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What if Sacred Stones had Four Lords?

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5 hours ago, RomanFlour said:

Instead of having two additional separate routes, what if the additional Lords had a small side story with a couple of different maps, a la Hector mode? For example, L'Arachel's sidestory will have a couple of original maps wherein she does some things alongside Dozla and Rennac (and recruits a few chars that Eirika normally does on her own route), but merges with the main plot after meeting Eirika for the first time and the game goes as normal with a couple of additional maps. 

Well that is basically what I was suggesting, only L'archel and Innes join way later in the game than Hector does in Eliwood mode. They're all of one parallel chapters between Hector and Eliwood while here it'd need to be more like ten, unless you want a really short campaign in an already short game.

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It's an intriguing concept, for sure, but I'd prefer the core of the story to remain around Eirika, Ephraim, and Lyon. L'Arachel and Innes are invested in the war, of course, but they don't share the same personal stakes in what happens to its instigator. 

That said, I would be game for L'Arachel and Innes each getting their own "Paralogue" style chapter. Say, L'Arachel is trying to get a boat from the Melkaen coast, but she's swarmed by monsters, whom Dozla and Rennac (and maybe a new unit - say, a female Armor Knight of Rausten) must fend off, as they head for the ship. Innes, meanwhile, is fighting off Pablo's Mercenaries, alongside Gerik, Tethys, and that one Pegasus Knight whom he sends to alert Eirika. Stuff like this could be cool additions to a potential remake - but I don't see going as far aa adding fully new routes as practical or necessary. 

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