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Steam Summer Sale Recommendations

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I was curious what everyone thinks are good games to get on the Steam Summer Sales, share your recommendations and here's some from me in no particular order:


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series

Cold Steel 1


Cold Steel 2


Cold Steel 3


Trails of Cold Steel is a JRPG series that is set in a Fantasy Empire focusing on a group of students at a military academy who are taken through a variety of different tasks and field studies that take them to various parts of the Empire where they fight monsters, help townspeople and also stop consparicies that are threatening the stability of their nation. It features a diverse cast of great characters whom you can bond with and through those bonds learn new abilites and powers to help them conquer their quest. I played through the 3 Cold Steel games recently and I've enjoyed them all and can recommend them to any JRPG fan and especially to fans of games like Fire Emblem and Persona.

I'd also recommend checking out the Trails in The Sky trilogy as they're part of the same series, it's recommended to play them first chronologically or at least try them out sometime before playing at least Cold Steel 3 or 4 as they're the finales of the saga.





Doom Eternal:


The king of the First Person Shooter genre is back with a polished combat system and fast paced action that requires skilled manuevering and quick thinking, with a rebalanced combat system that is consistently challenging especially on the highest difficulty settings. This newest entry in the DOOM series came out a few months ago and it is currently my game of the year. And it's 50% off right now which is a very great deal for a recently released title. And if you enjoy it I recommend also getting other games from the DOOM franchise if you haven't already as they're all also on sale right now, and they're very fun shooters, here's the link to the franchise if you're interested in them.



Divinity: Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition:


An engaging Role Playing Game set in a medieval fantasy setting that is heavy on magic and has story themes of power and the price to attain it. DOS 2 is a highly interactive game with pen and paper levels of freedom where the player can interact with virtually every object, move their other characters while one of them is in a conversation, and the entire game is playable in cooperative multiplayer with a group of friends if you so desire, but they're also fun to play solo if you're not interested in that and I will still highly recommend it.


Resident Evil 2: Remake:


This is a good remake of a classic survival horror game and it was one of my favorite games of 2019, I recommend it if you haven't played it already.


Yakuza Series:


Yakuza is an entertaining fighting game with an open world setting full of detailed stories both main and side ones, with a great set of minigames some of which so good they could be their own game. Yakuza has a well written dramatic story full of twists and turns as well as some emotional moments with some really deep lore and characters. I highly recommend playing them in chronological order with Zero and then Kiwami 1 and 2 as the story while fairly self contained has a lot of connections to previous events and context can really make a lot of the character moments much more memorable.


Hitman Series:



Hitman is a Stealth Action game that's more like a Sandbox Assassination Simulator with lots of different opportunities to kill your targets by exploration and creating setups, a unique stealth game with a deep disguise system that adds interesting progression to the levels, with the latest games having an enforcer system where you have to avoid certain NPCs who can see through your disguise. The Hitman series is full of very fun games and Hitman 2 is the latest game and the peak of the franchise with the most amount of polish and content. I recommend Hitman to any stealth fan.


Thief Series:


Thief is a video game series of Immersive Sims that are primarily focused on Stealth, and it's a series that I'm currently playing through, they're very old with dated visuals and animations even for their time, but the mechanics and level design on the other hand are timeless. Set in a Steampunk setting, you play as Garrett, master thief robbing rich nobles in his city in order to pay his rent or gain favors from other thieves and fences. Thief Gold (Also known as Thief the Dark Project) has some sinister survival horror tones in it as well, Thief 2 The Metal Age still has them to an extent but it focuses more on the steampunky aspects with some very creative levels and Thief 3 Deadly Shadows has a hub style world where you can associate yourselves with one of the two major factions of the setting. Thief 2014 is a weaker title so you can skip that one and get the 3 original games in the package.


And that's the games I can think of off the top of my head, there are many more great games out there but I wanted to feature different types of games instead of saturating it with mostly RPGs or mostly Shooters. Let me know in the replies what are your personal Steam Summer Sale recommendations. Also I've been absent from Serenes Forest for years, when I was active I was posting about the latest Fire Emblem games or reviews of games I recently played, so I'd like to say it's good to be back, Three Houses is my new favorite in the series and Dimitri is best boi, I don't know if I'm gonna be very active on the forums but these days with the current global crisis going on I'm mostly staying home and playing games and I thought I might recommend some of these games to you as well.

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@Falcom Knight Great games, but since I haven't played them that much I can't speak much of them, but I'll edit the post to feature a point about the Sky trilogy since they're part of an overarching narrative.

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Vestaria Saga and Bloodstained are on sale too, i definitely recommend them

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Persona 4 Golden is on Steam too, for those of you lacking a Vita. See my review of the game in my signature, or here. (Some spoliers)

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Bastion/Transistor/Pyre/Hades - All developed by acclaimed indie developer Supergiant Games. I recommend playing them in the order of release, but they're all pretty different from one another so choosing the one that interests you the most is fine as well.

The TakeOver - A fantastic homage to arcade beat 'em up classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. If you like couch co-op games, this one is a must have in my book.

Killer Instinct - A fantastic fighting game with one of the most unique roster of characters in any fighting game, easy to understand fighting mechanics, and absolute banger of a soundtrack. At only $9.99 there's no reason not to pick it up.

Soulcalibur VI - The latest in the long running Soulcalibur series that lives up to the excellence of it's predecessors. If you've never dived into this series before, this game is one of the best places to start.

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Seeing as we're all FE fans

Wasteland 2 is a pretty good tactical game, made by the people who made the original Fallout games. It's a cool post apocalypse game set up in America full of live action cutscenes

Warhammer 40K Mechanicus. You don't need to know anything about the source material to get the story. It's a Scifi tactics game where you are on a secret mission on a hostile alien planet to steal their knowledge.

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I hear Final Fantasy Type-0 is on sale, too.  If y'all want a really dark story, have at it!

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I have 35 € left on my Steam account.

Are there any recommendable JRPGs which have low system requirements?

(Trails in the Sky as reference for the system requirements)


Edit: How is Vestaria Saga?

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7,62MM High Caliber: Real time with pause strategy game where you're a merc in a banana republic, It's arguably pretty much Real time Jagged Alliance. 

Its pretty fun with some surprisingly intelligent realism/AI touches. (Grenades have a big blast radius and send sharpnel everywhere, bullets can ricochet off walls and the AI can be intelligent to point of kinda being annoying at times.), the only real issue is that you either need to track down the unoffical patch (Though there is at least 1 working link on the steam forum for the game last time I checked) or download the Blue Sun mod (Which is actually included in the steam version in the Steam Beta tab though you need to run the base-game at least once beforehand or it won't work.)

It's pretty much gun-porn the game, with a large variety of weapons and gear to use, you can slap all sorts of attachments on your guns and stuff like if the stock on your gun is folded or not matters.

The Blue Sun mod does add some arguably kinda offensive stuff(Trying to be funny but not really working some of which assumes you picked a Male PC and not a female one.) and has some kinda bad balancing decisions though I still think it's worth a playthrough since the game has over 300 different guns with the mod installed, which is insane and I love it, it is arguably mostly better than the base game, it's just some of the changes aren't good though thankfully a new INI document in the game files lets you revert some of them. (such as muting the playable characters voice lines /some of the balance changes.)

You do need one of the patches as while the original unpatched game can be finished at least, certain things are broken since the game was already a low-budget Russian game and the attempts at translating the game actually broke the code in a few places. (Grenade Launchers don't work at all for instance because the grenade launcher ammo is actually still in russian internally мм while the code for the actual grenade launcher's ammo type uses mm.)

Though with the unofficial patch/Blue Sun it does work mostly. (aside from a memory leak crash every 1-2 hours, granted it thankfully usually doesn't corrupt your saves so as long as you save in multiple slots 90 percent of the time you can just boot the game up, load your latest save and be back where you were in seconds.)

So yeah it's a pretty cool unique strategy game that sadly suffers from being janky a bit.


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I bought Vestaria Saga and Wildermyth, the latter of which was recommended to me as a fan of FE. 


Vestaria Saga looks cool, but it's been literally been 5 minutes and I've closed the game 3 times due to the Esc button closing the program instead of bringing up/closing the options menu like in every other PC game ever.

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