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7 hours ago, joevar said:

thats not hot take thats just sad reality

anything could change given time! but its really understandable since i dont replay many games that i deem my favorites too. especially when you're gettnig older

No, I don't think it would change. Like, I am having the time of life playing the game, it's so much fun. But despite how chill I can be to a lot of things...

(Spoilers for Chapter... er, 25? 23? Definitely after Chapter... soething.)


... the whole "Emblems get stolen from you" is just... no.

To me, that's Engage's Blood Pact or Curse of Valla. And it's not something I can just ignore by skipping the cutscenes, because it seeps into the gameplay as well. I'd have much preferred if Sombron had just used the Dark Emblems from the start, instead of them being relegated to one-chapter cameos. And actually show up, since from what I gather, they only appear with the same generic model and don't even have voiced lines.

If Engage was a School Report Card, then it's a bunch of 10's... with a single 5. Or in US terms, A+'s across the board... with a single F.

So no, I'll continue playing the game for as long as I can, but you won't see me playing through the story again. Ever.


7 hours ago, Saint Rubenio said:

Imagine Femlear here with even more critters tangled up in her hair.

Hahaha, maybe that's why she never cuts it. Perfect way to smuggle the smaller animals.

7 hours ago, Saint Rubenio said:

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Genealogy revolutionizes gaming industry with an explorable map even bigger than GTA V's.

Switches have been reported to explode within 5 seconds of booting the game.

Forget the individual large maps. It's just the one single map of the entire of Jugdral.

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8 hours ago, Newtype06 said:

I don't think it's a problem that there are fantastic elements in the plot

Inherently no. It's the how that can become an issue.

8 hours ago, Newtype06 said:

Yes, it's true that Zeon has the body count of billions of people because they believed in spacenoid supremacy, but that doesn't mean that every spacenoid is blamed for Zeon's crimes

Do we actually get to see them though? Because that's the point.

In FE4, we do not see anything that contradicts "all Loptos are evil". FE5 gives us Salem but he just has his "are we the baddies" moment and leaves. 

As for Deirdre and Sara, Deirdre being a descendant of Lopto is not relevant to her character. She gets caught in the manipulations i don't think anyone besides Manfroy was even aware she had that.

Sara is Manfroy's grandaughter but her opposing of him has less to do with the fact that he's the leader of the cult and she wants to go against that and moreso that he killed her father. 

8 hours ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

I get Manfroy and Gwenchaos would be utterly ruthless and torture to death religious leaders opposed to their violent interpretations of their chief god.

But like it's not a "violent interpretation" though, it's just a fact. Lopto and Gerxel are both objectively evil beings who desire either to rule or destroy the world. 

You're right though, all of the "good guys" do not exist by the time of the game's story.

7 hours ago, Saint Rubenio said:

Also who is M!Alear?


6 hours ago, Shrimpy -Limited Edition- said:

Especially in the way it's usually done and working against the stories themes.

Yeah like if it's thematically appropriate, it works. Like Mobius. 

I'm not saying Mobius was handled perfectly or anything but life was a central theme in Xenoblade 3 and the game did a damn good job of showing you just how much Mobius made a mockery of life.

5 hours ago, Shrimpy -Limited Edition- said:

Oh god

We are speedruning the "you can like the game but have to admit it's bad".

Truly Fates all over again

"You have to admit this game is bad"


2 hours ago, Saint Rubenio said:

You know one thing that is genuinely baffling me?

The amount of people online who claim to not have realized the old man is recruitable. Seriously? Have we grown so accustomed to automatic joiners that a random named character in the middle of a map with a personal skill who says basically "my country is not what it was before, I am conflicted about fighting like this" at the start of the battle is NOT the most obvious recruitable imaginable?

The last time we had recruitable enemies was in.........fuck was it Awakening?

2 hours ago, Shrimpy -Limited Edition- said:

One complaint i don't get and i see often is the lack of SP

Feels like people want the skills thrown at them or something and not think about what skills to get

They just want Canto on everybody frame 1.


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2 minutes ago, Armagon said:


No no, don't you remember that five-year sabbatical he took? That was plenty of distancing himself. Or more like they all distanced from him.

2 minutes ago, Armagon said:

The last time we had recruitable enemies was in.........fuck was it Awakening?

I'm pretty sure you still had some cases in TH. But then you knew they were playable in a different route anyway.

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2 minutes ago, Acacia Sgt said:

I'm pretty sure you still had some cases in TH. But then you knew they were playable in a different route anyway.

Lysithia but yeah.

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Just now, Armagon said:

Lysithia but yeah.

I guess this also applies to Fates, since I recall Silas being a recruitable you-need-to-talk-to-them-on-map enemy in Birthright.

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1 minute ago, Shrimpy -Limited Edition- said:

Didn't you have to beat him first

Looking at the SF database... yeah, turns out he's just "end of chapter". So nevermind.

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Berwick Saga is calling me. This game released May 2005, BS was December '05, Kaga did it second.

An evil empire adds some upfront drama to this plot for sure.

I'm pretty sure Chaos's English voice actor (option to swap to Japanese is present) is Ingway, it had that same British-ish dramatic tone to it. Not sure if the emulation is to blame, but the voice acting is glitched, some lines are clear-throated, others are clearly bugged and sound smothered. The "confirm" sound effect is often glitched too.

Now to save space and throw a number of screenshots in spoilers.:



Things begin with a quick battle against said Empire, for the typical "pinch of action before jumping into tranquility soon to be interrupted", the first half of this three-part trope XC1 did rather well IMO. 

Also- Yesssss! I can see the turn order now! Better game.

Now to slip in two more battle screenshots from much later...


Punis feel a little out of place here. Something about their primitive, cute design is clashing.


To touch more on the combat here, Break Attacks knock enemies back on the meter and delay their next turn. If I get the enemy into the far left section, perhaps all the way to the very edge of it, then the enemy becomes dizzy and they take increased damage while they remain in that orange zone.

Dizzy enemies sound like a great time to bust out Skills, which now cost a shared Boost gauge that resets to 1 after every battle. No more individualized MP, I don’t mind this change.

After the Empire clash above...


Lilith is the Mother of Manas?


Well she is the apocryphal First Woman, who then became a demon of the night who attacks the babies of the babies of Adam and that second woman.


Alchemist as protagonist confirmed.


Actually, make that two. Unrelated orphans raised together, though it's pretty obvious Viese's feelings go beyond siblings by nurture.


Same surname as Lita.


The female Mana’s design is the same as the Dark Mana in AI1, but red and adjusted for the aesthetics change. Dour is a copy of Popo. Understandable that they would reuse the basic designs, and outright the map sprites. Manas as magic beings remain key to the Iris series it seems.

As for non-Mana character designs, Atelier Iris 1 in my perspective had the same general "warmth" of traditional Atelier from what box art and such I've seen. I don’t think it would take that much adjusting to keep that cast from sticking out in a Trad At. Iris 2 is decidedly different IMO.

As for world graphics, they look a little blurred compared to AI1, yet I think they're more beautiful nonetheless.


The titular Azoth of Destiny (only in English, the Japanese subtitle is "Eternal Mana 2") is a... sword. Azoth *checks Wikipedia for definition* is the alchemical universal solvent, alternatively medication, alternatively the element mercury. Not exactly a sword, although it is good for destroying things, that counts as dissolving, right?


A sword with a mouth.


Shop Synthesis from AI1 is now plain old Synthesis. Only Viese can do it. She needs Elements and material to do it, plus the help of Manas. The traits of material determined by what you use to make it now actually affect the gameplay, not merely a thing meaningless customers care about. Updating the traits sounds like it applies retroactively too. Making a 53rd Heal Herb with better healing properties will add them to the other 52 already in your inventory.


I can hold 99 of every item now! 9 was a horrendous limit upon any game in this item-heavy franchise. Items are now actually divided into distinct subcategories on the menu too, no more one giant list of everything.

Felt doesn’t get Synthesis, though he retains Mana Synthesis. What Viese has made, Felt can then make with identical traits using just Elements. Apparently he’s the “naturally talented, but hates studying” type, he doesn’t have access to a cauldron either.


Mana Items as a separate category from regular Items is no more. Everyone can use anything forged by alchemy. No more worrying about my alch' dropping dead and things becoming a panicked rush to kill the boss before they kill me.


No more walkable world map! A1’s was empty and ugly, so this is an improvement.


A random encounter gauge that gives you an idea of when the next one is coming it. QoL improvement right here. It also depletes with every fight and can be completely drained after a few battles -until you walk into another screen. That might be of some usefulness if you’re exploring a large room and trying to figure out how to get to a certain treasure chest or something, you won’t be annoyed by randoms forever.


The characters no longer happily shout at barrels. The Atelier traditionalists are shouting with anger.


I didn't capture the line directly before this that Kreuz said. However, as he stated, Atelier Iris 2 has appeared to have arranged for two separate but interconnected stories with its pair of alchemists. Felt ventures through the portal to a world he does not know of on an epic adventure, Viese stays home in Eden and sells her soul to the dark god while surrounded in a desert. When the storylines shall eventually merge, I do not know. But the save screen has room for like 8~9 playable characters, so presumably they shall unite, what else could explain the big cast? 



They've added shown story segmentation. That is a change, and hopefully indicates a much stronger narrative than AI1.

I stopped as soon as the game swapped over to Viese.


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So um.....you're not supposed to kill the guy with the Pact Ring immediately. Ok.

15 minutes ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

An evil empire adds some upfront drama to this plot for sure.

Yeah it's gone full-on JRPG. An evil empire in Atelier sounds so outlandish to me lmao.

18 minutes ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

9 was a horrendous limit upon any game in this item-heavy franchise.

Wait what the fuck? That sounds awful.

18 minutes ago, Interdimensional Observer said:


No more walkable world map! A1’s was empty and ugly, so this is an improvement.

Oh this is a familiar sight



But most modern Atelier games used the "Mario-style" world map


and then starting in Ryza, all the areas are connected and the world map is more for quick travel. Although Firis actually did it first.

23 minutes ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

The characters no longer happily shout at barrels. The Atelier traditionalists are shouting with anger.

0/10 worst game.

24 minutes ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

They've added shown story segmentation.

Yeah this is a thing even in the modern series. 

...or rather, it was. Lulua was the last game to do it.

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This is so insanely based. I've heard none of these but damn, Visions continues to be the best thing Star Wars has put out.

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What, since when is it the second of February?!? What the fuck have I been doing for a week and a half?!? Last thing I remember was Chapter 11…the rest is a blur…

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its past 12 AM, finally beat Engage.

10/10 PEAK FE. it has its "low" moment for sure, but my overall enjoyment gone through the roof. feels like im playing FE way back in elementary school again.

also wtf... somehow the char ending keep advancing before the text even finished showing for some character, even the one that participate in final battle. 🤔

im glad the game several times proves my (bad) assumption wrong, but also my goal of limiting spoiler to maximize enjoyment, 100% succeed. now i can open any spoilers here, heh

now how do i sleep from all this enjoyment and dopamine.


2 hours ago, Shrimpy -Limited Edition- said:

wouldn't go that far tbh, but some Engage beats really really resonate with me as well, more than anything else in FE.

well, thats how it is for me. maybe because it has more "complete" closure to villains, the dead parent, and even final boss to certain extent, without having to gather bit by bit, pieces by pieces from many routes. Also because i've been spoiled too much but not in chronological order of 3H story it just .. i dunno.  

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4 minutes ago, Sidereal Wraith said:

Have the hell have I put 50 hours into Engage and I still haven’t beaten the damn thing!?!

For me it's because I tend to take at least an hour per chapter/paralogue by now. Plus extra ten-twenty minutes per Somniel trip too.

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20 hours ago, FlyingKitsune said:
  Hide contents


This is actually a really cool thing in the theme song! Uhh, spoilers for the late game though.


seemingly random lyrics actually had hidden messages. i like this kind of trend in JRPG gaming


22 hours ago, FlyingKitsune said:

Speaking of the final battle,

  Hide contents

When you get Eirika to interact with dark emblem Fomortiis, Ephraim STILL doesn't say anything! Damn it all!



does he even have a VA? i dont think i heard him talk even once. which could be reason why he wont show up since no one to voice him, lol



19 hours ago, Acacia Sgt said:


  Hide contents

As it stands, without the other royals, it'd feel more like another flashback case showing us Alear being struck into their thousand year coma.



i thought that was the case too in the middle of the game


19 hours ago, Saint Rubenio said:
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well, the premonition as a whole never is.

Not that it's a big deal, but... yeah. Thought it was a bit silly is all haha.



again, IS is bamboozling fans/player in Engage. they keep doing it for so many times already in this game to me. lmao. but im not complaining



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I made a mistake. I got into an argument with an Engage hater. On Reddit, to boot! I've been trying my hardest not to fall into this trap, because there's just no point, but reading "people are only fine with Engage's story because of the nostalgia pandering" grinded my gears, I'll admit. It's like gameplay is a tiny little afterthought, on the level of graphics, so the only reason anyone could possibly like this game is because they are blinded by the past protags. Please...


So, Engage. Engage thoughts. What more can I say that hasn't been said already? Let's go with 10 paragraphs. This is really just a messy, spoilerless compound of everything I've been saying since I started. You can safely not read this lol, just talking words about game I liked.

Gameplay's the best in the series. Just, straight up. I don't think I've had this much fun on my first run of a Fire Emblem game since Berwick, if that even counts. Which is REALLY high praise, because Fire Emblem has some of the best gameplay I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying and I always have a blast playing through them for the first time... exceptions notwithstanding.

Engage is an utterly superb Fire Emblem in every gameplay sense. The maps are varied, well-crafted and difficult without becoming unfair. There isn't even the One Bad Map like in every other FE. Engage sidesteps the quintessential trap and stays good throughout, only dipping slightly in a couple places. A few particular examples that come to mind are chapter 2 brilliantly teaching you the power of Emblems in a tutorial map that is actually fun and challenging, chapter 11's frantic escape sequence, chapter 17's grand gauntlet that forces you to pull all the stops, chapter 21 which SHOULD have been awful but wasn't and the pseudo-defense Kill Boss maps like 8 and 18. But really, there's reason to enjoy every map in the game, I'd say. Even if some are just generally "fine."

The main mechanics of the game are excellent and are what elevates it above the rest, in my eyes. Break simultaneously lends an impact to the weapon triangle that it never has had before, while also not making your life miserable if you're at a WT disadvantage. I honestly kinda hope they keep it as a staple of the series going forward, it rewards control of the triangle much more than the way it was before, grants armor knights a much needed niche and it helps to train squishies.

Then there's the Emblems. Say what you will about the blatant nostalgia pandering, but purely from a gameplay perspective, these things are the best. By far the coolest thing in the game, in my opinion. IntSys somehow managed to create tools that on paper would be completely broken, but limiting them enough through cooldowns and other small things that they instead are like more versatile, flashier, funner versions of the Jeigan's silver lance. That's the perfect comparison, I'd say: You can't just go all out and use them all the time, but instead you deploy them against bigger threats or as part of a greater plan. Yet at the same time, since they are limited in frequency of use, not total amount of uses, hoarder's mindset doesn't set in. It really is a perfect mechanic. Using them all in tandem to solve a particularly tough section is the best feeling.

Reclassing is also worth mentioning, I think. It has never been this painless and enjoyable. You just do a few battles at the Somniel arena with an Emblem, get your proficiencies and boom, new class with all the weapon ranks you might ever want. E rank hell is gone, as is all weapon rank progression, and honestly? I don't miss 'em. Sure, there's the whole "units lose identity" thing, but... eh. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, and the units have plenty of identity with or without reclassing.


I was pleasantly surprised by the characters. The game's supports weave goofiness and seriousness with a level of competence that the main story rarely exhibits, and even some of the most unlikely characters have different sides to them. They are generally a surprisngly well crafted bunch. The cast is also quite diverse, be it in background, gimmicks, personality, appearance, how down-to-earth they are... There's something for everyone here, I feel. Alear is also a surprisingly good protagonist, going through development and failure, which... I mean, it shouldn't be remarkable, but in FE, it is. I could've done without the worship, but at least here it feels natural, due to them being an actual, literal deity. Quite frankly, in this aspect I really don't think Engage's any worse than the rest of the series.

...I just wish a couple more characters were playable. There were a couple NPCs I found myself wishing so badly had been allowed to join. One of them in particular is just... okay, it's not completely unjustified, not everyone has to be to be a combatant, but it kinda feels like wasted potential for her specifically not to be.

Sommie exists. That's what pushes the game to 10/10

Last, and most certainly least, the main plot. I'll admit, I'm not quite on team "Story Redeemed" like some of you. It improves somewhat near the end, and it has some genuinely good moments - mostly everything to do with the Hounds later on, as well as the whole chapter 22/23 stuff - but in execution I felt even those moments were pretty clunky and lacked proper build-up, not to mention some of them end up being undermined by the game still playing things too safe. The characters themselves and the way they interact and act, in story and supports both, are actually pretty good. But the proper events of the plot are just... whatever. I hope the distinction makes any sense.

That, and I'm afraid one of my negative early predictions did come true: I could never take the Emblems seriously. They made the gravest mistake they could have: A few times in the story, they tried to do actual, serious, unironic melodrama with the floating, glowing ghost nostalgiabandos, and every time I couldn't help but roll my eyes and start mashing the buttons to get through it faster. Same goes for any time the words "Emblem" or "engage" were uttered in serious contexts. It worsened every scene where it happened. Emblems should've stayed in gameplay, where they are a truly great thing.


So in conclusion, in the aspects where it's good, it's really, REALLY good. Absolutely fantastic. I am satisfied, beyond satisfied... but I do hope next game does improve on the story. Y'know, without arbitrarily sacrificing the gameplay for it. It's not vital for me, but it'd be nice! Contrary to popular belief, I do enjoy a good story.

And now, the team, post-final battle. Spoilerific characters are in a box of their own, so open without worry.




First off, ol' Leer. Sorry did feel a bit myrmidon-ish, but I had better luck with her strength levels than some of you seemed to. She was a decent asset throughout the first half of the game, doing some combat here and there and boosting allies with her inspiration, until she got Corrin. Then she became an insanely versatile lord with terrain manipulation the likes of which has never been seen in FE, debuffing and occasionally shutting enemies down entirely. As I've mentioned before, she's kinda like Reese in steroids if you give her Corrin.


Alfred sucks lol. I was this close to benching him... but then I decided to make him a general. Yeah, this is the real class he wants. Look at that sweet, sweet defense! He ended up becoming a better tank than Jade, not only because his defense was even more titanic, but she also lacked Jade's horrendous luck. Near the end tanking with Jade was actually really scary, she faced 10% crits and up from everything. Alfred, though? He handled himself well.


Speaking of Jade, she makes up for the aforementioned weaknesses by having tremendous power and axes for even more power. She ended up becoming a sort of tanky Etie, being used mainly to deliver massive damage to the enemy. Only problem is... her accuracy was really shaky. I should've had her inherit the hit boosting skill, probably.


I got less funny use out of Framme than I expected. She could fist a fighter if need be, but for the most part, I used her as a staffbot. She did that well, though.


Same deal for Seadall. His stats were deceptively shit, so he didn't fight much. A unique concept for a dancer, but Anakin this ain't.


Lategame filler. Without Lyn to fix her issues, she was a super inaccurate, extremely slow, brittle-as-paper liability. Bleh. Maybe next time I'll find the build for her.


I wasn't sure I'd use Boosh, until he took up the way of the tome. The fact that this dork was among my fastest units the entire game is so fucking funny. He doubled things for big damage of whichever type suited the situation most, and while he never quite became a one-rounding machine, he was a solid all-rounder that did some deeds. Not bad, for someone reclassed wildly out of his natural position!


Unremarkable without the radiant bow. Insane with it. He was the bane of generals and fliers for as long as he existed.


I think the most striking thing about Zelkov is that he was slow. Yeah! He was friggin' slow! He even started getting doubled at one point! I don't know how he did it. Not my best unit, but he was fun enough. And honestly, I love him too much to use Cringenaka over him. He's *great*


Spearheading the Old Guy Division, Vandad was... honestly kinda bad. He had a really hard time keeping up, and his stats by the end were pretty low. I later discovered base classes have lower growths than promoted classes, so demoting him to fighter really was a terrible idea. Still, he wasn't unusable. He could do some things with his killer lance, and Halberdier's personal skill is excellent. I got too little use out of it...


Momphir proved to be a great flier. Tanky, fast enough to double a surprising amount of things, strong enough to one-round them... In other words, every bit the badass her magnificent, best-female-design-in-the-series outwardly appearance would suggest. I am so, so happy she exists. I don't even mind her availability, I'm just so happy she's here.


The funniest old fart in the series. You see him, standing there with the slightly mortified expression and the hands clasped in a peaceable manner, and you think "okay staffbot." Then he murderizes something with a crit and asks if you feel foolish yet.

What an absolute blast this dude was to use. Consistent 50~% critrates on everything, even before I remembered skill inheritance is a thing and gave him Wrath. Then he hit 100% crit and it was all over. 10/10 would beat the everloving daylights out of God again.


Look at those offensive stats.

Just... look at them.

Power to match dem abs.

Who cares if she got two-shot for most of the game? Look at that shit! She one-rounded everything. Everything. Everything! She one-rounded bosses! Any time I needed something dead, she was my girl. Even if the thing was very far away. Excellent accuracy, too. Nobody could ever escape the crunch. She was a wee bit slow before Lyn, but then she got Speedtaker. Honestly, I feel she might be one of the best Lyn users in the game. It fixes her main flaw and turns her into a monstrous powerhouse. And in this game, that is SUPER valuable.

What a woman. Those puny little Brodians and their wee country of "might" ain't got shit on Ribbon Girl.




If Veyle is a support-bot and big magical nuke for the endgame, Mauvier is the game's proper Gotoh. He arrives with high stats in every aspect, particularly defenses, and he's good to go for what remains of the game. I made him a hound knight for obvious reasons. He's the guy I threw at problems when I wanted not to worry too much for my survival. I don't believe he ever even came close to dying. In fact, I don't think I even know what his death quote is lol



So anyway, tl;dr: Engage good, praise Sommie and Etie's abs.

5 hours ago, Shrimpy -Limited Edition- said:


I have seen people complain that the amount of characters we get is too much

Like, seriously.

Funny thing is, it's not that far apart from the total number of characters in Three Houses. In fact, it has a grand total of three more characters. The difference is, they aren't scattered throughout multiple routes and it's not massively inconvenient to get all of them in your team.

5 hours ago, Lightcosmo said:

And besides, it IS the players responsibility to check the enemies status. They could have powerful weapons/skills/stats, anything really. 

They could have been a lot less lenient with the old man. Alear recruiting him doesn't make that much sense, but they added the option nevertheless. And still people managed to miss it lol

4 hours ago, Shrimpy -Limited Edition- said:

One complaint i don't get and i see often is the lack of SP

Feels like people want the skills thrown at them or something and not think about what skills to get.

Yeah, I tried to give Speedtaker to the old man as well as Wrath. I couldn't do it. Guess what, though - that's a good thing. Forces people to make decisions and think their builds through. If SP was so easy to get, everyone would just throw Speedtaker at everyone and break the game... Not that you can't do that, but at least it takes a while and you can't also throw Wrath in there for good measure. Not to mention, the severely limited inherited skill slots. Sure, you can throw Speedtaker at everyone... but then you only have room for one more thing. Choose wisely!

4 hours ago, Lightcosmo said:

Wait, is this supposed to be a negative remark?

I don't mind how recruitment is done usually, but Athos style join times kinda annoy me. 

Well, sometimes it is just more appropriate for characters to join later on, be it due to the plot or to ensure you'll have a sure-fire option to confront the later maps. I'll admit though, while I don't mind Gotohs... I also don't really miss them when they aren't there. They can be fun to watch, as they tend to be obscenely powerful, but that's about it.

3 hours ago, joevar said:

even its Crit cut-ins now looks horrible that i've seen that IS can make a crit cut-in an actual close up of the 3D model in action than just portrait of the same pose all over again for everyone. 

To be honest, I never was so amazed by crit cut-ins. They just sort of halt the action entirely for a couple seconds. They also only really look good in Awakening and Fates. In Three Houses they are ugly like the rest of the game, and in Echoes they are... weirdly slow? Even slower than before, which is not a good thing. It makes them lose their impact.

All in all, I much preferred Engage's way to go about it. The pseudo cut-ins flow with the animations, as opposed to interrupting them. Makes things feel a lot smoother.

3 hours ago, joevar said:

also @Saint Rubenio now im close to the end, feels like there a couple boss battle dialogue that i miss because i dont use vandad 🤔

vander really rise above usual jagen he becomes half merlinus already.

Vandad's great. Have you seen his beard? That's the best beard in the last 10 years of Fire Emblem!

3 hours ago, Acacia Sgt said:

Forget the individual large maps. It's just the one single map of the entire of Jugdral.

1 FPM.

That's Frame Per Millenium.

2 hours ago, Armagon said:

Btw @Saint Rubenio did you check out the bad ending?

I was so excited about my plan for the final boss that I completely forgot lol

I'll look it up later.

1 hour ago, Interdimensional Observer said:


Berwick Saga is calling me. This game released May 2005, BS was December '05, Kaga did it second.

Now we wait for that girl to get kidnapped and we'll know if this game was secretly made by Kaga too.

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1 hour ago, joevar said:

does he even have a VA? i dont think i heard him talk even once. which could be reason why he wont show up since no one to voice him, lol

It's Greg Chun, who also voices Ike...

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1 hour ago, Saint Rubenio said:

got into an argument with an Engage hater. On Reddit, to boot! I've been trying my hardest not to fall into this trap, because there's just no point, but reading "people are only fine with Engage's story because of the nostalgia pandering" grinded my gears, I'll admit. It's like gameplay is a tiny little afterthought, on the level of graphics, so the only reason anyone could possibly like this game is because they are blinded by the past protag

Welcome to the club

The next few years in the fanbase are gonna be fuuuuuuun

Then again, not first time, it's Fates all over again

People outright told me not to get into FE back then cuz Fates lmao.


And your Engage thoughts are nice 😄

Edited by Shrimpy -Limited Edition-
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21 hours ago, Saint Rubenio said:

@Spara You'll probably enjoy it the most.

Oh, my god.

I started a Maddening run last night. Just finished Chapter 5, so far it's pretty fun. Clanne is an autobench though, deals like no damage to anyone that isn't an armor knight. 

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