +10 lugh. That probably cost a lot of orbs. i'm might do a team with the twins, Chad and Lucius for a clear one day.

Gordin is always a lot of fun to use and he has been my +10 project for a while now. I also haven't seen another Gordin in half a year now so progress is going very slow. Here's hoping your luck is better. 

@Maaka Thanks and I don't see NYLethe much either. Probably because she is a rare seasonal because she is absolutely busted. Perhaps Seliph still has the pitybreaker stigma, but his miracle weapon is pretty great.

@DLNarshen: Thanks. Recipricol aid was the last piece of the puzzle I had to figure out. It worked out pretty nicely since Titania had little else to do with all the blue's gone.

@SatsumaFSoysoy: Thanks  and yeah I do like to go for more slow defensive aprouch. Most of my units don't have the power to easily cut through the powercreeped Abyssal enemies. So letting them come to me usually works a lot better.

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