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Codebreaker item codes for fe8 fan hack souls of the forest

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Here are some item codes i gathered for souls of the forest

If you dont know how to use them use borkborks gamefacts page at


0A meistermesser


05 magebane


06 longsword


07 wyvernfang


08 gold sword


09 peircing bow


0E ladyblade


0F heroic blade


10 knife


8B meisterswerts


8E unfinished lance


90 conversion


92 hawkeye bow


93 reaper axe


94 hawkeye bow (rakel-beryl)


95 lunatic gem (sorry scraiza)


96 far spear


A1 normal gem


7A con seal


7B def seal


7D skill seal


7E res seal


80 mov seal


7C luck seal


AE meister axe


AF meister lance


B0 expunge


B1 banish


B3 liquidate


B3 doulam


B4 doulam


B6 alacalibur (unfinished)


8f naglfar


B7 skillful seal ( boosts all stats)


78 hp seal


81 mage slayer


82 naginata


83 lochaber


84 war hammer


86 hard gem


7c hopland guard (+5luck)


89 dummy move seal


77 atk seal


44 unfinished purge


97 unfinished pow seal


98 old manual ( promote beryl)


99 unfinished remedy


A2 vulnerary (60)


A3 unfinished vulnerary


A4 unfinished vulnerary


A6 nightmare


AA cleanser


AB curruption


AC niphilheim


18 gold lance


22 gold axe


2B phantom axe


2C ghostly axe


30 gold bow


3C fimburvetr


3D unfinished bolting


3E windslash


42 purge


48 nocturne


4A geipnir


4D remedy


50 meistershwarts staff (nice one chief)


5A heroic axe


63 crystal (+all stats)


64 dummy


65 dummy


66 dummy


67 dummy


68 gold key (?)


18 gold lance

I didn't find any codes for vanagander as i must have missed it and i dont really feel like going through them all again all other codes are unchanged i may post another on portraits and classes if i find the time 

Special thanks to scraiza (chief) and borkbork for content

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