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8 hours ago, ping said:

No snark against BinBla intended. Just a little exasperation that Lords in the newer games tend to have some very special, supernatural origin - Robin as Grima's whatever (I don't remember Awakening's plot too much, I think it was 'vessel'?), Corrin as Anankos's kid, I think it's true for Byleth, too (very unfamiliar with 3H, though), and now Alear is the Divine Dragon itself. 


If anything, I've been snarky against BlaBla, since the introduction of Ninian, and dragons in general, pokes some holes in BinBla's plot, like for example why the returning characters like Marcus don't have anything to say about the damn lizards reappearing in Elibe.


Small question: How exactly does Alear transport everybody to Somneil? I feel like I must have missed some big explanation, because the way I remember the whole thing it went approximately like...

oh i misunderstand then.

anyway, comparing it to Robin, Corrin, Byleth.. Alear is way more straightforward. its not so much a secret Alear has special upbringing. and if you see the opening you can also make some wild guess. Rather than "im just like you guys, humble human with power of friendship" now its  "im not like you, but let's put that aside and be friends anyway"


i just generally dislike "later" prequel for that very reason.


ha, thats the thing: you dont miss it, there's just no explanation. whenever they are free, Alear just do this to whole party:


i would still recommend for you to go buy (or rent, or other "means") to experience it. because the first impression of someone else's first impression tend to be biased


2 hours ago, Sooks said:

So… that first village in chapter 13 is just impossible to get to, no?

Well I have to reset anyway because 3% enemy crit on first turn, but y’know.

seems thats the case. even with warp strat, its still far from even obstruct staff to reach the tile using promoted Ivy. maybe possible with 2 warp staff but iirc its not available for purchase yet (?)


3 hours ago, Capt. Fargus said:

Time to level up Madam Sophia the Squishy 

cultured man indeed. either she become way better than ray or way worse than ray. unless thats actually modded FE play


4 hours ago, Armagon said:

The Emblem maps are all maps taken from across the series though why Lyn's map is from FE6 who knows. So IntSys must've thought "hey what if you could walk around these iconic places from across the series" and then just applied that to the whole game

i get the impression they want to do this way back since Echoes, because we did talked to some of the party after battle with the map background. But its just not possible due to 3DS limitations, while 3H maybe worked by different teams + the scaling of zoomed in map are wonky. now they got this pretty artstyle + proper map scaling is the right time to introduce map roaming, albeit still restricted somehow

fun fact: that reinforcement stairs you see when battling boss in Solm Palace... its not exist when you free roam the map. lmao

Alear: hey Queen Seforia, i was sure theres stairs in the throne room before when we fight the invaders

Queen Seforia: NOPE, you're just imagining things, Divine One 😁

4 hours ago, Armagon said:


hortensia the bully. yeah thats actually a funny coincidence of dialogue

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Ch.18 is done. Had to do Dancer chaining to get anywhere. Jesus Christ. Easily the worst map in the game by far. Ch.15 at least was just boring.

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"Alright Ch.19 seems pretty straighforw-

>Mauvier used Warp Staff


Bro did what every past boss in the series has wanted to do: 1-turn the player.

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1 hour ago, joevar said:

seems thats the case. even with warp strat, its still far from even obstruct staff to reach the tile using promoted Ivy. maybe possible with 2 warp staff but iirc its not available for purchase yet (?)

I guess warping a unit with the rewarp staff (lets a unit warp themselves) is something you could do, but I doubt that would give enough range.

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On 1/23/2023 at 6:09 AM, Saint Rubenio said:

Oh of course, but when YOU do it nobody pops up to post the gif of the loli. I see how it is.

That's because I don't hide that I am a degenerate, unlike you

9 hours ago, Sidereal Wraith said:


Also, Wraith playing Engage?????????

I thought you would just ignore it

5 hours ago, twilitfalchion said:

Late and quotes are being jankass for me so @Ruben use abs girl and DILF, got it.

And thanks to those who said enjoy.

Enjoy it! Use Citrinne

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2 hours ago, BrightBow said:


Hmm, this is actually quite nice. Also hi I'm back after some weeks... SF looks quite different now 🥴, like most edges were rounded, it seems.

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Decided to just send Alear into the grinder to restart the map but keep all the EXP I earned. I would've rather not have to do that but this map feels like it was designed by the intern who only ever played Three Houses.

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Just now, Acacia Sgt said:

What a tease, we can see the inside of the yurts but can't go inside.

Yeah that was real neat.

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Okay, reached my first A support, with Ivy.

Have I already mentioned she's becoming one of my most favorite characters? Flying magic nuke, and her story and character are quite fascinating too. She's also quite pretty, not gonna lie.

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You know what would've been cool? If the passing of seasons was visibly shown while exploring.


It begins

Log in | Tumblr | Assassins creed, Assassins creed game, Assassin's creed i


The characters huge shock to Byleth's change even though it's literally just a pallet swap of eyes and hair is so funny to me.

Though I guess what they're trying to show is that those features are visibly glowing.


Ain't that on the nose.


Uh...what happens if I choose to stay?


That's actually such a cool portrait, what the fuck.


So have I

Fire Emblem Engage / Memes - TV Tropes


Is choosing against Edelgard what starts the Silver Snow route?


That's some "Somehow Palpatine returned" energy.


I like how only after it gives me the choices to side with her or not do they actually have her explain what the goal is for this war.

This game oddly encourages some reactionary thinking.


I know, I can't wait to see my students dance around and say superhero one liners after murdering hundreds in it.


I can't help but feel like you should've done that first.


Oh! How about the Soviet Republic of Adre-


'Kay now that's actually just a Power Rangers team name.


I'm so used to the Monastery that this feels like I'm breaking the ties of reality.


Wait...what is AS again?



Wait...but if you're going to pose as family members anyway, then what's the point of-


Hey! Only I'm allowed to enlist child units!


Now...where have I seen things like that before?


Ezio Multiplies Himself: Final Boss Fight with Borgia in Rome (Assassin ...


Requiescat in Pace.




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