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Julia missing Lightning tome in Chapter 9

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Hello, I recently played Fire Emblem 4 for the first time since a friend recommended it to me. So in chapter 6, I accidentally gave Julia the Aura tome since I didn't know Nosferatu was the better choice of the two. So I go through the remaining chapters and Julia gets doubled easy since Aura weighs a lot. Then in chapter 8 the shop keeper has a lightening tome, so I give it to Julia and she starts to do very well now, since the tome is lighter. However when I started chapter 9, the lightening tome was gone from her inventory and I couldn't find it anywhere. She still had the Aura tome and the Mend staff she got from Lana. So I was wondering was that a glitch or something? No other character has lost their weapon in the following chapters, not including the weapon transfer from gen 1 to gen 2. I just want to know if that was supposed to happen or was that a glitch?     

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The Lightning tome in the shop is a glitch. Here is some more information about it from the Serenes Forest main site from the "Hints and Secrets" pages.

(note: Fury is an older translation of Erin's name)


Lightning Times Two?

A minor bug that occurs if you didn’t pair Fury. During Chapter 7 you will be able to buy a Lightning tome from the Vendor. When you later recruit Hawk, he will come with a Lightning tome as well. However the two Lightning tomes are actually the same one… The two will share the same kill count and usage. When you reset and load the game again, the Lightning tome from the Vendor will disappear and you’ll end up with only one Lightning tome (which is correct).


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