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FE4 Hacking: Coat of Arms

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I tell you the truth I actually already found most of what I needed but i'm very glad you showed me this anyway since I did not know the boundaries for where the army phase flags were. I ended up finding the location for the flag for Sigurds(and Seliph apparently) phase by just looking for every instance of EF DC(Hex for the Chalphy coat of arms) in the rom, it also found me the coat of arms for Sigurds army in battle and in the castle when you get out of the town. To be specific, I found Sigurd Player Phase at 11B222 which seems consistent with the borders specified in the post. A9165 was where I found when the coat of arms displays in the castle when you get out of a town.(BBAA is the location for the coat of arms in the castle otherwise though I actually found that in the forum and that's how I was able to get the hex for the Freege (67 E3) and Chalphy coat of arms.) 198F96 was where I found the in battle coat of arms for Sigurds army.  For a little extra context I used a Naga Rom with a header. However I still have to find the location for the coat of arms in the status information. Kind of like this.


Freege Community.PNG


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