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Relatively new to the forums, but let's talk about the FE series

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Hello there, i'm relatively new here, a month maybe, but doesn't matter, lets talk about the series, I want to know what is your favorite FE game and why, I don't want this to be the generic discussion, I want solid reasos for the choice, let's make this interesting, so, I will start(Obviously no spoilers):

My favorite FE is Shadows of Valentia, I've never played the original, but man, this game is amazing, I felt more amazed than my first FE game (Sacred Stones, when i saw that wonderful sprites..... i fell in love), and it is for a couple of reasons:

- First the storytelling, simply amazing, the way that the story is told is magnificent, i guess even a bad story can become fair enough to hear when told like the Shadows of Valentia did.

- 3rd Tier classes, man i love when they do that, i like it so much, because i think it adds a lot of depth to character progression, and i like to see your characters getting real beefy (specially with the overclass hahaha), that's why i like radiand dawn so much too, because of the 3rd tier class system, sadly not a lot of games in the franchise have it.

- The combat animations, oh boy, i felt in love when i saw so much fluidity when exchanging blows with the enemies. I was amazed when i first saw the GBA sprites, and when awakening released it gave my a new whole perspective for the future of the series.

- The weapon system, simply unique, it's good to have a break from our usual system, sadly, no playable axes, but no other words.

- The dungeon system, very interesting, in my opinion, it added a lot of depth in the gameplay, it gaves me the feels of a usual JRPG sometimes.

- Last, because it's not the intention to make this long enough to be boring, is the story, imo the world setup is fantastic, even the link with other games is simply amazing, the story got my attention from begnning to the end, the character and villains relations are very good, very good heroes and villains rooster imo.

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Welcome to the forum!

SoV is my favourite as well. It wasn't my first game, but the music, the voice acting, and the art were so beautiful its become the game I look back on the most. 

I also really enjoyed the characters and the writing as a whole, and Fernand is honestly one of my favourite villains in the series.

I'm mixed on gameplay, I enjoyed some maps (the final battle of Act 3 and 4 on Alm's route, the one on the Rigel Plains where you get Zeke, and Grieth's Citadel) and hated others (Desert Stronghold, Celica's first fight of Act 4) but overall the dungeons, class system and village exploration won me over in the gameplay department.

But yeah, overall SoV is like my breath of fresh air when I get tired of playing other FE games. I think I've beaten it 4 times at this point.

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Welcome to the Forest, Arhuhamel!

Well, FE7 is my favorite because of... everything. I guess?

-The story, although a classic, it engaged me to follow the quest of our heroes. Something that helped a lot was the characters of course. No kidding, I love FE7's cast. They're colorful and silly. Seeing them grow battle after battle fascinated me.

-The gameplay. Again, that's a classic there's nothing really fancy in FE7. The weapon and magic triangle, inventory management, staves and items, promotions, sick sprite's animation. Discovering all of this got me hooked.

-The music. Compared to what we got today especially past the GBA era, this game soundtrack feels weak. And yet I still have to forget theme like the Black Fang's, "Rise to the Challenge" or "Strike".

So yeah, overall. It's my favorite game in the franchise because of all the games, it had the biggest impact on me.

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!

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