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For those who still play FE Fates online

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Hey everyone!

As I sometimes play Fire Emblem Fates for visit other castles and essentially do online stuffs on the game, I wanted to go online for see if there was anyone who's still playing. And- that doesn't surprised me- there was nobody online. 

I don't know if there's also the same visit restrictions for online, but in my case I find nobody online. (I have FE Birthright PAL version, maybe less peoples play in the regions we can play with.).

So the idea to create a Discord server came in my mind. This server would be used for resquest online matches, and some other stuffs, I don't know if there will be persons who will come, but I'm still trying. 

Also, I would share the link to the server if only I know if peoples would come on it, so feel free to reply in that case 🙂

Here is the link: https://discord.gg/sBducT

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Refreshed link

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37 minutes ago, deskita said:

I'm pretty sure it's region-locked for online battles as well. I'd be interested in joining the discord.

No problem ^^ I just linked it to my first post

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1 hour ago, Narwhy said:

I'd sure be interested in joining, pick up FE:F again. 


PS the link is invalid, in case you didn't know

Thanks for let me notice that the link is invalide! I'm sorry for that! Here is the valid link: https://discord.gg/9jv6Ht

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