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So, I didn't clear Infernal for this first time around. yay.

I got as far as Lunatic with Panny, Est, Peony and Mininerva.

This map drove me up the wall, the closest I got used Sothis, L!ELiwood, Brunnya and Osian but I couldn't pull it off.

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20 hours ago, Dayni said:

So, I didn't clear Infernal for this first time around. yay.

I got as far as Lunatic with Panny, Est, Peony and Mininerva.

This map drove me up the wall, the closest I got used Sothis, L!ELiwood, Brunnya and Osian but I couldn't pull it off.

It took me a while to figure out a solution for me too. I just took what was working for me on my previous runs and found a new way to do it until I slowly improved it until it works. Like one run I found sothis completely dominates the right hand side of the map with one unit to avoid. Another with a more flyer focused team I found Brave Camlia does better at dealing with the enemies on the map over Brave Veronica (who I was running on more cav and mixed teams) just in general who I thought would be more useful for the stat boosts.  My point here is don't be afraid to mix and match things that work well from your previous attempts even if you don't think it works together its how I got something to work for me.

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@LordFrigid All those brave weapons and effective damage on the same team is just unfair. Palla's Duo skill may as well have been the cherry on top.

@Alexmender I'm jealous of people that clear abyssals with theme/signature teams. Sometimes I can do it too but other times I'm forced to resort to more... barbaric tactics.

I knew when I saw the exact damage kill Eirika had on the infantry sword that this was going to be a good one and it didn't disappoint. Her refine felt underwhelming to me but it really served her here. Hilda was the mvp for me though still. Darting around the map doubling and one rounding abyssal enemies in warping fashion that would make not only my Amelia, but Anna herself blush. Tsubasa held her ground and utilized her own excessive speed to get a few kills herself. Being a beacon for Hilda didn't hurt either though!

Edelgard was pretty horrifying in her own right though. Taking 12 damage from a rather strong red mage. Eirika had to hammer at her 5 times with Poison Strike chip in order to bring her down, but down she went and Hilda dealt that satisfying finishing blow. Kiting her had to be pretty scary too considering her 2 mov, definitely not your average armor. Not looking forward to seeing that C skill on generic armors in future maps.

You seriously need to +10 Hilda. I hope that's a goal for you because she's a monster at +1. Can't imagine what she'd be capable of fully merged and dragonflowered.

@Some Jerk Bonus Doubler Nino looks incredibly fun. Really unorthodox team on the second clear, I thought they were pretty impressive... then I realized it was still Abyssal. That Midori looks crazy. The way she utterly obliterated Edelgard alone made her the clear MVP, but the tanking she was doing had me double take still. Way to impress me with a unit I had no interest in.

@Xenomata Another Bonus Doubler Nino... you guys are starting to make me jealous. Palla's not my cup of tea but she was incredibly convienient for this particular LHB and I really love that Cordelia build of yours. As in I'd steal it if I bought the pass for her. No MVP here, everyone put in work. Palla blowing up Edelgard was satisfying. Everything went so smooth they made it look like an infernal map. Pretty impressive, I'd say this is one of the harder Abyssal maps.

@Sasori You get an incredible amount of respect from me for clearing this map with such an underpowered team. Sharena is built wonderfully and led her friends to victory with quite a bit of style. Matthew was really budget (and I mean... really budget) but he still did more than his share and that Ignis proc made me miss when that was his primary special on mine. Raigh was the most invested in, but being a Gen 1 mage he's not that impressive. They all worked wonders together and Wrys was a tried and true healer and full support unit. Every unit felt like a piece of a greater whole rather than the singular killing machines we're given today like candy. Edelgard cared nothing for their teamwork and sought to destroy you but some good old kiting tactics and WTA was Sharena needed for her opening to blow up the Flame Empress with, ironically, a fire based special.

His brother got to stretch his legs a bit too it seems. I'll be honest, I wasn't going to watch that one, but then I saw Ross. Guess I'm a sucker for him. Young Marth looks really fun with that DC+SS combo.

Seliph and Lethe locked Abyssal down. Seliph held the line while Gordin picked off approachers and Lethe covered the backline while Titania led superbly from the back with Tactics buffs. That Repo-Aid and fitting quote was probably my favorite part of the clear. Lethe had Miracle in her pocket too, but she didn't end up needing it at all. 

@Diovani Bressan Truly an epic clear. Young Marth handled the right side beautifully with his pesudo Kronya build while OG Marth supported Nowi in true heroic fashion. Even with Water Breath+ the Abyssal enemies were slowly trying to whittle Nowi down in a dangerous war of attrition, but the support of her allies and the renewal seal allowed her to march her way through the onslaught of enemies onto a hard earned victory. Honestly OG Marth was the mvp here. While Young Marth and especially Nowi did the brunt of the fighting, it was only with Marth's exceptional buffs and fantastic strategic use of his dual rally+ruse on Nowi was she able to weather the storm. Unbelievable. The music made the clear for me as well.

@Maaka I don't typically watch your clears, but I was surprised and refreshed to see a *5 +10 Bartre. Doing Galeforce strats no less. Love the diversity.

@DLNarshen Definitely not what I expected from you, but a nice surprise. Seliph is a very useful unit from a strategic point of view, just not one I'm personally interested in. Seeing him lead the charge here in place of Julius was surprisingly cool, but unlike Julius he does not hog the spotlight for himself. Instead he merely played his role. Julia was potshotting dragons and nuking things regardless of WTD with her incredible Glacies procs and Narcian kept the backline clear and stragglers off the siblings tails with Nanna acting only when completely necessary. I loved the strategic layer of this clear and how Nanna was only healing when absolutely necessary in order for Narcian to use the siblings as warping beacons. Really smart stuff. Finally Seliph got his much deserved heal for his duel with Edelgard. With both his weapon's effect and his team's support, she didn't stand a chance.

@Flying Shogi Another member of the Nino clear club, timeless. Surprised this particular unit is being used so much for this map when there are so many other nukes out there as well. 

@Landmaster A deadly conflict... is what I would say. Not so here. Nowi and Elise had everything they needed to succeed here. S!Elise was outfitted to blowup anything she touched, HS!Elise had the perfect weapon to snuff out Edelgard and the Guard Axe+ Armor completely and Nowi+OG Elise were armed to the teeth for a battle of attrition. The enemies tried their hardest to take out Nowi, but whenever she was in even the tiniest bit of danger she had OG Elise there to keep her fighting and even WoM2 for quick escapes. Even with the three colored units leading the fight though you can never count out OG Elises surprising offense which she used to finish the map. I wasn't expecting such big numbers. This is really a scary and very synergetic team. Will you be going for S!Elise merges this coming summer?

@SatsumaFSoysoy Pretty straightforward clear. Every version of Celica is absurdly powerful. Just based on the team comp I knew what everyone was going to do just about. The Celicas did their thing and Veronica kept B!Celica's B Skill active for all the high priority foes with GF covering any openings and L!Azura doing her thing. Edelgard may as well have stood in one spot and waited to die. It's never complete without at least one instance of a unit clutching out an EP with 1 HP remaining though. Veronica gets her own props for that alone.

@Hilda You never cease to amaze me with these.

@NSSKG151 Really fun clear led by an even funner Anna. 46 SPD with a Brave Bow is bonkers. Really awesome build as well. F!Delthea is also a pretty fantastic FTP Blue Mage also as she didn't miss a beat covering Anna and Raven who we all know is a great unit (shoutouts to double LND for the memes.).

@ruruo Hey! Haven't seen you in a long time! Mystic Boost Kaze looks really fun. Jeorge was looking pretty underwhelming but he really picked up steam after his brazen kicked in. Teleporting dancers are pretty standard fare, but Jeorge's use of Escape Route and eventual coordinated attack with Kaze on Edelgard was utter brilliance.

@mcsilas Eeey~ This was a theme that came to mine for me also. I didn't have what it took to go through with it though! Kudos to you.

So let's see and... the red... armorslayer cav... used the rally on the healer instead of attacking L!Edelgard... what a ridiculous unit. But she didn't shine alone here. Arvis may have burned the brightest in this clear. He held the right side in the beginning but became more than a spark of hope for the rulers of flame after Escape Route activated. Victory wouldn't have been possible without him as he warped around manipulating the AI into a dance while slowly picking off Edelgard and her  forces and luring them into Surtr's traps. Flame Emperor didn't make too many moves, but the ones she did make were crucial. You lacked a lot of tools in this clear, dancing utility, healing, raw nuking power and you still pulled this one off. Color me impressed. Arvis deserves a refine.

Given your intro for the 2nd clear, M!Byleth's voice quote at the beginning of the video was hilariously appropriate. Sothis looks incredibly fun, as fun as she looked when she first debuted, but Mercedes surprised me with her offense at the beginning of the clear! I know healers can dish out the pain (no pun intended) with Wrathful staff but it still surprises me from time to time. The team worked well together to safely pick apart the map, boxing in the dagger/mage was smart and Mercy's warping in conjunction with Sothis made things look pretty easy. It didn't look like there was any easy way to deal with E. herself though. You pulled it off but that kiting at the end was rough. I wouldn't have had the patience for that. 

@Dayni @eclipse @BoaFerox @daisy jane @Ginko @NegativeExponents- @Sunwoo @Rezzy

I have a really big backlog now, but motivation kicked in and I was able to pull out this, one of the biggest sets being this recent one, so... I'm tired... yeah, let's get started. I did my clears when everyone else did but as usual the time and watching/commenting always pushes these back. I really wanted to use Shakugan no Shana music for some of these cause of the theme but I didn't feel like fighting with youtube, ah well. Let's get into it.

Leading this set of clears is Ross and his trusty superior mage extrordinare. Going into this one I knew that without Ross was going to be the only one capable of taking on Edelgard, so his choices for partners had to fill very specific roles. I'd already been playing around with giving Nah's Infantry Breath to Lute but I haven't committed to it so I kind of wanted to take things out on a test run of sorts. So I went ahead and busted out B!Lucina to take insta-special Ross for a spin. Throw in dancer Neph with some Distant/Close Guard stacking and we have a recipe to really heat things up. Most clears end with people kiting Edel/the Guard Armor to finish things, will this one be that way? Let's find out!

Morgan hasn't been getting very much love from me these days. From not merging into my +ATK Amelia to Morgan himself only featuring here and there in crossovers they were due for a clear so here it is. A bit of warping from Amelia was needed as you'd expect but she needed some way to proc her weapon to survive one of the turns, hence that pitiful seal she's got. Outside of that there isn't too much to say specifically. You should be used to these types of clears from Morgan's crew. Merely puzzles to solve. Had to do a little Kiting vs E. but oh well.

How about a theme from banners? "Heroes with Counter skills" would be a good one... is what I'd say but this is really just a shameless excuse to throw together a bunch of fun units I really enjoy using. We've got some barracks stars of mine with Matthew, Ross, Chrom and NY!Alfonse. Ross and NY!Alfonse have seen heavy use ever since they made their way into my barracks, Chrom has been seeing a bit more use since I've given him DC and you already know Matt's story.

This clear, despite the powerlevel of each individual unit was actually very tricky. Ross and NY!Alfonse kept dying at one point or another but the chaotic element here was the dagger reinforcement. I could never kill him fast enough and his warp would ruin my day. At least until I realized with a bit of manipulation I could get him to go for Chrom instead of Ross or Alfonse. That set up an unlikely but fantastic situation for the team. After that, the map fell like a ton of bricks. 

Now, mostly everyone's clears here are Abyssal ones so of course I can't omit that now can I? I couldn't do it with a real theme team. Rather... I didn't have the patience for it. I just wanted the map to go down. So when Serra and Matt couldn't do it I dug deep and thought what powerful unit could I run to nuke this map into oblivion? The answer? Nino. She's +10, she's got her refine, she's another favorite and she's just the unit for the job. When I realized there was no counter vantage unit on this map I knew she'd be able to do her very best. So I armed her to the teeth. L!Eliwood, L!Azura, Ninian with WoM, a Brazen and Astra. This nuke has been turned into a category 5 world buster. 

But is even that enough for Edelgard? Let's see shall we?

I joined the Nino club for Abyssal but for the last clear I went full FE7 in what I can finally christen a true Ostia clear. With Matthew, Leila, a newly outfitted Serra and my shiny new Duo Hector to lead the charge. This was a clear I knew I wanted to do from the get go and it was one I had to work for. Things were particularly tricky for me on Hector's side. Trying to figure out how to keep him alive for a while was difficult and then I realized I'd forgotten a tool that I'd been sleeping on since I got him: his duo effect.

After utilizing that, the map became trivial. Everyone shined here in true Ostian fashion. No one man armies, just a fantastic team stomp. This was actually clear #1, but I had to save the best for last, at least in my mind. Hope you enjoy.

And with that, this mammoth of a post is done. See you guys whenever I've got the stamina to do this again. My backlog is pretty big! (Bramimmond included~)


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12 hours ago, Zeo said:

@SatsumaFSoysoy Pretty straightforward clear. Every version of Celica is absurdly powerful. Just based on the team comp I knew what everyone was going to do just about. The Celicas did their thing and Veronica kept B!Celica's B Skill active for all the high priority foes with GF covering any openings and L!Azura doing her thing. Edelgard may as well have stood in one spot and waited to die. It's never complete without at least one instance of a unit clutching out an EP with 1 HP remaining though. Veronica gets her own props for that alone.

I've always liked strong offensive play, so I guess the Celicas are a perfect match for my style.

Damn, Ross handled that chokepoint like a champ. That sword cav brought Edel's demise by trying to help with his Rally. Everything else was cake afterwards.

Lol, Prissy got surrounded, but good thing her team was there to bail her out. Morgan has surprising firepower all the time with the debuffs.

This Abyssal was really unkind to daggers and stuff, so I had to drop Kagero too. RIP Matthew. Nino did well though, as expected.

Duo Hector is ridiculous anywhere. The Lilina beam just destroyed any chance the right side's enemies had of doing anything useful lol. Brazen Serra also showed up to dish out some firepower. She's not going to lose to Leila...

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@Zeo Hah, I knew Ross was going to have duel Edelgard eventually, but wasn't expecting you to just throw Ross right in front of Edelgard like that from the get-go.  He's taking a page out of Matthew's book with all the mid-battle recovery keeping him sustained all throughout.  I'll keep rooting for you to pull more copies of him whenever you tag me in the pull thread.  I don't always respond but I'm always checking. ; )

It's been a while since I've seen Morgan's squad duke it out in one of these.  Hopefully Morgan can get kitted out with dragonflowers at some point for those much needed stats!

I can see how that dagger would pose a problem for your counter team - WoM is very frustrating to deal with in this sort of content with sub-optimal teams.  Best strategy is to take them out immediately, but taking out a 50+ Spd Infernal/Abyssal enemy is a tall order for most CC/DC tanks.

Nino...like Reinhardt, I don't think she'll ever not be useful.  Nuke + two refreshers + B!Eliwood will always be a timeless strategy, and watching this it occurs to me that there are no enemies with Lull or even Dull skills. If there was ever a map to dominate with a blade mage, this is the one for sure. 

The Hector clear was my favorite. Not only for the character choices, but also the way you handled Duo Hector.  A clutch use of the Duo skill saves the day on the right-side of the map, and then that Firesweep flier shoving him right into Edelgard's range...perfect. 

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Thanks for the big praise. It was certainly a challenge to get the team through, but the Sharena team has had enough experience under their belt to adapt to Edelgard and her solo battlestyle...My matthew still could use some work though. 

Also nice clears on your end. Especially the team Ostia one. One shotting solo Edelgard is no mean feat even with Hector's bag of tricks. Its also not every day you see a +10 Serra one rounding multiple guys.

I can also see you got a soft spot for Ross. Those are some pretty high investment skills on him.

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Super late replies but here I am~


@SatsumaFSoysoy- Another Celica joins the fight. She and her Brave version do a good job of tearing up half the map. I knew Edelgard was in for some pain with Armorsmasher on B!Celica, she didn’t stand a chance.

@LordFrigid - I’m impressed at how well you got the placement down with all these walls. Good thing there weren’t too many evil Blues on this one to slow Celica down.

Not too hard for Thrasir either. She went way more rogue than Celica did. Quite immersive.

Does everyone have a fully built busted Eirika in the back? Close Call on her is pretty wild. The guys took a bit of a beating here but they held their ground very well.

@GuiltyLove - I only needed WOM2 so I didn’t bother wasting a Cain on her. I would have if I needed it, though

@NSSKG151 - Brave Bow with Flashing Blade and Glacies makes for some crazy powerful nukes, I love it. Delthea went on a nuking spree herself and I always love some Galeforcing Raven action and getting to see Phina get some kills. Nice work!

@ruruo - Mystic Boost on Kaze makes him pretty tanky, I love it. I also love how you trapped that blue mage. Jeorge jumping around with those Escape Route strats was really funny, the enemies must have felt like that “teleports behind you” meme.

@Sasori - Mini Marth joining the shouta squad, I approve. I was surprised that the green fridge tanked his attack so well, but none of that matters when he’s got the Vantage to slaughter pretty much everything else. Ross was also pretty nice taking on the left side of the map. Very kind of Nils to use his body to protect the other boys from the Red Dragon.

Ah Lethe is pretty good with her damage reduction. These guys backed you into a corner for much of the clear but you managed to fighter your way through, tank a Bonfire from Edelgard and get the win with the whole team chipping in. Congrats!

@mcsilas - Team “Burn Till Nothing Remains” is quite the intimidating set of conquerors. Edelgard got to show off that set of auto doubles against those manaketes and Arvis did a lot of warping and nuking. When it gets too crowded, Surtr bombing the area helps get rid of those last annoying enemies. Nice!

I always enjoy some Blue Lions. Mercie was really the MVP here, pretty speedy and helping keep her bestie alive. And her chip damage and Gravty on Edelgard. She really wants Sothis dead but Byleth was there to make sure she lived to see another day~

@Zeo - I want to get some merges but I realistically probably won’t be able to because I’m trying to save for B!Dimitri (or L!Dimitri if he ends up being garbage). I want to at least try for 1 copy but at this point I’m hoping a copy will be available for for Ephemera Codes.

Wasn’t expecting Ross to just take Edelgard on straight up on Turn 1. That was pretty impressive. With Lucina and Lute support, Ross is pretty much a god-tier unit able to blow all of this map away on his own. Very nice~

Been a while since we’ve seen the good old Morgan squad. Trapping the Ninja is a pretty good strategy with how annoying he is. Getting trapped in that bottom corner was a bit scary with Amelia going down to 1 HP and Edelgard rushing in from the right. But the team manages to clear the way forward just in time to get rid of Edelgard just in time.

A bunch of powerhouses throw together are one of my favorite themes. And they sure prove themselves to be just that with how they cleared the field in the first turn. Chrom is a beast, it’s a shame more people don’t use him. I always forget how high his attack is. Watching all these guys tank and nuke the map away made for a really fun clear to watch~

We’re in for a good time when Nino’s got Astra and a bunch of other stupid buffs. Those Reds went down like it was nothing. Sometimes you just want to see crazy huge numbers and Nino certainly delivers.

Looks like the best was saved for last~ And Serra’s debuting a new toy. The Leila warping was great but the Vantage on Hector was unexpected and probably the best part, especially the Knock Back into Edelgard for the Vantage. That was some 500 IQ play~ Nice work with this one!



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@Zeo Apologies the lateness, been hectic lately. (also RIP losing the draft again). First of all love the music overall, I hear a few AoT tracks there!

Ostia clear was perfect teamwork. I forgot Vantage was an option for H!Hector, I should use that. I love how he was Knocked back to Edelgard's range but then bam! Vantage effective damage! Also nice Atk Wave on Serra for a crucial kill.

Nino obliterated her enemies in that Abyssal. 160 Astra damage was satisfying against that Guard Axe armour. I liked how Eliwood had the honour of the final blow.

Love the use of Barricades in the 3rd clear. I like how most of the team held their ground in the middle of the map for most of it. Creative solution on that Miracle dagger!

Ah good old beaming Morgan clear. Was scared when Priscilla felt trapped for a bit. Edie took a while to whittle down but having Ninian/Priscilla helps.

Loving the amount of specials in the Ross clear! No need for healers here. Very epic, loving the Ross...err...love. Also jealous of your Nephenee. Edelgard going down early was refreshing. Probably my favourite.

As for replying to your comments- at that point Edelgard's Brazen skyrocketed her Def so the armorslayer prioritised taking no damage and Rallying lol (and also Svalinn Shield). It was a lucky turn at least lol.

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So, you know how after Edelgard's legendary banner finished right before Fallen!Julia released?

Probably for the best because she damm near soloed the entire right side. And demolished Edelgard. Y!Merric, Annatheosis and Tethys were also there, useful but not demolishing a side on their own or anything like that.

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@Landmaster @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @DLNarshen @Diovani Bressan @BoaFerox @Maaka @mampfoid @Zeo @daisy jane

So I managed to unexpectedly get a Bernie in Hero Fest. Now I can do a full Black Eagles clear!

Team is +HP/-Spd Edelgard, +Res/-HP Bernadetta, +HP/-Atk Summer Dorothea and +Atk/-HP Ferdinand

Music is The Long Road from Fire Emblem Three Houses

- Academy Edelgard somehow takes her classmates into the future! Poor Dorothea didn't get the time to dress appropriately though facing an empress.

- First of all, SO glad I got Bernie even if she wasn't my original target. Her offensive capability and ranged dominated in this map. She needed Dorothea's Drive Atk and Death Blow to deal with the blue manakete (plus Ferdinand keeping the Fury manakete busy to get some Fury recoil). Persecution Bow is such a great weapon.

- Ferdinand also deserves some recognition, with Brazen Atk/Res he had just enough Res to keep the healer busy (or get the healer to heal the swordie instead of attacking) while my team was slowly being cornered by L!Edelgard's two move. Reposition being in his kit was super handy, keeping my own Edelgard in the corner so Bernie can have room to move to quickly delete Edelgard. In fact, both cavs had great teamwork, since L!Edelgard found herself next to the healer, allowing Bernie to double and defeat her future house leader in one match!

- While my Edelgard herself sadly couldn't defeat her future self (that Bonfire packs a punch...) her doubling and high Atk was super useful deleting the thief and blue mage asap. She got to shine a bit in the end as well.

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@GuiltyLove - Flier mobility skills coming in clutch for this one. Lot of fun plays while maneuvering everyone around the map. This was a good combo of EP tanking and PP from Camilla and Tsubasa, plus Catria filled both roles well. Great work!

@mcsilas - The Black Eagles worked well together. Ferdinand really did want to show off by going in with two Skills missing. Bernie was the clear star of the show, though. She wrecked the place. Congrats!

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