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For each series, add one anything

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Pretty self-explanatory. If I write "for each series, add one fighter", someone has to do that and then follow up with "for each series, add one ____".

I grouped Ice Climbers, Mr. Game and Watch, R.O.B., Wii Fit, and Duck Hunt under "Misc. Nintendo", so you're allowed to add something from those series or any other series. You can also do "Misc. 3rd party" for 3rd party series with no current representation in any form. So, here we go:

For each series, add a Spirit.

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Okay, here's how it's supposed to work:

Mario: Super Bell Hill

Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness

Zelda: Tal Tal Heights

Metroid: Skytown

Yoshi's Island: Baby Bowser's Final Battle

Kirby: Resolution Road

Star Fox: Zoness (Star Fox Zero)

Pokémon: Aether Paradise

Earthbound: Saturn Valley

F-ZERO: Phantom Road

Ice Climber: Condor's Peak

Fire Emblem: Temple of Mila

Game & Watch: Octopus

Kid Icarus: Underworld (NES)

Wario: Golden Pyramid

Metal Gear Solid: VR Mission

Sonic: Studiopolis Zone

Pikmin: Hocotate Freight

Animal Crossing: Main Street

Mega Man: Central Highway

Punch-Out!!: Bicycle Jogging

Xenoblade: New Los Angeles

Street Fighter: Vega's Stage


Bayonetta: Noatun

For each series, add an Assist Trophy.

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Mario: Goomba

Donkey Kong: Dixie Kong

Zelda: Impa

Metroid: Omega Metriod

Kirby: Bandana dee

Star Fox: Slippy

Pokémon: Alakazam

Earthbound: Duster

Fire Emblem: Hector

Kid Icarus: Medusa

Wario: Mona

Metal Gear Solid: Pyscho Mantis

Sonic: Tails

Mega Man: Proto-Man

Street Fighter: Vega


I don't know a lot about the series I didn't include.

For each series, add a spirit

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Super Mario: Fire Bar

Donkey Kong: Ghastly King

The Legend of Zelda: Master Kohga

Metroid: Crocomire

Yoshi: Cloud N' Candy

Kirby: Hypernova Kirby

Star Fox: General Scales

Pokémon: Blue

Earthbound: Giegue

F-ZERO:: Deathborn

Fire Emblem: Alfonse

Kid Icarus: Shemum

Wario: Rudy the Clown

Metal Gear Solid: Psycho Mantis

Sonic: Hard-Boiled Heavies 

Pikmin: Titan Dweevil

R.O.B.: Professor Hector

Animal Crossing: Marshall

Mega Man: Harpuia

Punch-Out: Aran Ryan 

PAC-MAN: Toc-Man

Xenoblade: Malos

Street Fighter: Dudley

Final Fantasy: Chocobo

Bayonetta: Jubileus, the Creator

Splatoon: Chums

Castlevania: John Morris

Persona: Yu Narukami

Dragon Quest: Dragonlord-> Dragonlord (Dragon)

Banjo-Kazooie: Klungo

Fatal Fury/SNK: Rock Howard

ARMS: Lola Pop

Misc. Nintendo: Mike Jones

Misc. 3rd party: Heihachi

For each series, rework a Classic Mode (only one character per series).

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