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Just now, Jules Necrofantasia said:

Oh god, I can't even beat my own chapter because the allies loved to miss with +90% à la Thracia 776.

Musse died...

Hahah... Well, don't feel too bad about it. The RNG giveth, the RNG taketh away...

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15 hours ago, Saint Rubenio said:

Good start for the map. Four entrap users that joink away four members of my team and there's virtually nothing I can do about it. At least the enemies have the decency not to move the first turn, but... You know, for how horrible they are, at least if you look up where they are you can sidestep the Thracia warp tiles. No such luck with this crap.

The usual strat is to pairup everyone in the hallway with units that synergize with each other where if one side has a problem with one of the enemies they are entrapped with, you can switch sides to deal with it. Alternatively you can have the people in the hallway enter the corridors, as they don't target people that are in the side rooms. OK, in case this is necessary I will mention a detail I noticed about the area they wont target, it extends all the way into the thin entryways to the rooms in the southern ones, so that the units that start in the south can enter them if you desperately need that, but you need to be fully in the room in the northern ones where your army starts, so don't retreat from there...


15 hours ago, Saint Rubenio said:

Every passing moment, my attempts to convince myself that this game's lategame doesn't drag it down quite as much as Thracia's feel less and less convincing.

What the hell is this garbage? Am I just too bad, dumb and ugly to comprehend this game's godly design? Can someone please tell me the strategy to kill units with a bazillion defense when the entrap bitches take away my heaviest hitters every single time and there's nothing I can do to prevent it?

Are you talking about the  guys that march down with the corridor that have the spendthrift skill? Usually I avoid them by using the stairways at the back of all the rooms; they open up when you kill all of the units in whichever room it is, and you might need to bait them down a bit to give you the time you need to deal with Garon. I took them down once in a Hard run, the trick is finding a way to tank them until they run out of gold to use that spendthrift skill.

If you mean Garon and his dragon skin skill, usually Corrin's personal sword helps a lot as its isn't as penalized as other weapons, but that isn't an option for you...I think you are just going to have to deal with it the hard way, just powering through him with the best units you have...


14 hours ago, Saint Rubenio said:

I've had enough. I'll try again tomorrow.

Sorry I wasn't around to share advise while you were playing through it, as it sounds like the team you ended up with made the endgame a lot harder on you than it had to be.

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