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Erk The Mage

Fire Emblem: Cornwell's Ascension (FE7 hack)

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Hello all! I just finished my first large-scale hack of FE7.

A hack of Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade that follows House Cornwell and its scions. It involves a slight twist in the plot of Lycia, wherein Cornwell was standing up against Ostia's rampant corruption and was destroyed because of it. Follow Raven and Priscilla on their quest for justice and their opposition to emerging forces of darkness that threaten Elibe. For fans of the original game who want to revisit the nostalgia of The Blazing Blade with new and updated chapters plus expanded recruitment options.

I've made a webpage with more information and the download itself, please check it out!


Please post if you find any glaring issues as you play it, and enjoy!

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Looks pretty interesting! I'll try it out and when I get some experience with it I'll give my thoughts.

Chapter 11. Well, it really didn't make a good first impression. Raven is joined by Leila for some reason, but the enemies are completely unchanged. This means that Raven has WTD against almost every enemy on the map, and Leila is dead weight. He also has an awful starting inventory, consisting of an armorslayer you don't want to use on generics and an innacurate iron blade which stops him from doubling soldiers. I really don't want to be too harsh, but did you even playtest this? I'm on Hector Normal so I don't even want to imagine how it is on hard. You should really either change the enemies or give Raven some sort of weapon reversal tool, because it's just not fun to get through.

I've tried this chapter three times and I'm not even sure this is possible without heavy rigging. You should probably take this project down until it's ready to play properly.

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It seems the difficulty has been a recurring theme. I went in and changed the first two chapters a bit to make them a little easier. I did playtest this quite a bit; 2x through from start to finish and each map at least 3-4 times. My goal was to have it be a little harder than Hector normal mode... but the people have spoken, and hopefully it's better now; definitely want it to be playable! (also updated a spelling error and death quotes)
Thank you so much for the feedback!

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