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AS penalty tool (google sheet)

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Made this sheet that lists what weapons can be used without losing attack speed for a given Str value. Not that it's hard to figure out on the go while playing (if wt <= Str/5, then yes) but it's hard to remember all the weapon weights lol. Not sure if others will find something like this useful or not, I use these str values as 'checkpoints' for when I can transition to a heavier weapon without losing AS. Important for maximizing avoid as well. Included are options to add equipment weight or the Weight -X abilities in the calculation. Can be useful for planning purposes to have this information laid out.

I copied all weapon info from SF provided data and didn't bother filtering anything so there will be unusable weapons listed as well. Feel free to use and copy the sheet if you want to make your own edits/version (also so not multiple people are changing the drop down boxes at the same time 😀). Apologies in advance for the terrible formatting and color scheme, not my strong suit lol. Open to suggestions. I haven't spent a lot of time as of yet double checking anything so if you spot anything wrong with the calculations please let me know. Also, I'm not too experienced making shared sheets so if anyone has suggestions to improve it in any way, I'm open to suggestions.

Nice to be able to see at a glance for example that an end game Hilda with 30 Str build as a Wyvern Lord evade tank, can on average only wield Training Axe or Iron Axe+ / Mace without sacrificing any AS (ie. Avo). But with just Weight -3 can move up to a Silver Lance+ and Spear of Assal. While Weight -5 opens up Killer  Lance and even Silver Axe. None of this information is new or anything, but nice to view it easily at a glance if you're making plans.

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N5pN0gzkyXca-23hU_kvQZIQ9MXqkN5em6TavUEXYqs/edit?usp=sharing


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