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Battle of Revolution translation?

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Fire Emblem WOD is the only place I managed to find an actual translation, and it is in Spanish. Despite how warped Google Translate can be, there are some interesting tidbits:

- It takes place near the end of the Edo period.

- The land of Valentia is suffering from famine and destruction in several places, and its isolation has attracted foreign countries to its shores.

- It seems that Celica is the leader of Zofia, and visits Valbar to request his aid.

- There are people who support the Shogunate (the ruling military power) and those that want them gone. People all across the country feel strongly about the issue and aren't afraid to use violence to prove it.

- Valbar and Celica gather allies, and when Valbar learns of the conspiracies behind the Shogunate, "his heart will hesitate. In the end, who really knows what they will believe?"

- The destination of the final battle is called "The White Feather".

-The game supposedly has a deep history, sub-episodes that show a characters past, and additional sub missions.

- There is a Hanafuda Card System (essentially card Amiibo. Remember those?) that may or may not affect permadeath, and the game has amazing battle animations.

- Unless it's a joke by the website, Chapter 1 is called "Blooming Flowers" and Chapter 2 is "Between Water and Fish". There also exists a magic system, supports, classes, and DLC.


Character Descriptions:

Valbar AKA Violent Steed: Although he is a native peasant, he is naturally kind and has a sincere personality, which led to him becoming the guard of "White Wind" (Zofia). His laughter always reaches the next village, and he is concerned about his "recent thirties-old belly".

Leon AKA Love Man: A ninja who fled from Iga. He longs to ride for Valbar (who is also known as the Violent Steed... make of that what you will), even enlisting for him. Leon changes his red eyeliner daily, is dandy and skilled with their hands, which draws the attention of young women. May or may not be occasionally mistaken for a female himself.

Kamui AKA Warrior Bear: A samurai without a teacher. He once brandished his sword against Valbar, which lead to him joining the "White Wind". Kamui hates being dominated, and despite his careless lifestyle is an expert with the blade. He is struck by a girl from a store, though he does not speak to her.

Marth AKA Prince Blue RunnerA young runner from Archanea, a domain next to Valentia. In a strange twist of fate, he ends up becoming the sovereign of Archenea with his heroic runs and races. A free DLC character.


These seem to be the (well, a) translations of the screenshots:


Again, it's google translate, so there is some weird phrasing, but it sounds like a pretty solid idea for a Fire Emblem game if I am being honest.

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