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[FE14] Anyone interested in a Conquest Hard/Classic draft?

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Dwyer + Felicia/Jakob(Chapter 15)

@PeppyYour go again. Btw I would've went for Gunter if you hadn't picked him 😄

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also, for clarification, does "Free up until Chapter 6" include or exclude Chapter 6 itself?

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All right, just finished chapter 6, and this is as good a time as any to update everyone on my progress so far

(P-2; 1-5; 2-3; 3-4; 4-5; 5-5; 6-2)

Total - 26 turn, chapters P-6 completed


Little more detail in the spoiler tag below...


Lets start with my Corrin


I went with female, that way I can get both Gentileholmme and Demoiselle early. Personally I prefer the speed boon especially later in the game against threats like Hana (although that might not be as vital on this low of difficulty), but it is costing me a turn almost immediately. We will see if this pay dividends later in the game. As for Sky Knight, I entirely missed the never mounted Corrin restriction when first choosing it, but she can still pass Sky Knight and its nice skill on, so no big loss.

Now for the actual chapters

Prologue - 2 Turns:


Nothing else worth mentioning

Chapter 1 - 5 Turns

Not taking an HP boon costs me a turn here, but hopefully the speed boon will help later in the game, and it makes the turn 5 clear of chapter 4 much more reliable.




Chapter 2 - 3 Turns

Due to images messing up (and digging for better levelups, as levels aren't fixed on this difficulty), I end up doing this one a few times, but in a way I am glad I did so, as the AI doesn't seem to be perfectly deterministic, and figuring out how to accomplish the same turn counts with slightly different enemy formations was interesting. The overall strategy was the same, start on the left to take out Rinkah's group, then let Jakob finish off what is left of Rinkahs forces, while Lachesis and Gunter wipe out Kaze and the last of his squad on enemy phase.


Hitting 10 Str, and 11 Spd on my "Corrin" is rather important for the LTC I am following along with on the early section of this game. I will have to move on from it once I start getting restricted by the Draft (and it being a Lunatic LTC means there may be improvements on it in this difficulty mode) but this is my first time even thinking about turn counts on Conquest, so having something to give me some tips helps out.


Chapter 3 - 4 turns

This is the first time I really needed to dig for some luck, as beating the boss is rather difficult. Now I ended up getting the 3% crit from Gunter for the 4 turn clear, but playing on unmodified hardware I didn't want to spend too long digging for good luck, so I was willing to take the 5 turn clear offered by Gunter hitting, followed by Jakob hitting w/ Gunter attack stance for the kill as well (note if Jakob didn't get the strength levelup I could have Lachesis pair with Jakob, and transfer her over to Gunter for the extra point of damage on the Gunter attack stance instead). Now I ended up lucking into the crit before all the hits needed for the alternative kill.




Chapter 4 - 5 turns

This one took a bit of luck, as Lachesis needs to crit the boss to prevent the Strength seal, that way she can enemy phase all the faceless in the center of the map with a Kaze pairup. This took a little while, but with that crit I secure a 5 turn clear. This is basically just the strat Chiki uses in a Lunatic Conquest LTC.





Chapter 5 - 5 Turns

Sorry I missed the end screen, but this was a one and done, and I don't want to retry it (as it really requires the Sorcerer to miss its first hit with a 75%). As far as I can tell the LTC strat for this chapter is fairly well established, its just much easier to pull off on hard.




I didn't worry too much about Kaze and Rinkah racking up the xp this map. Not sure why I bothered recording the level ups, but I did.


I was honestly surprised by how much xp the boss gave draco-Lachesis...


Ended up feeding the last kill to Azura.

Chapter 6 - 2 Turns


Now for Conquest to start...sorta. I use the Dragon Vein turn 1 with Elise, and setup Jakob and Leo to take fight Yukimura and Takumi enemy phase respectively, and I move Xander and Camilla closer in. This lets Jakob finish Yukimura (w/ Leo attack stance) and Lachesis finish Takumi, then Camilla pairs with Leo to give him the exact damage he needs to kill Sakura, and Xander moves in to finish off Hinoka for a turn 2 clear.




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13 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

All right, just finished chapter 6, and this is as good a time as any to update everyone on my progress so far

Interesting notes, mate. Like you, I have never played Conquest for the turn count. I try to beat my own records and find new, better strategies, but I still prioritise meeting some thresholds on some chapters, specially at the beginning (like letting Cornflakes kill Taco, Glasses and Ryoma in Ch 6, so that she ends at L10; or letting Kaze kill everyone in Ch 5 to end at L7-8.)

Fun fact sponsored by "Dark" TV series: Your picks were the exact same picks that I would have made. Ha! I would have probably drafted Odin and Ophelia before Elise, but that is it. Close to the final selections, I thought that a sturdy unit would benefit your party, and you went on and picked Benny! That was scary.
The bright side is that I said that I would replicate the party that suited me better, and yours is the obvious choice. See? Had I participated in the draft, our choices would have clashed. Only by not participating did I get the party that I wanted. Everything is connected.

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