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Silver Snow : Possible make 14 paired endind without NG+

Silver Snow  

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  1. 1. It's is possible to make 14 paired ending without NG+ ?

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Grinding supports isn't all that difficult in 3H I feel, and if you're not playing maddening, keeping 14 units at a level where they can be useful in a chapter isn't difficult either. If you have all 28 characters, you can pretty easily make a matching I think (as in, make 14 pairings), and from there, if you only let them get an A-support with the character you want to end up with, it should be pretty easy.

So the only real issue I think is recruiting everyone. I can see that being a challenge, but I highly doubt it's impossible. You can always use the trick where you enter auxilary battles with broken weapons to farm weapon ranks, and get a few students to B-support so you don't need to meet their requirements.

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