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I'm trying to create an item that grants a temporary +6 to Str/Mag/Spd at the cost of 13 damage and 13 max HP. How much assembly knowledge is required, if any? Has anyone done something like this before? Below are a breakdowns my goals for the item.

Main goals:



- Reduce the user's HP on use, (Easily doable in the [Stat Boosts] Editor, hopefully there's no conflicts with other functions)

- Hurts user upon consumption, like the opposite of a vulnerary.

- Control over potency, duration, and dissipation of the buff.



Secondary Goals:



- Compatibility with drop down menu in the [Item "Use" Effect] Editor in FE Builder

- Compatible with FE8 Str/Mag Split. (The buff should boost both Str/Mag equally for GUI/Conveyance purposes, but if that proves problematic for some reason boosting ATK will suffice.)

- Something to prevent overflow if a character's max HP is reduced to less than 0.

       - Perhaps the damage happens first so the character dies?

       - Or the game checks the user's HP like how Juna Fruit or Promo Items check for level? 



Alternatives Goals:



- If there's too much temporarily decreasing defense, resistance, dodge, and avoid instead of hurting the user/costing HP would suffice.

- The user is granted the "Life and Death Skill" for X amount of turns.



Many Thanks!

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I technically never asked a question, just stated my problem

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